New News and Record High School Basketball Polls and Northwest Guilford girls are the area’s only Undefeated Team

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2015 at 11:57 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

CLICK HERE for the new News and Record girls high school basketball poll and the Northwest Guilford girls(19-0) are the clear-cut #1 team….

CLICK HERE for the new Boys Poll from the News and Record, with Greensboro Day School and the Wesleyan Christian Academy tied for the top spot….

  • All Area said,


    What 10 girls players would you pick for all area?

  • Panther Pride said,

    At least 3 girls from our Panthers team. Best team in area!

  • All Area said,

    What three players?

  • Dickie Harter said,

    Northwest is best team in the area. Undefeated. Speaks for itself

  • Andy Durham said,

    If you were going to pick three from one team you would have to go with Hayley Barber, Toni Tucker and Morgan Pointer from Northwest Guilford….They are the unbeaten team and with the exception of the first NWG-NG game, the games have not been close…

    Sydney Wilson from Northern on there, Kiara Harrison from Dudley on there or you could also take a long look at with Essence Abraham, they both mean a lot to Dudley(one of those Dudley girls will be on there), Lashonda Monk from Southwest Guilford on there, Bailey Kargo from Page on there, LeeAysia Williamson from Eastern Guilford on there, Breana Hardenett or Kayla Phifer from Southeast Guilford on there and Destiny Timberlake or Jazlin Taylor from High Point Andrews on there….

    That will give you at least 10 and are we looking outside of Guilford County, most of what we have been seeing has been from Guilford County….

    Harrison or Abraham
    Hardnett or Phifer
    Taylor or Timberlake

    Just look these over and feel free to weigh-in….It is hard to separate the three young ladies from NWG….All three are key to their team’s unbeaten success…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Another couple of names we might need to keep in mind are Michelle Jeffries and Dinah Neal at Northeast Guilford and Callie Patterson is another one to watch at Eastern Guilford, but I would have to give the edge to Williamson and not by a lot/ton….Patterson is a very good player…

  • All Area said,

    Northwest has a weak 20-0 schedule.

  • NWGHS fan said,

    Not sure what NW’s schedule has to do with this topic, but who around here should NW have played that would change the view of the worthiness of their players?

  • All Area said,

    Reynolds,Mt Tabor, WS Prep, Bishop, Atkins,and Dudley. Per Maxpreps Northwest has a 2.9 strength of schedule. The other top 4A teams have a 10+ schedule.

  • All Area said,


    I would take:


  • Tim said,

    All area of the teams u mentioned they have at least 29 on the L side. If you going to play a tough schedule you need to win to talk abou it!!!!!!

  • better list said,

    The question was not who is your all area team but your all area player(s). When you consider the importance of a player to their team and what the team would be without that player then this list gives much smaller. The top players without question would be:
    Thorpe (Greensboro Day)
    Barber and Pointer (NW)
    Monk (SW)
    Harrison and Abraham (Dudley)

    Andy, I can’t believe you did not even mention Thorpe in your list. She has to score 20 plus each night just to give GDS a chance to win. How many players can actually do that night in and night out against all comings big and small while getting denied, doubled and even triple teamed every night. NW, SE, Northern and Dudley have complete teams but only Monk and Thorpe have the same unique lack of help each night.

  • Panthers said,

    Better List

    No disrespect, but no one has to double or triple team Thorpe.

  • Andy Durham said,

    My first thought was public schools and therefore no Thorpe or Jones(WES) on this/my list…

    I thought about them later on and then concluded my first intuition was the Guilford County public school players only….

    We would have to go back and look at a list that includes all of the Guilford County teams with Public and Private together and if we do that we need to include at least one player, either Kadlecek, who I think is some relation to Jeff Hornacek and also look at Houser from Caldwell….

    The above list came out/was spit out of my mind as public school team only…

  • to "Panthers" said,

    Obviously “Panthers” did not even see their own team in the GDS vs Dudley game. Dudley double teamed Thorpe most of the 4th quarter while she was dropping nearly 30 in the 2nd half rally that fell just short. You should only talk about what you actually know or have seen.

  • Where? said,

    Where is Tamera going to school?

  • all area said,


    Why would we punish Dudley for playing a way harder schedule than Northwest? Is Northwest really better than Dudley because they played it safe with all their players returning? Northwest will get a one or two seed in the playoffs but I don’t see them getting to regionals.

  • Tim said,

    All area. Now you talking about play offs. Since you mentioned Dudley, you better worry about winning your conference first!!!! Should I say the word FALCONS Lol

  • NW bball said,

    NW girls could possibly have 4 on all area team, this teams stats are very skewed because the top 4 only get around 14 min per game, equate that to 28 min per game (like most girls get and they have 4 averaging 14+ ppg) And how do you punish NW schedule? They schedule So alamance and page and Northern out of conf and those were both strong last year, and Northern is a top 3A team this year. How was the AD and coach to know Page and so alamacne would be less than average. If we want to look at common opponents, Dudley struggled vs GDS and NW beat them by 14+. Dudley lost to SE and NW beat them by 15. NW is a tough guard because they have a solid big 2 girls shooting better than 40% on 3s and a PG who can create and handle pressure and the full court press. Talk schedule all you want, if teams want to play NW they return 80% of their scoring next year, set it up!!! As far as the other you say are tough, Tabor is waaay down, so is bishop, funny everyone can find something about the team on top, regardless its tough to go undefeated and NW is doing it, winning by an average of 60 ppg vs 33 ppg. WS prep and Atkins are legit though.

  • Hornacek said,

    I hope that was a joke about Kadlecek being related toi him, some people might take that seriously. About NW, they do get a #1 seed in states, read up on seeding, it is based totally on record. Since the only other undefeated team is RJR they will both get #1 seeds. Its the age old question, play tougher sched and lose but tougher preps you for states, guess we will know in about 2 weeks which works better. Pretty sure this NW was ready to bloom, these 5 juniors have played together for 3 years now in public schools and 3+ years of travel bball (where they win consistently playing an age level up). Yes this year is more down than usual as far as competition but thats not their fault they are winning easily and key players get limited minutes. Remember this team did push page last year at the Timco and had So alamance beat only to lose in last minute of game. They were close a lot of times last year, and this year it seems to finally be coming together.