Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight and both Eastern Guilford teams fell on Wednesday at Morehead

Posted by Andy Durham on February 5, 2015 at 10:56 am under High School | 16 Comments to Read

from Wednesday night at Morehead, as both Eastern Guilford Wildcat teams got tripped up in Eden….
Morehead 58, Eastern Guilford 40 girls
Morehead 70, Eastern Guilford 65 boys
*****Definitely a bit of a surprise in both of these outcomes…..*****

Tonight for 2/5/15 High School Baketball:
American Hebrew Academy at Salem Baptist 5:30pm
Burlington Williams at Northern Guilford 6:00pm
Vandalia Christian School at Chatham Central (Girls Only) 7:30pm

  • Ray (WG Fan) said,

    I’m not surprised at all. I’ve watched Morehead play a few times this year since they beat us earlier in the year and that team is exciting to watch. Heading back up next week to see them play NG.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Morehead does have some big-time scorers on both the boys and girls sides/teams….

  • Da Gerernal said,

    Those were the worst called games I had ever seen in my life!!!!!! Bad calls all night loooonggg. It was a shame the way they did those kids.SMH.. Those refs should never be able to ref another game in their life!!!

  • Tiny said,

    Eastern Girls loss to Morehead?

  • Mhs fan said,

    MHS girls played inspired ball.

  • Ray (WG Fan) said,

    Hadn’t seen much of the girls but to beat EG is pretty good.

  • I agree said,

    I agree with Ray totally. I have seen that Morehead team in person and they do have talent. They are a true big man away from being very serious playoff contenders. New interim head coach Chad Gammons was a starter on those great Morehead 4-A teams of the late 80’s and early 90’s with All-American Donnie Seale (NC State) and the great coach Howard West (Forsyth Country Day). West had that program getting wins over programs like Oak Hill and Dematha. Check youtube for the game footage. Gammons is doing a great job as the interim head coach since their former head coach stepped down due to a pending heart surgery. That program has a good history of excellent coaches, players, and state championships. The AD has a tough job on his hands in finding a new head coach as I’m sure the pool of applicants will be a long list.

  • Ray (WG) Fan said,

    i remember Donnie Seale and didn’t they win back to back championships in the 90’s? I top my hat off to the coaches because they are playing good ball. If all else fails, hire the interim coach, he knows the kids.

  • ROCK fan said,

    Congrats Morehead! Rockingham County Girls have played them three times this season and they played tough each game. Way to represent! Eastern Guilford is a force and when they are own they are hard to beat. That shows no matter how good or bad your team is you can be beat.

  • NG said,

    NG game starts at 6pm. It only starts at 630pm if the opposing team does not have a jv girls team. Tomorrow vs McMichael will be a 630pm start time

  • Andy Durham said,

    On the games in the Mid-State you play JV Boys and Girls on the road if they have both a JV Boys and JV Girls team and if not you play the Tripleheader at the home site with JV’s Boys at 5, girls at 6:30pm and boys at 8pm….

    Is that the overall breakdown, just tyring to be sure I’ve got and maybe I don’t, but that is the take so far…


  • Northern Alum said,

    since everyone things Morehead is so good, Andy cone on up and watch us handle them Tuesday. Both teams and let’s see what the big four boys can do against our twin towers.

  • Andy said,

    Would love to be there, but have already committed to attend SWG at NWG on Tuesday….

    Might need to get those Morehead Twin Towers down here one Thursday for our Basketball in Focus Show at the Shane’s Rib Shack…


  • Phoenix Fan said,

    whoa Northern alum…….We just played them last week and those boys are tough. We beat Eastern to. Stop sleeping on Rockingham County teams. It’s major talent up this way.

  • Ray (WG) Fan said,

    i don’t know them personally but the Fifer brothers, the Perkins and Mahan kid. Can’t remember what the other starters name is. I enjoy watching them. His last name may be Mahan too. Starts with a M.

  • Ray (WG)Fan said,

    other kid is Mullins. Andy, have them down