Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight with last games of regular season, plus Caldwell girls gain tourney win

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Last games of the regular season going down tonight and most of the tournaments begin/start on Monday and we already know of one game with the Northeast Guilford girls at Eastern Guilford and last night/Thursday, the Caldwell Academy girls topped Salem 43-39 in their conference tournament and the Eagles should be headed toward the semis or finals tonight….Peyton Kadlecek with 17 points and 13 rebounds for Caldwell, while Hannah Houser added 13 points for the Eagles….

TONIGHT we will have our GreensboroSports radio team over at Ben L. Smith High School for the games with the Grimsley Whirlies meeting/facing the Smith Golden Eagles….The boys game will be for second place in the Metro 4-A Conference as they head to the conference tournament next week….Smith girls and Grimsley girls at 6pm with our GreensboroSports Radio broadcast covering both the girls and boys for you tonight and the boys should get rolling at around 7:30pm….Both boys teams at (5-4) in the conference and they will be battling for that second seed in the tourney tonight…Lots of talent due up on that court tonight with Simpson, Lowe, Pratt, Wallace, White, Gainey and others for Smith, while Grimsley counters with the Moores, both Nick and Mason, Mike Featherston, John Puryear and Aaron Wiggins….Girls will showcase a lot of young talent for the future with McCullough, Manning and Jackson from Smith and Rebecca Little from Grimsley….Look for the main Eagle, Kenneth Brown Jr. over at Smith tonight….The senior has put in a lot of time covering and following the Eagles and if you get a chance, tell KB Jr. “good job” tonight…Dennis White and Don Moore will be on board with us tonight with the game call and the scores…Just Click On GreensboroSports Radio to get the game and scores tonight….

Also tonight we have:
Dudley at Southeast Guilford 6pm….Very large game for the girls and this will determine the #1 team in the regular season with both teams at (8-1) coming in….Dudley lost to Southeast Guilford earlier at Dudley and SEG fell to Page at SEG….Might watch for these two to meet again in the Metro finals next week…..SEG girls over Dudley, 56-53 at Dudley….
Southern Alamance at Page 6pm….SA boys are at (5-4) in the Metro and they could still gain a tie with either Smith or Grimsley with a win tonight at Page, but that will be tough for the Patriots, as they will be without one of their top scorers Carrington Young, who will be serving game two of a two-game suspension….SA misses Young when he is not in there and he will be back for the tournament next week…
*****Carrington Young available for Southern Alamance tonight….Young served game two of the two-game suspension on Wednesday night by sitting out the Patriots’ game vs. Burlington Williams….*****
Davidson Day at Greensboro Day School 5:30 for the girls and 7pm for the boys….Davidson Day girls undefeated in the conference and the DDS boys handed the Bengal men their first loss of the season back in late January in a bit of a shocker down at Davidson Day that night…
Northwest Guilford at East Forsyth 6pm….The NWG girls need to forget about what day it is and just take care of their business and the NWG boys need this win in bad way to get the “Bounce Back Effect” coming out of their loss to Southwest Guilford back on Tuesday at NWG…Step-up game for Jalen Spicer tonight and he will have to decide if he wants to penetrate more or square-up and shoot the outside shot for three….He does both well, but he may be best served when he is driving to the basket and then dishing to S. Covington, T. Turner and J. Gore….We could conduct a clinic with Spicer and Hayley Barber of NWG driving the lane and getting to the basket and if we wanted to bring in an ACC guy to help, Anthony ‘Cat’ Barber at N.C. State could help us….
Ragsdale at Glenn 6pm….Ragsdale boys could use a season-finishing victory for the regular season and it looks like the Tigers’ Tevin Quick is entered in the NCHSAA Track and Field meet at the JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem and TQ is entered in the long jump and he may have to do the pole vault to get over to Kernersville(Glenn) in time for the boy’s basketball game….You need to re-invent yourself every day and nothing wrong with a little multi-tasking…
Southern Guilford at North Forsyth 6pm….SG girls are still beating the drum and that is the weather-drum associated with the cold weather and not the ‘tom-tom’ drum that used to be affiliated with the SG Indians, but the girls are in the hunt with Miller, Williams, Ford and others leading the charge and the SG boys have found their mark and may be a team to watch in next week’s conference tournament….Confidence is riding high right now for Coach Evan Fancourt’s men…
Central Davidson at Western Guilford 6pm…..WG is still re-writing those game plans and this might be the night and if not, this season is leaving them in a hurry….Coach Harris had hoped for bigger and better things, but he still has the fight left in him and he will continue to battle and if he has to, he will fall on the team sword…
Trinity at High Point Andrews 6pm…The Andrews girls are “for real” and if you have not had a chance to see them play, you need to get over to Andrews tonight and say hello to Coach Shearin and the Red Raiders’ AD Art Wade….Timberlake, Taylor and team will be saying goodbye to somebody this evening…
Wesleyan Christian Academy at Calvary Baptist 6pm….WES has been a little quiet this week, but chances are they will not be quiet tonight over at Calvary Baptist in Winston-Salem….Parker out for the year, but Giles, Childress, Buckland, Johnson and Blakeny should be ready to explode….
Faith Christian(Ramseur) at Vandalia Christian with boys at 6pm and the girls at 7:30pm…..Playoff time tonight for the VCS Vikings and the boys want to make some major noise for Coach Ryan Nelson and he will call on Noah Dunn to light the dynamite…..

*****If we left one of your teams out, let us know….*****
SWG, HP Central, NEG, NG, EG all done for the regular season….

  • Alamance said,

    Bad info on Southern Alamance. A win a Page gives them 2nd place tiebreaker outright since no one has beaten Page. C Young will be playing tonight. The suspension has been served.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I don’t think it has anything to do with anybody beating Page, but it would come down to the head-to-head with how SA did vs. Grimsley and or Smith…

    If you had SA at (6-4) and either Smith or Grimsley at (6-4) it would be between the two (6-4) teams for second place…

    Will do more checking on that suspension…I know CY was out for the game vs. Smith back on Tuesday and the way the Burlington paper made it sound he was out for two games and tonight would be game two…

    Will check and thanks for the heads up…No doubt in the world, SA is a different team with CY in there…CY can play…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here is what the Burlington paper had after the SA-Smith game back on Tuesday, which would make you think game two of the suspension would be served this evening….

    The word on Carrington Young from the Burlington Times-News:

    The Southern Alamance Patriots were without senior starter Carrington Young, who was serving the first game of a two-game suspension for being ejected in Friday’s victory at Southeast Guilford. Southern Alamance missed him on the rebounding end — Greensboro Smith scored 12 points in the lane during the first half alone.

    The situation might be different that what is posted, and we will be stay on the fly and keep looking more at this one…

  • SA Fan said,

    SA played Walter Williams on Wednesday night. That was Young’s second game suspension.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good call on that SA Fan, they slipped in the Wednesday game on us and now that makes it all clear….

    Carrington Young available for Southern Alamance tonight….

    Thanks for that info….


  • PatAttack said,

    We are coming Page!

  • Andy Durham said,

    56-49 SA over Williams on Wednesday and Jalen Burnett had 26 points to lead the Patriots….

  • Jizzle said,

    The Burlington school just can not get any love or press.Lol The boys played at 4:30 and aint been mentioned anywhere.