Chicago Little League Baseball team has Title taken away

Posted by Andy Durham on February 11, 2015 at 12:14 pm under Amateur | Read the First Comment

The team captured the hearts of America last Summer, the Jackie Robinson West Little League Baseball team from Chicago has had their title taken away, after it was revealed that they had players on their team that were living outside of the team boundaries….

Jackie Robinson West had falsified their documents and it was found that the players did not live in the correct Chicago district….

Sad move, but it had to be done to teach a lesson that you you have to play fair and if you don’t, you will lose your rewards….

CLICK HERE to read all on this one and how it will effect the Chicago area teams and families…..

They captured the hearts and they captured the Little League Baseball Title, but now they have been stripped of that title and the movie is on hold….You know that there had to be a movie in the works about what happened with this team and their quest and subsequent Little League Championship…..

  • Once again said,

    Once again the blame will go on the coach. The question to ask is do the parents and the kids not no where they live. How about the other parents on the team. Look around wow this kid not in our district. This could come out against our team and hurt us? That’s the question they should be asking. If not all parents and kids are to blame and the coach so take your punishment and shut up