Janesh Senior Showcase Results

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Senior Showcase Results

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone that was apart of this awesome showcase. At our expense, we had 1 D1 college, 5 D2 colleges, and 3 D3 colleges. Proehlific Park was a phenomenal host. The atmosphere was all about finding kids a place to go to college.

Top Performers
Trey’L Beasley RB (John A. Holmes) (4.45 40) (2.4 GPA) (690 SAT)
Kwadell Smith RB (Page) (4.50 40) (2.4 GPA) (No SAT)
Cas Carucci LB (Northeast Guilford) (4.59 40) (2.6 GPA) (No SAT)
Fred Sharpe WR(Homeschool) (4.50 40) (2.85 GPA) (17 ACT)
Dalton Harris RB (Ledford) (4.66 40) (2.4 GPA) (No SAT)
Dwaine Norcott WR(Northern Guilford) (4.8 40) (2.6 GPA) (900 SAT)
Jermiah McCoy LB (Northern Guilford) (5.01 40) (3.0 GPA) (1370 SAT)

Again, I will tell you guys my story, Josh Williams. I know how it feels to be lost during this process. As our efforts grow bigger, we find more kids to help, our mission is to provide a college for every kid in our program. At this point we have over 50 kids within our program and we are committed to growing and dedicating our lives to insure that our kids are prepared for when the time comes for recruiting.

This Senior Showcase was for the seniors without scholarship offers. It was an amazing opportunity. The only downside to this was the fact that 50% of the guys that were there weren’t even eligible to get recruited because of their grades, or the fact that they hadn’t even taken their SAT test.

How is this happening? Who is going to step up and get these kids out of high school and help them get into college? Has anyone made the kids their priority? Even without athletics, kids aren’t even able to go to college as a student because they can’t get in. Colleges don’t want to hear anything lower than a 3.0 GPA. Where will the help come from? We speak about this at our Recruiting Seminars. Please come join us.

Who is responsible for these kids and their success? We still have a lot of learning to do but we will stand up and take responsibility for those that need guidance. This is sickening to see. Phenomenal athletes but they can’t move forward because they aren’t prepared. If you don’t prepare yourself, the time will come when you are down to your last options. Someone should have been there to help these kids. TO guide them and their parents. We want to pick out and find the problems before you get to your senior year. Because then, as we learned this weekend, it may be to late.

– Janesh

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