High Point University Athletics honors 305 Millis Scholar-Athletes

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HIGH POINT, N.C. – High Point University honored a record 305 student-athletes, Panther Spirit members and athletic training students as Millis Scholar-Athletes at halftime of the men’s basketball team’s game against Radford on Tuesday night at the Millis Center.

The Millis Scholar-Athlete Award recognizes student-athletes, cheerleaders, dance team and band members as well as athletic training students who achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 or a grade point average of 3.0 or higher for either of the previous two semesters. This award has been presented annually since 1989.

Of the 305 Millis Scholar-Athletes, 29 achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA during one or both of the last two semesters: Olivia Blandford, Amy Burch, Harris Coley, Tyler Cook, Riccardo De Cataldo, Emily De Lena, Morgan Delapena, Lindsay Elsen, Hannah Grimes, Nick Hula, Lucy Kennedy, Ashton Kirby, Sara Katherine Kirkpatrick, Lilla Lorand, Erin Lynch, Jenny Marshall, Aley Kate McKinley, Gabi Mirand, Vanessa Morales, Paul O’Donoghue, Clara Osmont, Alyssa Palenchar, Christine Rickert, Jamie Schnuck, Lindsey Siska, Brandon Sloan, Becca Sweredoski, Benji Szalai and John Yankello.

High Point University athletics stresses the importance of hard work in the classroom and each student-athlete continues to reach great academic success.

Mrs. Jesse E. Millis and Mr. James H. Millis actively supported a variety of programs at High Point University for many years. Mr. Millis was a life member of the Board of Trustees.

HPU’s 2014-15 Millis Scholar-Athletes
Saad Acheampong, Men’s Soccer
Katie Andersen, Dance Team
Savannah Angel, Volleyball
Spencer Angelis, Baseball
Leah Anne, Women’s XC/Track
Jennifer Armstrong, Pep Band
Jason Ashwood, Men’s Lacrosse
Reece Ayers, Men’s XC/Track
Andrea Baellow, Athletic Trainer
Josh Baulch, Pep Band
Francesca Barker, Dance Team
Haley Barnes, Volleyball
Nathan Barrick, Pep Band
Russell Bartle, Men’s Lacrosse
Bailey Beattie, Women’s Soccer
Meghan Beidleman, Women’s Soccer
Katie Benavente, Women’s Track
Grier Bennett, Women’s Golf
Abby Berrettone, Women’s Lacrosse
Nicholas Bittner, Men’s Lacrosse
Lauren Blackwell, Women’s XC/Track
Olivia Blandford*, Dance Team
Chelsea Blanford, Volleyball
Nikki Blum, Cheerleading
Sarah Bode, Women’s XC/Track
Brady Brehm, Men’s Lacrosse
Erika Bridges, Women’s Track
Tyler Britton, Baseball
Bailey Brown, Baseball
Nick Brown, Pep Band
Samantha Brown, Women’s Lacrosse
Spencer Brown, Baseball
Amy Burch**, Women’s Soccer
Courtney Butterfass, Women’s Soccer
Richard Byrd, Men’s Lacrosse
Kasey Callaway, Women’s Lacrosse
Mikaela Campbell, Women’s Track
Neil Carns, Men’s Lacrosse
Alyn Carr, Women’s Track
Michaela Carrieri, Cheerleading
Tan Cheeranont, Women’s Golf
Waverly Chin, Volleyball
Kaylee Chulla, Pep Band
Haley Cianfarini, Women’s Track
Chris Clare, Baseball
Blake Clift, Baseball
Tucker Coil, Men’s Lacrosse
Harris Coley*, Men’s Track
Chris Colo, Men’s XC/Track
Rebecca Colwell, Pep Band
Tyler Cook**, Men’s Lacrosse
Chelsea Covey, Pep Band
Lorenzo Cugini, Men’s Basketball
Kennedy Currie, Women’s Basketball
Michael Cusack, Men’s Soccer
Chelsea Davis, Volleyball
Jarray Davis, Pep Band
Emily De Lena*, Women’s Track
Riccardo De Cataldo*, Pep Band
Morgan Delapena*, Pep Band
Madison Depner, Women’s Track
Natalie Devine, Women’s Lacrosse
Adam DeVito, Men’s Track
Thomas Dillon, Men’s Golf
Alexandra Dixon, Athletic Trainer
Amanda Donahue, Cheerleading
Matt Donald, Men’s Soccer
Sarah Dorrell, Women’s XC/Track
Stephan Dowless, Pep Band
Quincy Drye, Men’s Basketball
Meredith Dunker, Women’s Soccer
James Dunn, Men’s Lacrosse
Tori Dunster, Women’s Lacrosse
Mitchell Dupere, Men’s Lacrosse
Hunter Edens, Men’s Lacrosse
Lindsay Elsen*, Women’s Soccer
Rachel Epstein, Dance Team
Katie Farina, Women’s XC/Track
Patrick Farrell, Men’s Lacrosse
Tristan Faure, Men’s Track
Dominic Fazio, Baseball
Emily Fischer, Women’s Track
Hunter Fleming, Women’s Basketball
Allie Foard, Women’s Lacrosse
Sarah Forget, Pep Band
Tony Fortier-Bensen, Baseball
Cameron Foster, Men’s Soccer
Camryn Freiberg, Volleyball
Danielle Fuss, Women’s Golf
Ashley Gaines, Dance Team
Kendyl Gardner, Women’s Lacrosse
Austin Geisler, Men’s Lacrosse
Larry Georgetti, Men’s Golf
Cole Gibson, Pep Band
Thomas Gisin, Athletic Trainer
Patrick Gorrell, Athletic Trainer
Paddy Grandinali, Men’s XC/Track
Josh Greene, Baseball
Amanda Gregory, Women’s Track
Amy Grener, Dance Team
Catelyn Griffin, Women’s Track
Hannah Grimes*, Pep Band
Greta Griswold, Volleyball
Alexander Gross, Baseball
Jeffrey Hale, Men’s Lacrosse
Lindsey Harmon, Athletic Trainer
Katherine Harris, Women’s Basketball
Sean Harrison, Men’s Lacrosse
Lydia Harvey, Women’s Basketball
Kelly Hayes, Women’s XC/Track
Alexander Hefner, Men’s Golf
Kristin Heldt, Volleyball
Kai-Lin Hernandez, Women’s Soccer
Jace Herrera, Baseball
Erica Herrmann, Women’s Track
Matt Hollis, Men’s Track
Kristopher Hopkins, Men’s Golf
Michael Horrocks, Men’s Lacrosse
James House, Men’s Track
Nick Hula*, Men’s Track
Erin Ilchuk, Women’s Lacrosse
Becky Irons, Pep Band
Carson Jackson, Baseball
Deanneisha Jackson, Women’s Basketball
Bradley James, Men’s Lacrosse
K.J. James, Men’s Basketball
Michele Johnson, Women’s Lacrosse
Samuel Johnston, Men’s Lacrosse
Jennifer Keith, Athletic Trainer
Claire Kelly, Women’s Soccer
Lucy Kennedy**, Cheerleading
Megan Kennedy, Volleyball
Jacky Kessler, Women’s Soccer
Pureun Kim, Men’s Golf
Ashton Kirby*, Women’s Track
Sara Katherine Kirkpatrick, Women’s Track
Kyle Kubanka, Pep Band
Andrew Kuras, Men’s Track
Jeff LaCoste, Men’s XC/Track
Shinn Lamachio, Pep Band
Tanner Landstra, Men’s Lacrosse
Jessie Lankford, Dance Team
Laurence Lauture, Men’s Soccer
Maddie Laux, Cheerleading
Madi Lawrence, Women’s Soccer
Michael LeClair, Men’s Lacrosse
Alise LeCompte, Women’s Soccer
Hunter Lee, Baseball
Mason Lenox, Men’s XC/Track
Harris Levine, Men’s Lacrosse
PJ Lidonde, Men’s Track
Vinney Lieberz, Pep Band
Becca Lisson, Women’s Soccer
Paige Lloyd, Women’s Soccer
Dan Lomas, Men’s Lacrosse
Morgan Long, Pep Band
Lilla Lorand*, Women’s Track
Conor Lourey, Baseball
Erin Lynch*, Dance Team
Tim Mansfield, Baseball
Cody Manzella, Baseball
Jill Marois, Women’s Track
Jenny Marshall**, Women’s Soccer
Lesley Martinez, Dance Team
Sydney Mayo, Cheerleading
Ben McCormack, Men’s Lacrosse
Christian McDermott, Pep Band
Dane McDermott, Baseball
John McGillicuddy, Baseball
Haiishen McIntyre, Men’s Basketball
Aley-Kate McKinley*, Women’s Soccer
Emily Meier, Women’s Lacrosse
Emile Menard, Men’s Golf
Michele Micciche, Women’s Soccer
Maja Michalska, Women’s Basketball
Austin Miller, Men’s Track
Zoey Miller, Women’s Track
Gabrielle Mirand*, Volleyball
Samantha Mitchell, Athletic Trainer
Brendan Montrello, Men’s Lacrosse
Vanessa Morales*, Dance Team
Kyle Moses, Men’s Lacrosse
Amanda Mozier, Women’s Lacrosse
Sonny Mukungu, Men’s Soccer
Kristen Nance, Cheerleading
Will Narramore, Men’s Track
Mamadee Nyepon, Men’s Soccer
Paul O’Donoghue**, Men’s Track
Jerod Oakes, Pep Band
Clara Osmont*, Women’s Lacrosse
Hayley Palacki, Pep Band
Alyssa Palenchar*, Women’s Track
Kody Palmer, Men’s Soccer
Kelsey Pandiani, Pep Band
Stephanie Pazulski, Women’s Lacrosse
Hayley Peets, Women’s Lacrosse
Erika Peoples, Women’s XC/Track
Kelsey Perrell, Women’s Soccer
Erica Perrotta, Women’s Lacrosse
Alex Persiani, Women’s Soccer
Veronica Peskosky, Women’s Track
Laura Pevarnik, Dance Team
Latrice Phelps, Women’s Basketball
Amy Pilat, Volleyball
James Piluso, Men’s Lacrosse
Alexis Poolos, Pep Band
Jacqueline Poolos, Pep Band
Marissa Poolos, Pep Band
Nichole Poolos, Pep Band
Jess Potts, Women’s Soccer
David Price, Men’s Soccer
Zachary Price, Men’s Lacrosse
Emilie Pugliese, Women’s Lacrosse
Chris Putnam, Pep Band
Hannah Quigley, Women’s Lacrosse
Chris Ramsell, Men’s Soccer
Kelsey Ranson, Athletic Trainer
Annie Redovian, Women’s Soccer
Meaghan Reney, Pep Band
Kristina Renner, Women’s Lacrosse
Will Resnik, Baseball
Brian Richardson, Men’s Basketball
Christine Rickert*, Women’s Track
Jianela Rincon, Women’s Lacrosse
Peter Ripke, Baseball
Brenden Rivera, Baseball
Stacia Robertson, Women’s Basketball
Poli Rodriguez, Men’s Soccer
Becca Rolfe, Women’s Soccer
Taylor Romano, Women’s Soccer
Paige Rombach, Women’s Soccer
Holly Roselle, Cheerleading
Amanda Rossi, Dance Team
Gabe Rowell, Pep Band
Zachary Russell, Athletic Trainer
Jose San, Men’s Track
Ashlynn Schiro, Women’s Track
Kristen Schmidbauer, Women’s Lacrosse
Jamie Schnuck*, Women’s Track
Sydnie Schuster, Pep Band
Cameron Scott, Baseball
Andre Scrubb, Baseball
Adam Seal, Men’s Lacrosse
Sarah Sermonet, Women’s Soccer
Pat Shelton, Men’s Soccer
Zachary Sherwood, Athletic Trainer
Jackson Sides, Men’s Golf
Matthew Siegmund, Men’s Lacrosse
Cas Silber, Baseball
Simeon Simeonides, Pep Band
Lindsey Siska*, Women’s XC/Track
Brandon Sloan**, Men’s Soccer
Hannah Smith, Women’s Soccer
CeAnna Soper, Women’s Track
Kasey Spence, Women’s XC/Track
Brooke Stevens, Women’s Lacrosse
Hallie Stidham, Pep Band
Adam Storm, Men’s Soccer
Nicole Straley, Cheerleading
Colin Sweeney, Men’s Soccer
Becca Sweredoski*, Women’s Soccer
Benji Szalai*, Men’s XC/Track
Joseph Taulane, Men’s Lacrosse
Yosef Teffera, Men’s Soccer
Alexander Thompson, Men’s Golf
Taylor Thompson, Women’s Soccer
Abigail Tinsley, Women’s Basketball
Jacey Trice, Dance Team
Vinny Todaro, Men’s XC/Track
Molly Torres, Cheerleading
Zack Tucker, Pep Band
McKay Tye, Men’s Golf
Todd Uckermark, Men’s Track
Chandler Vanderbeek, Men’s Lacrosse
Connor Vanderbeek, Men’s Lacrosse
Zach Vandergrift, Baseball
Katherine Vanwert, Athletic Trainer
Mackenzie Vermette, Women’s Track
Melissa Villanti, Women’s Lacrosse
Katie Vincent, Women’s Basketball
Katie Vincent, Volleyball
Teddy Vincent, Women’s Basketball
Tyler Vogrig, Men’s Lacrosse
Devante Wallace, Men’s Basketball
Jen Walter, Pep Band
Casey Ward, Women’s Golf
Jonathan Ware, Men’s Soccer
Brenna Weick, Dance Team
Chandler Whicker, Dance Team
Austin White, Men’s Basketball
Logan White, Cheerleading
Eddie Whitlock, Men’s Track
Spencer Wichert, Men’s Lacrosse
Colscon Wiley, Men’s Soccer
Lona Williams, Women’s XC/Track
Nick Williams , Men’s Track
Brady Williamson, Baseball
Jim Wilson, Men’s Track
Lilly Wingate, Pep Band
Alexandria Wise, Cheerleading
John Yankello**, Men’s XC/Track
Austin Yearwood, Men’s Soccer
Julia Zautcke, Women’s XC/Track
Cameron Zell, Men’s Soccer
Austen Zente, Baseball

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