New High School Basketball Polls for the Week of 2/6/15

Posted by Andy Durham on February 6, 2015 at 12:32 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

High School Basketball Polls for this week

Boys Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(19-2)
2)TIE:Eastern Guilford(18-4)/Page(15-5)
4)Southwest Guilford(18-4)
5)Northern Guilford(14-8)
10)High Point Andrews(6-12)

Girls Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(21-0)
2)Southeast Guilford(16-4)
3)TIE:Dudley(16-5)/Northern Guilford(17-5)
5)High Point Andrews(17-3)
7)Eastern Guilford(15-7)
8)Southwest Guilford(12-10)
9)Northeast Guilford(9-11
10)Southern Guilford(10-11)

Boys Combined Poll
1)Greensboro Day School(27-2)
3)Northwest Guilford(19-2)
4)TIE:Eastern Guilford(18-4)/Page(15-5)
6)Southwest Guilford(18-4)
7)High Point Christian(17-12)
8)Northern Guilford(14-8)

Boys Private School Poll
1)TIE:Greensboro Day School(27-2)/Wesleyan(26-4)
3)High Point Christian(17-12)
4)New Hope Christian Academy(19-11)
5)Vandalia Christian School(19-4)
6)Westchester Country Day(15-5)
7)Bishop McGuinness(14-7)
8)Forsyth Country Day(15-15)
9)New Garden Friends School(9-11)
10)TIE:Caldwell Academy(9-18)/Oak Ridge Military(5-10)

Girls Private School Poll
1)New Hope Christian Academy(24-2)
2)Bishop McGuinness(12-9)
3)Greensboro Day School(23-7)
4)Caldwell Academy(21-6)
5)Wesleyan Christian Academy(12-10)
6)Vandalia Christian School(11-9)
7)Forsyth Country Day(11-14)
8)High Point Christian Academy(8-14)
9)New Garden Friends School(0-9)
10)Oak Ridge Military Academy(0-6)
*****Westchester Country Day(No Team)*****

  • William Price said,

    Where is Northern Guilford in the combined poll? They are ranked above both Ragsdale and Grimsley in public boys but nowhere to be seen in combined?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, saved my sheets of paper and went back and looked and have made that adjustment…

    I should have caught that one sooner, thanks for the heads up…


  • Andy Durham said,

    We have GDS-WES tied in the Private, but GDS still on top in the combined….Teams tied their regular season games, you got to have them tied right? But GDS still appears to be the better overall team and WES with the talent they have has the chance to blow people away every night, but overall Greensboro Day is still the better TEAM….If we are talking true TEAM play and not individual play….

    No doubt that WES is still an excellent team….