Looking back at those Stats and MAGIC numbers from the Friday night high school basketball games

Posted by Andy Durham on February 14, 2015 at 11:27 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

We will go with the boys at 12 and the girls at 10 for the entry numbers on this, the last weekend of the 2014/2015 high school basketball regular season…Ladies first and don’t forget, we have our end notes at another post here at the site and those came in late last night on last night’s games and on the end-of-the-season honors…

12 and 10 and lets us begin…..

38:Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day School)
22:Jewel Tinsley(Southeast Guilford)
21:Peyton Kadlecek(Caldwell Academy)
21:Jenna Haugle(Southern Alamance)
19:Shaniya Jones(Wesleyan)
18:Leigh Ramsey(Grimsley)
17:Nokomis Williams(Southern Guilford)
17:Tamani Manning(Smith)
16:Kiara Harrison(Dudley)
16:Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School)
16:Khayla Miller(Southern Guilford)
14:Bailey Kargo(Page)
14:Kara Straite(Dudley)
14:Kyree Hall(High Point Andrews)
13:Breana Hardnett(Southeast Guilford)
12:Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford)
12:Mahlon Brady(Greensboro Day School)
12:Emma Heard(Page)
12:Zariah Rawlingson(Ragsdale)
11:Essence Abraham(Dudley)
11:Katie Lewis(Southeast Guilford)
11:Hannah Houser(Caldwell Academy)
11:Faith Price(Wesleyan)
10:Savannah Neas(Northwest Guilford)
10:Destiny Timberlake(HP Andrews)
10:Anna Massey(Wesleyan)
10:Tya Morrison(Caldwell Academy)
10:Jazlin Taylor(HP Andrews)
10:Jordan Quick(HP Andrews)
10:Milikah Myers(East Forsyth)

*****Peyton Kadlecek(Caldwell Academy) with 15 rebounds and Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford) with 12 rebounds and still looking for more of these numbers today….We add Zariah Rawlingson(Ragsdale) with 4 assists and 4 steals for the Tigers…*****

32:Aaron Simpson(Smith)
31:Drew Cone(East Forsyth)
30:Madison Cone(East Forsyth)
23:Jalen Gore(Northwest Guilford)
21:Nick Moore(Grimsley)
20:Raymon Pratt(Smith)
19:Hendon Hooker(Dudley)
18:John Puryear(Grimsley)
18:Reggie Davis(Northwest Guilford)
18:Brion Seagraves(Dudley)
17:Peter Agba(Greensboro Day School)
17:Sam Covington(Northwest Guilford)
17:Carrington Young(Southern Alamance)
15:Jalen Seegars(Page)
15:Rashard Daniels(Glenn)
14:Kendric Lowe(Smith)
14:Tyliek Brister(High Point Andrews)
13:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford)
13:Jamaul Wallace(Smith)
13:Greyson Collins(Ragsdale)
12:Darius Moore(Greensboro Day)
12:Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford)
12:TJ Parker(Ragsdale)
12:Jalen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
12:Austin Love(Ragsdale)

*****Austin Love with 12 rebounds for Ragsdale….Aaron Simpson with 11 rebounds and 6 assists for Smith….Jalen Spicer with 10 assists for Northwest Guilford….Jalen Gore with 7 assists for Northwest Guilford…Reggie Davis with 8 rebounds for Northwest Guilford…*****
(Still looking for more of these type of numbers.)

  • Mitch said,

    Way off subject here… Anyone know where you can see plans of the Southeast Guilford football renovations?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just talked to a man who saw what was going on down there yesterday and he said they have torn down the visitor’s side with bleachers and the old, old press box gone on the visitor’s side and they have begun work on re-building the football field…

    Work is under way and that is some of what is going on right now…Have heard that there will be a new locker room/Field House too…

    Haven’t seen any plans, but that is some of what is going on right now at Southeast Guilford…

    SEG got the bond money that they needed and what they went looking for and they should have enough available funds to make this project a success…

  • Kevin said,

    Everything is gone except the home bleachers. Should be done by football season. Expect some traffic in the fall due to the roundabout at corner of school.

  • RGS said,

    Zariah Rawlinson Ragsdale with 12 pts 4 asst 4 steals.

  • epic night said,

    I was sorry to see the GDS girls lose on senior night to a very strong Davidson Day team but that was an enjoyable game and finish. Tamera Thorpe played an amazing game. She almost fouled the entire starting line up of Davidson Day out. I know all players must move on but GDS has been fortunate to have her for the past 4 years. She made girls basketball fun at GDS. Often the girls game was more fun than the guys game. I hope she is able to play at a school that values her overall ability. Good luck to both teams in the playoffs. Thank you Tamera Thorpe for all of the great moments you have provided GDS. Last night was epic.

  • bob b said,

    Hannah Houser plays for Caldwell Academy & not Wesleyan.

  • Brad Gooden said,

    At SE vs Dudley game Seagraves 18 points Hooker 19 points

  • Andy Durham said,

    Change made on Houser and now back with Caldwell and have been looking for Dudley info…Have not yet seen their score, but ready to add in Seagraves and Hooker…

    Lots of names today and have to get them all in order…