A Neat Note on the Night:Looking back at Page vs. Smith(Hard to stop John Harder)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 7, 2015 at 2:15 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

The key for the Page Pirates in their 67-57 win over the Smith Golden Eagles may have come back on Thursday, prior to the Friday night game…

Coach Matt Harder told us on Friday night that his dad and Page Pirate assistant boys basketball coach John Harder, was involved in a very serious automobile accident on Thursday afternoon….

Coach John Harder was not injured, but he might be lucky/fortunate to be alive….

His car was hit by a Tractor Trailer/semi truck and not once, but twice….

The vehicle that Coach John Harder was driving was smacked twice by the Semi/Tractor Trailer and his car was driven into a power pole and Coach Harder’s car was totaled….Coach John Harder was lucky he could walk away from that accident and again, he is lucky to be alive….

It is always a good idea to go the hospital and have you them to check you out at the Emergency Room after going through an ordeal like this, right??? Probably so, but when you have basketball practice on your schedule and you come from a basketball family, you must get to practice and that is exactly what Coach John Harder did….

Hit twice by a Tractor Trailer Truck/Semi, but still the need is there and Coach Harder felt they needed him at the Page Pirate practice and wasn’t going to miss it….

Talk about “Team Loyalty”……

Coach John Harder could not let his team down and he was there in practice Thursday afternoon delivering the game plan that Page would use in their game versus the Smith Golden Eagles, on Friday night…..

If you are looking for pure dependability, John Harder is “your man”….

The basketball players can learn a very good/important lesson on what it means to “Be There” when your team is counting on you and one thing is for certain, no matter what, Coach John Harder is going to be there for his team…

Page head coach Matt/Matthew Harder knows he made a good choice when he selected his dad John Harder to be his assistant coach along with Justin Scarborough….

John Harder will be there for you and no Tractor Trailer Truck/Semi Truck will cause Coach Harder to veer off course….You can try and run him over, but he is not going to roll over and miss his basketball practice, even if you hit him twice with the same big truck…..

This man will not let his team down……

Talk about “Team Loyalty”……….

Page is mighty lucky to have this man on their side and in their corner and on their game bench…..

Game plan delivered, Game Plan executed with success:Page 67, Smith 57

  • Rusty Lee said,

    Page Athletics is better for the experience and stability that Coach John brings to our program. Hard(er) to hold a good man down.

  • Cool Breeze said,

    Good job! Eventhough Page loss some players which none were bigger than the program, Its nice to see that Coach Harder and crew has kept the ship rolling. Who knows, we may even go further this year with out them.

  • JJ Jenkins said,

    Coach Harder has shown true dedication to his team. Hope others will follow his lead.

  • Roger said,

    What happened to the old coach that used to be over at Page Robert Kent? Is he still around?

    I think he had a son that played basketball at Page and then later went to play and do well in college.

  • pirate alum said,

    Seegars is the man no way d1 not kicking his door in,Pratt for Smith the same

  • Curious Fan? said,

    He is a truly lucky man, but why was the page pirates guard #1 I belive his name is Brandon Tarlton excuse me if I’m incorrect but why was he not playing against smith Friday? Speculation says he has became ineligible, is there any truth to that Andy?

  • Andy Durham said,

    I was wondering about Talton too on Friday, should have asked…


  • Curious Fan? said,

    If so that’s a huge blow to the Pirates! was a key factor coming off the bench and giving a boost of energy for the Pirates but I think with Seegars, and Overton the Pirates will still go deep in the tournament as long as they stay out of foul trouble. They are only six deep. Curious to see how it turns out!