New High School Basketball Polls for the Week of 2/13/15

Posted by Andy Durham on February 13, 2015 at 12:01 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

High School Basketball Polls for this week

Boys Public School Poll
2)Southwest Guilford(20-4)
3)Northwest Guilford(20-3)
4)Eastern Guilford(19-5)
5)Northern Guilford(16-8)
10)TIE:High Point Andrews(7-14)/Southern Guilford(7-15)

Girls Public School Poll
1)Northwest Guilford(23-0)
2)Southeast Guilford(18-4)
3)TIE:Dudley(17-5)/Northern Guilford(19-5)
5)High Point Andrews(20-3)
7)Eastern Guilford(15-9)
8)Southwest Guilford(13-11)
9)Northeast Guilford(11-11
10)Southern Guilford(11-11)

Boys Combined Poll
1)Greensboro Day School(29-2)
4)Southwest Guilford(20-4)
5)Northwest Guilford(20-3)
6)Eastern Guilford(19-5)
7)High Point Christian(17-13)
8)Northern Guilford(16-8)

Boys Private School Poll
1)TIE:Greensboro Day School(29-2)/Wesleyan(26-4)
3)High Point Christian(17-13)
4)Vandalia Christian School(21-4)
5)Westchester Country Day(17-5)
6)New Hope Christian Academy(19-11)
7)Bishop McGuinness(15-8)
8)Forsyth Country Day(16-16)
9)New Garden Friends School(9-14)
10)TIE:Caldwell Academy(9-20)/Oak Ridge Military(6-12)

Girls Private School Poll
1)New Hope Christian Academy(26-2)
2)Bishop McGuinness(14-9)
3)Greensboro Day School(25-7)
4)Caldwell Academy(22-6)
5)Wesleyan Christian Academy(13-11)
6)Vandalia Christian School(13-9)
7)Forsyth Country Day(12-15)
8)High Point Christian Academy(8-15)
9)New Garden Friends School(1-8)
10)Oak Ridge Military Academy(0-8)
*****Westchester Country Day(No Team)****

  • This is poll is a joke said,

    So last week you have Wesleyan ahead in one poll and tied with GDS in the other. This week you have GDS ahead in one poll and tied with Wesleyan in the other. Last weeks poll was enough of a travesty. This week you’ve managed to outdo your obvious love affair with GDS. Neither team has lost since their 4OT battle yet you changed the already obviously biased poll to further promote your favoritism. These polls are hilarious.

  • John Thompson said,

    Wow Andy… I don’t understand these polls… I can’t tolerate such obvious favoritism towards GDS. How does GDS stay in #1 after losses to DAVIDSON DAY and WESLEYAN?? Everyone know GDS has a soft schedule and Wesleyan’s is clearly tougher. Why doesn’t GDS go and play in top tournaments like City of Palms and Bass Pro invitational? I do not want to rant on GDS because they do have a good team this year, but they should not be #1. Don’t quit your day job, Andy… Oh wait, this is your day job… So quit.

  • This is poll is a joke said,

    I went back an checked last weeks poll to verify an I was wrong. GDS was actually first in one and tied with wesleyan in the other that week too, which only furthers my point about the absurdity of this poll. Fresh off of a high profile win for Wesleyan and back to back losses for GDS, they still managed to retain 1st.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The have split during the regular season and that is why they are tied in the Private School Poll..

    Greensboro Day has played better overall team basketball this season and that is why they are the top team in the Combined Poll….

    The GDS and WES poll standings are the same as last week and all we have been stressing is that GDS plays better team basketball…

    WES has some outstanding players, there is no doubt about that….Giles is one of the best in the country, and he deserves all the attention he is getting….

    We’ll see how it goes if and when they meet again and I still say GDS plays better team ball and there is nothing wrong about that…

    Hope you enjoy the games and it is good to get your opinion out there…

    Everybody has one(opinion), let’s hear from more of on this topic….

    I just enjoy seeing an underdog play good team basketball and let’s hope we get to see WES and GDS do it again for a third time this season and it will be here pretty quick….

    State Tournament gets going in Asheville next week….

    Again, good to get some opinions moving and some good discussion started….

  • John Thompson said,


    I believe you should keep your day job. However, I don’t believe that since GDS plays better team ball (which I agree) they should stay #1 when they lost 2 straight games. I think Wesleyan is receiving an unjust disservice from your ranking. I also am hoping for a Wesleyan – GDS rematch in the playoffs.

    At the end of the day, I appreciate your time keeping this site up to date.

    Until next week my friend,

    John Thompson

  • Dickie Harter said,


    We all really appreciate you updating this site everyday. Keeping us up to date on past players and the success they are having at the next level. Updating scores before any other site and being exclusive just to sports programs at schools in the area. I think you should remove comments from people like John Thompson who tell you to quit your own website. He obviously checks your site everyday, and has a really negative opinion.

    Hey John Thompson,

    Why tell him to quit a site you check everyday and obviously have such a strong opinion on? He’s entitled to his own opinion as are you. So check this out, I’m gonna teach you something. Since I
    guess at your job you must be the guru and tell everyone to quit when you hear something you don’t like. Ill list out how to do this for you. Free of charge, so check this out. When you have a disagreement about something silly like high school boys basketball,
    1. State that you disagree without telling someone to quit.
    2. Lay out your facts and information along with your beliefs on why you think the poll should be rearranged.
    3. Listen to the other persons debate without telling him to quit his day job, and then repeat steps 1-3 as necessary until you had enough friendly fun because remember…its youth basketball

    You must be the CEO at your company, tellin Andy to quit a site he makes for people like you is pretty immature. If you know so much about basketball, go quit your day job and apply at ESPN.

  • fair is fair said,

    This “John Thompson” may not have been at either of the GDS/WES games. I personally felt like GDS was in control of both games. GDS nearly walked away from WES in the first game in High Point. GDS had WES by 4-6 pts late in the game on the 2nd game but a few “careless” turnovers from a few players trying to do more than what they were capable of cost GDS. GDS had the final shot in overtime 1, 2 and 3 but missed the shot. WES closed the deal in the 4th after a GDS mistake in the closing minute. If that same game was played 5 times, then I would put my money on GDS in a close game 3 out of 5. Both teams are outstanding for different reasons and completely different type of players. Both of these teams would walk 99% of public schools. The only advantage that WES has had playing out of state is exposing their players to more college coaches. The competition that GDS is playing is very good and it has clearly prepared the GDS team to play a WES. GDS does not have the talent that Oak Hill has to blow out WES but they are the better team. The only different last year was Theo. The question this year is whether WES has another player that can fill the shoes of Theo and close out in the championship game.

  • Confused said,

    Confused because Eastern guilford boys beat both Southwest and page

  • John Thompson said,


    You are so right. Thank you for passing on your wisdom to me on how to lay out an argument. Also, I have just submitted my application to ESPN and I listed you as a reference. You may not have seen my third comment. I do value Andy’s time and effort in creating these polls, although I do thing they are a little biased. Also, I’m not the CEO of my company… I’ve actually been out of work do 3 years due to the tough economy, so thanks a lot! If I don get the job at ESPN, then I sure hope I can come work for you.

    Fair is fair,

    You are right, I was not physically present at the games, but I did watch them online. I agree that GDS played better team basketball in both, but I do know Wes was without Kwe Parker for the second half of the 2nd game and still won despite playing a terrible game. Kwe is a top 70 player in the country. I believe it was obvious that Wes played some pretty terrible basketball, but they cannot use that as an excuse. It looks like Wes will have to ride the back of Harry Giles if they want to Three-Peat as State Champions. I really appreciate your input. It definitely will be a great state tournament next week. GDS is a very well coached team by the great Sultan Freddie Johnson. I named my first-born son after that man.

    Thanks for the great analysis, guys!


    A salty GDS fan (Andy Thompson)

  • NWHS said,

    How are the NW boys 3rd and 5th if they have to best public school record in the county? Including their 20 point win over Page.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Some more poll thoughts with NWG boys, they just lost twice to Southwest Guilford and Page defeated SWG and beat them thoroughly and EG did beat Page and SWG earlier, but EG has been playing down recently with two recent losses(Morehead and Eastern Alamance) and that puts the hottest team in the County, Page #1 and the second hottest team, SWG, at #2….We are talking just public schools on this one…Eastern Guilford still at three losses should be ranked higher, but they hit five…Tougher for EG too, to get ahead of teams like Page, SWG and NWG since those teams are 4-A and EG is 3-A, but will EG still at just three losses that would be a great boost for them…

    But Page has been the hottest team recently and SWG has been coming right in behind them having beaten NWG two times, but we still have to keep in mind that Page beat SWG, not that long ago…

    The Dudley girls will move ahead of SEG next week if things stay the same, due to fact that Dudley just beat SEG last night…

    Not a perfect science, but there is some science and math to it and we seem to have found some sort of solution here if nothing else, we do try and give you some answers and some reasoning for your questions…

  • NWGHS fan said,

    As a pretty big NW fan, its hard to argue with Andy’s top 3 in his boys’ public rankings. NW’s win over Page was in Dec, before X had joined them. SW has beaten NW twice. Page beat the life out of SW a few weeks ago. I believe that since X joined the team, Page’s only loss is to GDS in the HAECO? Regardless, in another week, this will probably play itself out, as the teams go into the state playoffs.

    Really good win last night for NW at East Forsyth. The Cone brothers were unreal for EF (30 & 31 points). Go Vikings!

  • Dickie Harter said,

    Best of luck to you John on the economic struggles.

    -The REAL Dickie Harter