The way things are looking now, there may not be any High School Basketball Tournaments this week:NCISAA rescheduled for next week/Guilford County Schools will be closed on Wednesday

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Metro 4-A Tournament Schedule if school is in session on Thursday:
4pm Southern Alamance vs Dudley Girls
5:30 Southern Alamance vs Page Boys
7pm Page vs SE Girls
8:30 Grimsley vs BL Smith Boys

*****This just in:NCISAA basketball tournament rescheduled for next week…*****
(Tournament will run Thursday-Saturday in Asheville, February 26, 27 and 28)….

*****Guilford County Schools will be closed on Wednesday.*****

em>+++++from Rick Strunk with the NCHSAA:There has already been much discussion about the weather and its effect on both basketball and wrestling, starting on Monday after it was clear that bad weather would affect most of the state. The plan is for the NCHSAA to make a determination about basketball and seeding as well as the state wrestling championships by noon on Wednesday….[All indications show that the NCHSAA plans to begin sectional basketball seeding on Saturday, so that would mean NO conference tournament games on Saturday….Full report coming in from the NCHSAA on Wednesday]….+++++

The way the weather is looking now, the high school conference basketball tournaments may be foreclosed on this week and we may see them eliminated altogether for 2015……

You have to start wondering how will they be able to get a full schedule of games in that would constitute a full tournament format….

It is hard to see the students going back to school at all this week, unless they make a two-hour delay stop on Friday….

The snow, sleet and ice are not going anywhere any time soon and this might just mean that the majority of the snowplows will not be hitting the out-lying neighborhoods throughout the city and the county until at least Thursday….(The temperatures are going to be the killer, allowing very little melting of the ice.)

The conference tournament are not imperative…They are a means for the lower seeded teams to still have chance to get into the playoffs by winning their tournament, or moving up in the final standings based on their amount of wins in the tourney…If you were a low seed and you went on a three-game winning streak during conference tournament week you would then have a good opportunity to get into the sectional tournament, or you could gain a better seed based on your conference tournament finish…

The conference tournaments could be finished for this year, we will just have to wait and see…Last year the weather forced cancellation of several of the tournaments down in the Triangle area…

Right now our conference tournaments for 2015 are being held on ice and we have hit the “wait-and-see mode”….

Think we will see conference tournament action in 2015???

If the kids got back in school on Thursday, you could go with a tournament schedule of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but if they don’t get back in the classroom until Friday, it appears that the tournaments will not be a possibility….

The NCHSAA basketball sectionals pretty much have to begin by next Monday, February 23….

*****As for the NCISAA with the Caldwell Academy girls and the High Point Christian Academy boys set to play today, they are falling behind in a hurry, with Asheville the next destination for the official Round One on Thursday….If Caldwell and HPCA play on Wednesday and both are slated to be at home for this first game, they could still be in Asheville and back on schedule by Thursday…..Today’s game and what will now have to be Wednesday’s game serves in some ways, like a play-in game…Quarterfinals on Thursday, Semifinals on Friday and Finals on Saturday, in Asheville, for the NCISAA…..The North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association…*****

2-A Girls:
#10 Village Christian(20-10) at #7 Caldwell Academy(23-6) on Tuesday/Now TBA

2-A Boys:
#9 Cary Academy(16-9) at #8 Westchester Country Day(18-6) on Tuesday/Now TBA

+++++The Metro 4-A Conference president, Jim Clontz, is already considering worst-case scenarios.
“I really don’t see us playing before Thursday if at all,” Clontz said in an email today to Melvinia Robinson, the interim athletics director at tournament host Dudley. “If they happen to go to school on Wednesday, we will play four games Wednesday with four more Thursday with finals Friday. If Thursday is first day back, we will play semis and finals on Thursday and Friday with (seeds) #5&6 dropped from the tourney. If Friday is first day back we will play Grimsley-(Southern Alamance) boys play-in game only.”+++++

  • Bill Sein said,

    According to the News & Record the NCHSAA states that they have to have the teams submitted on Saturday morning for playoffs. So even if the area kids play Thurs, Fri, Sat, (the lower seeds) still may not be eligible for state playoffs. So even if a lower seed wins the conference on Saturday still may not get in.

  • Andy Durham said,

    That is pretty much the way of thinking that Rick Strunk was laying out in his NCHSAA statement and unless there is an act of Congress, it may take a miracle to get these Conference Tournaments done on time this year to benefit the lower tier teams…

    Do you still go ahead and play on, with a late/delayed start, even if it does not change/effect the final sectional results???

  • appy said,

    NCISAA rescheduled for next week.

  • NWGHS fan said,

    If, hypothetically, all the conference tournaments were to be cancelled, how are the teams that make the state playoffs determined? Do the conference tournaments really affect who gets in and who does not? Not talking about seeding, just participation in the state playoffs.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Certain teams will be certain places based on their regular season finishes….At times you may see a few changes, but those have to come from last seeded teams that go all the way and win the tournament from the bottom seed..

    For some teams they would still have a chance to get in the playoffs going from last to first in the tournament, but other than that, they are not going to get in…

    That is one reason why you would still have to have a play-in game with the Grimsley and Southern Alamance since they finished tied at (5-5) on the season….They could play as either #4 or number #5 in the first round of the tournament and it wouldn’t matter…3 or 4, or 4 or 5….Play-in game none the less for SA-Grimsley they are saying….

    Games are Dudley, so that doesn’t change location and the winner of that first round game, either Grimsley or SA would be in and the loser falls to #5 and they would be done for the season and no playoffs…Winner would be in the post-season…

    So for teams like Grimsley and SA that finished tied in the regular season, the game this week has a bearing on them, because neither one is guaranteed to be in until they have their playoff deciding game and if they can’t play before Saturday morning, then the NCHSAA tournament committee would have to draw between the two, to see who gets in….

    So in a way, and maybe indirectly, this game this week for Grimsley and Southern Alamance does have a bearing on which one gets in…Not all cut and dry for those two teams…

    Page in as #1 seed boys, Dudley as girls from Metro

    Northwest Guilford girls in as #1 seed and SWG boys the same and on we go….

    There will be a few tiebreakers out there, but the NCHSAA tournament can roll on without the conference tournaments for the most part….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here’s a pretty good summary on what we’ve been telling you and it is coming in from….Pretty much the same thing that we have been preaching all day here….

    Conference tournament games are not included in the seeding process for the N.C. High School Athletic Association state playoffs. The conference tournaments are only used to break ties in conference standings, or for teams who did not qualify for the playoffs to earn a trip by winning the conference tournament.

    Read more when you CLICK HERE….