Diondre Overton(Page High School) gets offers from Kentucky and Tennessee

Posted by Andy Durham on January 29, 2015 at 11:55 am under High School | 3 Comments to Read

The offers are starting to heat up as Twitter is reporting today that Diondre Overton, the 6’5 junior receiver from Page High School, has received two more football offers, with the most recent two, coming in from SEC schools Tennessee and Kentucky….

Last week we reported that Overton had received an offer for football from West Virginia…

A busy basketball season working for Overton right now and his football stock just keeps on going up and the end may not yet be in sight…

Watch for more offers coming up in the next several weeks/months……

Overton on “O” is on the go…..And not going to stop any time soon….His offensive abilities at the wide receiver spot are a hot commodity….

  • bryan hill said,

    Diondre Overton was invited to attend Clemson elite junior day, only 30 of the country top athletes were invited. Diondre attended and had a great time , the visit felt like an official visit which included tour of the campus and attending the Clemson vs Boston College basketball game.

  • bryan hill said,

    Diondre Overton also attended UNC junior day Jan 24th by invitation only and attended the UNC vs Florida State basketball game as well. UNC reallymade Diondre feels at home and rolled out the red carpet.

  • bryan hill said,

    Diondre Overton will be heading to Tennessee junior day February 21 and South Carolina to take a look at their campus. These are the first time he’ll get to compare SEC conference campus life compared to the ACC schoolshe has already visit. No official visit date set for South Carolina and trip to Duke as well considering it’s just 45 minute drive down I-40.