Northwest Guilford girls still #15 in USA Today Super 25 HS Basketball Poll(Myers Park Mustangs make move to #9)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 10, 2015 at 1:25 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford Vikings(22-0) and ranked #15 in the Nation in the USA Today Super 25 Girls High School Basketball Poll…..

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Greensboro, NC
Previous: 15. Results: Toni Tucker had 15 points in a 50-36 win at Glenn (Kernersville). Defeated High Point Central (High Point) 66-19.

Here’s Myers Park(21-1):
Charlotte, NC
Previous: 10. Results: Aliyah Mazyck had 16 points in a 79-9 defeat of Independence (Charlotte). McKenna Haire had 14 points in a 78-22 defeat of Porter Ridge (Indian Trail).
*****Here is the marked Mustang/the one to watch:Aliyah Mazyck*****

Check out the entire poll, when scroll and roll, plus CLICK HERE….

  • Dont get it said,

    I dont understand how they are ranked when they havent played any competition. I have seen them play and they won’t make it once they play real competition. They played a weak non-conference schedule and their conference is even weaker. They need to play Reynolds, WS Prep, or New Hope then I will be impressed

  • Andy Durham said,

    When you are unbeaten and you have been beating people the way Northwest has been beating people, you are going to get people’s attention…

    The biggest game on Northwest Guilford’s schedule right now is their game tonight with Southwest Guilford…

    When you get to where they(NWG) are now, everybody is going to be gunning for you, but the question comes up, “can you take those teams’ best shot and not knocked get knocked off?”….So far NWG has done just that and it has worked to the tune of an unbeaten record…

    They must be ready tonight and they know that….

  • SWG FAN said,

    @Don’t get it….Nwest and Reynolds would be a great game. But New Hope and WS Prep are private schools that can recruit so that’s not a fair comparison.

  • Go vikings said,

    NW girls put in the work and they deserve to get some acknowledgement. They are reaping the benefits of all of their hard work and dedication. The future is bright for these young ladies. NW girls will be hard to compete with for the next few years. Lots of talent returning and moving up. #govikings

  • NW using district players said,

    Reynolds is a very good team but neither of their top 5 players are from the Reynolds district. Most of them played together on the same AAU team and decided to play together in high school. Forsyth allows these type of teams to come together but not in Guilford. New Hope has kids from Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston and everywhere in between. It is basically the same team that plays together in AAU. The focus of players in that program is on basketball before school. The NW players are from this district and nobody transfers into the NW district to play basketball. Win or lose, this NW team has worked hard for whatever it has received and I hope they can continue to roll. If they can handle a team that can press, then they will be fine.

  • I dont get it said,

    NWG girls have playes Northern three times, Northern has winning record, beat SEG by 14 and SEG is 18-4, beat page and so alamance who were both strong last year, how are the schedulers suppossed to know both of them would be down this year?? Also beat GDS and an aussie team that beat Dudley, so stop hating and get realistic

  • Andy Durham said,

    As the Northwest Guilford girls move further on with the season and remain unbeaten, teams that come back to memory with some similarities include the first one that comes to mind, the Grimsley Whirlies from a few year back with Trumae Lucas, Nicole Hargraves, Amber Cook, Kristen Fields and others…

    5 DI players in the Grimsley starting lineup with Lucas to Florida and later on Delaware, Hargraves to Charlotte, Cook to Maryland Eastern Shore, Fields to Wilmington and there was one more..

    Grimsley made it the finals the girls junior year and did not get back to the Championship game their senior year…

    Page made it to the final with Paris Kea, Kayla Johnson, M. Coleman, Debresha Barnes and company and did not get the win, but Kea made it to Vanderbilt…

    Dudley won it all on the 3-A level with Helen Terry, Breonna Patterson, Desiree Drayton and crew and Terry played for Charleston Southern and Patterson for UNCG….

    Southwest Guilford won it all on the 4-A level with Zena Lovette and Jessica Pone as their leaders….Both made it to Campbell U…

    We have had girl’s teams get there in recent years and we have had winners….Looks like we went about 2-4 in the finals with Dudley and SWG winning, while Grimsley and Page made it, and did not win it….

    Grimsley is the team that Northwest Guilford reminds me the most of right now….

    Grimsley had those 5 DI players and they had some depth, but I do believe NWG is deeper than Grimsley was…

    NWG has their top 5 and then they can go at least 8-9 deep with players coming in off of the bench…

    You look at a five of Barber, Tucker, Pointer, Newman and Neas and then follow that up with Moore, Wallace and Gibbs off of the bench and that is pretty strong right there…As Lindsay Gaulden gets stronger she can send you 9 deep and as Harkey gets more experience she gives you one more big that can help you….

    Hayley Barber takes that ball to the hole/basket as hard as anybody you will see around here and she can get you to the line if the shot does not go and NWG as a team does a very good job of getting to that foul line and they can hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% with Barber, Pointer, Tucker, Neas and others getting up there on a regular basis….

    If you are NWG try to get to there your Junior year, because there are no guarantees that you make it back when you are seniors, just like what happened with Grimsley…..

    Get there your Junior year and win it your Junior year and that way you have a Title under your belt…..

    Much tougher games ahead and don’t worry about your record, just focus and worry about your next opponent….

    Keep up the good/hard work Northwest Guilford girls and the same can be said for all of our teams still in the hunt….

  • they dont pass the look test said,

    They dont wow you in warm ups. They may look a bit slow, unathletic etc….but they play BASKETBALL. They pass. Girls know their roles. They have posts, wings and a Division 1 point guard who does every little winning thing. Morgan Pointer is dominant at this level. The wings are all aau year round players. They have a head coach with loads of experience and a Point Guard whose extremely skilled, tough and very creative. This team also beats every team in aau who is more athletic then them. Look at the GDS boys…and this girls team is the mirror image,

  • speed kills said,

    Don’t go too far with your comparison to other teams and what these players can do. These players had a good AAU team but they have never beaten the Phoenix or Carolina Flame top teams. Their are very good players but not “elite” type players. This team is not built to beat quick teams that can hold the middle. If a team can press NW and keep Pointer in check, then NW will lose by 10 or more in the playoffs. NW can’t run with these type of teams. If you play a half court game, then NW is at their best and the depth becomes their main asset. I don’t think this team can deal with the press of a Dudley, Myers Park, SE Raleigh, Millbrook or Reynolds.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Bottom line, a great group of kids and the longer they go, the more exciting it gets…

    Their community and support group is fully behind them and they have the backing that they need…

    The team will take care of the rest and it all has to come together on the court…

    A fun time and it is about today, they will learn from the past with each new step they take and if you watch close, you will see they are a step quicker today than they were back in November…

    I noticed that yesterday in their game vs. SWG….They have matured and they are getting quicker/faster in cutting down those passing lanes on defense and they are also attacking the basket harder and they must step up more as the competition gets tougher, but that will be the fun part, accepting and meeting the challenge…

    Hope to see this team again week after next in the sectionals….

  • Go vikings said,

    Can’t people just be happy for these girls?? Sounds like a lot of jealous parents. Do any of you stop and think that these athlete read these articles? Thank you Andy for keeping it positive.

  • reality check not jealous said,

    This is not an issue of jealous or not being happy of the girls/team or whatever. The question was asked and people are expressing their opinions. The reality is that this team is the same team that plays together in AAU for the Gators. That AAU team and this high school team does and will have a problem with teams that have quick players and enough good players to trap. These type of teams will also play ball deny man defenses which will create problems for NW because these players don’t have the ability to create their own plays off the dribble. These are the realities and I hope the coach realizes this problem and makes the necessary adjustments. It is better to face what you are and find solutions to your problems instead of putting your head in the sand and acting like all is well. NW has good enough players to win it all but they better deal with their trap issues and their ability to put pressure on the ball handler. If they don’t, they will lose in the 3rd or 4th round to a team like Dudley, Reynolds or Myers Park. This NW team has not played a quality team since December. The teams in their conference look more like JV teams with the exception of a few individually good players like the SW pg. The HAECO tournament was the last group of games that tested this team.