New end of regular season projections for NCHSAA Basketball Tournaments:We have seen some updates(Page vs. NWG in Round Two and what about Page or NWG vs. SWG in Round Three???)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 20, 2015 at 11:43 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

You’ll have to take these with a grain of salt, because there are still a few stipulations floating around out there, but here’s what we have from the High School OT at…(Does make for good reading and researching on a cold day.)

Boys 4-A Projections
(They just got their Final Version/verdict in and you may see Page vs. NWG in Round Two and possibly Page or NWG vs. SWG in Round Three, at least that is the way it looks from here.)

Here is the link for the 4-A Girls….
(Most recent version edition at HSOT and word is now, this was updated on Friday afternoon…Dudley and SEG both in the East, while NWG and Page are in the West and so is Myers Park and the Mustangs aren’t going anywhere, until somebody moves the Mustangs out of the way.) NWG, Myers Park, Ardrey Kell and WS Reynolds all fighting for the #1 spot for the girls in the West and Raleigh Millbrook at (22-0) looks to be the #1 girls seed in the East…..Southwest Guilford(13-9) girls also looking to get it going in West for the girls 4-A….

Boys 3-A Projections:

Girls 3-A Projections:

Girls 2-A Projections:

  • CJones said,

    How is Rockingham County in East Region, and Northern Guilford in West? Makes no sense…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, the Northern boys are in the East, but the Northern girls did win the Mid-State 3-A Championship and maybe it is that the Mid-State Champ for the girls goes West…

    The Northern girls have been in the East almost every year in the past to my recollection, but maybe we will see them in a different light this season….

    Lots of stipulations and maybe that Conference Champ designation is what has moved them into the West, at least in the preliminary pairings/seedings….

    Maybe someone else knows more…

    On the 4-A boys if you get Lake Norman in Round One that is pretty tough draw…That’s the team that knocked out/off the Page boys last season at the Greensboro Coliseum on a Sunday afternoon…

    The NWG boys vs. East Forsyth would make for an interesting Round One game at NWG on Monday…Last time they played it was something like 90-83 NWG and I believe that game was played last Friday night at East….

    Some good games are cooking and what more do you see and what do you think we ought to see in Round One????

    Several of our teams will be on the road and trying to avoid the One-and-Done….

    Seedings and Pairings due out from the NCHSAA tomorrow sometime after Noon…

    Until then we are left to speculate….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just adding something we talked about earlier:

    Dudley and SEG both in the East, while NWG and Page are in the West and so is Myers Park and the Mustangs aren’t going anywhere, until somebody moves the Mustangs out of the way. NWG, Myers Park, Ardrey Kell and WS Reynolds all fighting for the #1 spot for the girls in the West and Raleigh Millbrook at (22-0) looks to be the #1 girls seed in the East…..

  • NWGHS fan said,

    It seems kind of silly to me that teams from the same conference should play each other in the first round. In the projected pairings, that would be the case with NW against either EF or Ragsdale. I don’t know the conferences very well; is this something that happens a lot?

  • Andy Durham said,

    It happens a lot with football in Round One with teams from the same conference facing each other and it all comes down to the geographics in some cases…

    They like to keep everything as close to home as possible in Round One…

    Smith at Northwest Guilford boys last year in Round One and Smith was out there another time in Round One a few years back…

    Smith the upset at NWG last year and NWG topped Smith back in Coach Bloom’s final season and then NWG went on to lose in the next round on the road….

    We have seen it with Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford and Smith at Dudley in Round One football in recent years and that was sending teams from the same conference head-to-head in Round One…

    Often times the Round One game is considered a throw-away game for the higher seeded team at home, but not the case with Smith at NWG last year in Round One basketball and would not appear to be the case with East Forsyth at NWG in Round One, if that were to happen this coming Monday…

    Hope we have helped on the answer here…

  • Kenneth said,

    Grimsley and Southern Alamance are NOT PLAYING TONIGHT, right???

  • NWGHS fan said,

    Smith and NWG are not in the same conference. If that’s how the seedings fall out, then I suppose that’s just the way it is. But, it seems there would be some room there to make it a rarity. You play the whole season to make the “state playoffs” and in the first round you play a team in your own conference.

    I’m also curious about the seeding process. How are they determined? Is it judgmental? Are all conference champions seeded higher than all 2nd place finishers?

  • Andy Durham said,

    All based on how you finish in the conference…1st, 2nd and 3rd etc. with no 2nd place team being seeded above a first place team…Again, based on order of finish in the conference during the regular season…

    In cases of ties among undefeated or 1st place teams that are unbeaten they usually have the drawings to see which
    team gets the higher seed….

    There have been instances in the past, when you get past the first round and you may end up with two conference champs with identical #1 seeds set to play in say Round Three of the sectionals on Friday night and if that were the case, in previous years the NCHSAA has a listing of order of preference to see which conference would have the higher seed and therefore the home court advantage for that game…

    That may run in order like Metro, Piedmont Triad, Central Piedmont Conference, etc. and the team from the conference with the higher seeding order for this year, they would get the home court advantage for that game…

    May not see too many Conference Champs meeting as early as Round Three, but you never know…

    There have been cases all the way into the Regionals where Dudley and Northeast Guilford, both from the same former Triad 3-A Conference would drive all the way to Greenville, North Carolina(East Carolina University) to meet for the East Regional Title….Also happened one year where Dudley faced Kernersville Glenn for the 3-A Regional crown in Greensville, at ECU….

    We will know much more when the names and numbers come out early Saturday afternoon or late Saturday morning, so stay tuned….

  • Andy Durham said,

    NO Grimsley-Southern Alamance boys game TONIGHT at Dudley…No game due to NO School today in Guilford County….

    Grimsley goes in as a #3 seed and Southern Alamance as the #4 seed from the Metro 4-A Conference….Drawing done last Saturday morning when they had the end-of-season Conference Coaches meeting and as it turns out, they needed to use that draw for seeding purposes…

    Usually drawing for a just-in-case need basis….This/that piece of business at the Conference meetings came in handy…