Did Pete Carroll’s call cost Seattle the Super Bowl? Do the Seahawks win if they run the ball from the one instead of going with that Pass?

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2015 at 12:29 pm under Professional | 10 Comments to Read

Pete Carroll made the call.

Did Pete Carroll make the right call, or should the Seattle Seahawks have by-passed the pass and gone with the run, from the New England one-yard line???

The game was on the line and the chance for a win was looking fine from the one-yard line, until the Seattle Seahawks put the ball in the air and then all of the air was let out of the ball for them and the Seahawks’ Super Bowl 49 chances were then totally ‘deflated’ and Pete Carroll made the call, but was it the “correct call by Carroll”???

Do you have Russell make that pass or do you go with Lynch on the run from the one?

Time for all ‘Monday Morning’ and ‘Monday Afternoon quarterbacks’ to report for duty/work…….

  • 77 Hornet said,


  • drob1211 said,

    He totally blew that game on that call. No reason in the world why he didn’t run Lynch 4 straight times to get a half a yard.

  • Tim said,

    When Belichick didn’t call a time out it thru Seattle off and they ran a pass play. How many times have you seen a coach run 4 straight times at the goal line. Seattles luck caught up with them. Should I mention the catch to be at the gpal line or Packers game. The best te won

  • chuckyd said,

    dumbest call ever in the super bowl

  • Tim said,

    Head coach toolk the credit Dumbest call ever , he should be fired

  • MVP said,

    Patriots fan says thanks Pete Carroll for the smartest play ever in a SB!!!!

  • C. Ball said,

    That had to be the worst call in Super Bowl history. Pete Carroll gave the game away when he had Russell Wilson run that pass play. It was too tight down there and there was no room to make the catch and plenty of room for the kid from the Patriots to make the pick.

    Hate to see a game end like that. I thought it was one of the best Super Bowls ever up to that point when P. Carroll gave the game to New England.

  • TimHolleman said,

    And if the rookie doesn’t make the correct read and instead the pass is a touchdown all of the people saying “what a terrible call” would be praising Pete Carroll for being such a genius. New England was in a goal line defense…and yes there is a chance The Beast would have been stopped short. There was also a chance for a fumble. Carroll made a call, it didn’t work, they lost. Get over it. With the possible exception of Bill Billichek, Carroll is still the best coach in the NFL. As a Seattle and Russell Wilson fan I am more disappointed in the behavior of certain Seahwawks during and at the end of the game than I am at that one call.

  • Rick Brown said,

    They should fire both of the coaches. Carroll for stupidity and Bellichick for cheating.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Seahawks’ decision to pass latest call to create controversy

    AP Pro Football Writer

    The Seattle Seahawks had both the Lombardi Trophy and greatness in their grasp with 36 inches and 26 seconds to go.

    They watched their coronation as a modern day dynasty slip away with the decision not to put the ball in Marshawn Lynch’s hands.

    In what some are viewing as one of the great miscalculations in sports history, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, backed by head coach Pete Carroll, called for a pass play, leaving Lynch – and ultimately the rest of the Seahawks – stunningly empty-handed.

    When Malcolm Butler stepped in front of Ricardo Lockette and picked off Russell Wilson’s pass, the undrafted and previously unheralded rookie sealed New England’s 28-24 Super Bowl win.

    It also added Bevell and Carroll to the long list of sportsmen whose decisions backfired so spectacularly so as to haunt and taunt the also-rans and their crestfallen fans.