Evan Edwards(Southern Guilford High School) will be taking his baseball talents to USC-Lancaster

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Evan Edwards from Southern Guilford has committed to play baseball next year at USC-Lancaster. Evan will be signing Friday at 9 am in the school media center.

Congratulations(from GreensboroSports.com) to Evan Edwards and to Southern Guilford High School, for having such a fine young man in their baseball program….

Info Courtesy of Coach Jeff Carter……

  • Kelly said,

    Evan we are so vey proud of the young man you have enjoyed watching you play baseball since you were 3 . You are a very talented young man . Love you Tudda

  • Eric Caveness said,

    Congrats to Evan Edwards! He’s a great kid from a great family. I know he’ll do well. SG will miss him next year but USC Lancaster is getting two studs in him and HPCA’s Zach Mclean. Go STORM!!

  • WOW said,

    sure hate to see NC kids leave the state…especially considering there are, what, 15 junior colleges that play baseball in NC…funny that one of them is right down the road from both of those guys. Oh well.

  • Kristi Edwards said,

    WOW, I really wish you had left your real name. That way in the future we could come to you before our children make their decisions for their future. If you really had to comment on this post.. congratulations would have been sufficient. We let our son make his own decision as to where he wanted to go and he felt like this was the best fit for him and we are behind him 100%. We are so proud of him and can’t wait to see what his future holds. If you like to respond back with your name we have a younger son and we will get with you before he makes his decision. oh well.

  • Eric Caveness said,

    Well said Kristi! Evan has to make the right decision for himself and no one else. We wish him well no matter wher he goes. Go STORM! Go POST 87 Hitoms! #Don’tmesswithmomma!!

  • Wow said,

    Mrs. Edwards,
    You took my comment totally out of context. All I was saying is that it is heartbreaking to see these kids leave home or warch our local talent be taken to other states. Apparently you are on the defensive which tells me that you also know your child is ” just” going to a junior college and more than likely this was the only school to come after him and I would imagine his grades played a big part. My honest opinion now that you wanted to stir the pot is that maybe you should have had him focus more on education than playing ball. I’m sure there were community colleges that would have taken him here as well!

  • Amber Kallam said,

    Last baseball season I read negative comment after negative comment about the (our) SG baseball team and never said a word. I don’t understand why SG baseball seems to bring out the haters but this beats all I have ever seen.
    WOW- Since when does Evan’s decision on where to attend school effect you? Are you helping his parents pay for the cost of anything?? I think your comments are total out of line and extremely disrespectful. Then again, everyone has an opinion and you know what those are compared to! I have to think that is why you used the alias “WOW.” Like Kristi, I really wished you would have left your real name. It is a shame you attack a child on a public forum as you hide behind the computer…GET A LIFE!!
    CONGRATS to you Evan on doing what you feel is best for YOU!! We wish you nothing but the best life has to offer you after high school!!!

  • Danny Edwards said,

    WOW…this is my first ever post although I regularly follow this site. As a Dad, I am surprised at how often young kids are mistreated and humiliated on this public forum. The sad part is that they often read these posts after it has been widely discussed among their peers. Almost always, such hurtful words are typed behind a random screen name without accountability. Your original post was not taken out of context. If so, your intended meaning was poorly written and conveyed. A young kid’s decision on where to go to college has so many factors. To make negative statements about where and why a young man is going to a particular college is truly of poor taste. Simply going down the road to the closet community college was totally out of line. I would like to thank you for teaching my son another important lesson in life on such a special day for him. He must always understand that there are people in this world that will say hurtful and damaging things about others. This they will do out of lack of character or for personal gain. Sometimes people just want to express an opinion without being informed of all the facts at hand and could care less of how that may hurt others. Unfortunately, my son learned this lesson again on this site with your comments made personal toward him, his mother and me. Although hurtful, he will endure such selfish talk and become more resilient and strong as he prepares to begin the next chapter of his life.

  • Kendall McCarter said,

    First of all Congratulations to Evan and Zach. We are very proud of your commitment to USC Lancaster. To Mr WOW, I echo what my sister and Mrs Kallam have said. Any comment posted after such an article should be nothing but praise and congratulations. It is very obvious, that your cowardly comments is your way of venting your frustrations behind a computer. I wish you and your son the best of luck in his decision to explore college life and hopefully enjoy the game of baseball. See you next baseball season………..

  • Andy Durham said,

    In the course of conversation you will see negative comments that show up here on this site, but you will not see the negative comments coming from those of us that run and operate this site..

    We promote the kids and support their efforts and when they do well we give them a good report….

    We support the kids and we try and give them their just due….

    There are negative comments that show, but we try to give you the reader a chance and true opportunity to respond to these negative comments….

    Andy Durham-GreensboroSports.com

  • John Barrow said,

    This is John Barrow, head coach at GTCC. First off, congrats to Evan on his decision to continue his education and playing career in college. I wish him the best.

    In regards to the post from WOW- it is insulting to categorize players at the 2-year college level as going to “just” a junior college and to ASSUME that it’s because of grades. I know that most of our roster qualified for or, in some cases, actually attended 4 year colleges previously. Many factors go in to student-athletes choosing the 2 year college route and while grades may sometimes be a factor, it is irresponsible and disrespectful to assume it’s the only one or even one at all. Having no knowledge of how the 2 year college system works in regards to athletics and recruiting is usually a good reason to keep comments to yourself.

    I also know that we had conversations with Evan as well, so that’s at least 2 schools that had interest in him (I’m sure there were more). I understand your sentiment about kids leaving to go out of state, but that is the nature of the beast in recruiting. We get our share of out of state/out of area kids here too.

    Congrats again to Evan.

  • Kim Thacker said,

    Evan I am so proud of you not just because you are my nephew but because of the fine young man you have become. I pray you will follow God’s will in making all of your decisions. He sees the whole picture and will never lead you down the wrong path. He has great plans for you. Regardless of where you play baseball , I know you will do your very best and will be a great asset to your team. Kristi, Danny and Ethan congratulations to you, also.

  • Mickey Atkinson said,

    Congratulations to Evan for reaching this milestone! Many high school athletes dream of moving to that next level, whether it’s D1, JUCO,semi-pro, or otherwise. Very few make it to any level beyond high school. It baffles me why the anonymous (and cowardly) critic in this thread would want to find something negative to say to a teenager who has accomplished more than most. Raining on someone’s parade in such a cowardly, anonymous manner says a lot about the psyche of such a person. Jealousy, resentment, and “sour grapes” scream from such comments. As a former high school coach, the biggest regret that I have about coaching is that I didn’t affirm and thank my players more, and that I always told them they could do better. Sounds motivational somewhat, but what it actually implied to some was that you’re just not good enough. I hope Evan and the Storm have a tremendous spring in baseball, in academics, and in life, and that they enjoy these priceless high school days!