Looking at some of those Wednesday game times for some of our high school basketball playoff games:(Several Time Changes, check them out)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 24, 2015 at 11:14 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

*****Guilford County School on a 2-hour delay for Wednesday and most times have been moved up for Wednesday night games, in hopes that the teams can beat the storm(and their opponent), that is due in here on Wednesday evening…..*****

Some of the game times that we have seen for the games that were set to be played today/Tuesday and now the games will be played tomorrow/Wednesday, we hope…..

Lake Norman women at Southwest Guilford 5pm
Berry Academy men at Southwest Guilford 6:45pm
Southern Guilford women at Gastonia Ashbrook 5pm
TC Roberson women at Northwest Guilford 5pm
Ragsdale men at Northwest Guilford 7pm
Eastern Guilford women at West Carteret 6pm….(Now PPD until Thursday at the same time)
Wilmington Laney women at Dudley 6pm
Rocky Mount men at Eastern Guilford 6 pm….(Now PPD until Thursday at 6pm at Eastern Guilford)….
Northeast Guilford women at Chapel Hill 6pm
Carson women at Northern Guilford 6pm
Smith men at Richmond County 6pm
Grimsley men at Lake Norman 6:30pm
Page women at Glenn 5:30pm….(Time Change)….
Charlotte Harding men at Page 5pm(Time Change)….
Wilson Fike men at Northern Guilford 7:30pm
*****Tentative:EE Smith women at Southeast Guilford 6pm*****
(Was hearing that Cumberland County Schools(Fayetteville)are out of school on Wednesday.)

  • Jonathan Braddy said,

    I heard that there’s something going on with Page basketball team. Players are planning on not playing in the playoff game. Can someone verify it?

  • Andy Durham said,

    The first word we have seen here on that…

    Are you talking men or women and would guess either way that the Page coaches have a handle on this…

    The coaches have to run the show and you can’t have the players calling the shots….

  • Jonathan said,

    Men,coach,ad and principle refused to let Graves back on the team.

  • Jonathan said,

    Why wouldn’t you want one of the best players in the nation on your team if he’s eligible to play?

  • Andy Durham said,

    He had been gone for a while, did not know he had returned and you still have to leave the ball in the boss’s court and that would be the people you just mentioned, head coach, AD and the principal…

    They call the shots and at the end of the day they are in charge and they have the final say and the players, if they are truly dedicated to cause, go by what the boss says…Coach, AD and Principal…

    If I want to broadcast a game from Page, they have the final say…They have been given the positions of leadership and we all on the outside looking in, have to honor their role in the basketball operations and school operations at Page…

    The people in charge at Page know what they are doing and in the end, that is all that matters…

    No matter where Ty Graves ends up, we always wish him the best, he is a good kid and a very good basketball player and his dad is an excellent teacher…

    But in the end, like I said before, I know who is in charge at Page and they have been given the job of running that program and they have my full support….

    If you are a player it all comes down to one thing, are you truly dedicated to the cause…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    If somebody left your team for other pastures and it could be anybody, and then they came back, at this time or stage of the season, it would be very hard for any coach to let them re-join the team…

    What about all of the kids/guys that had been out there in the battle here at home on the homefront/local court all season long???

    This is a very delicate matter, but to me, it would not seem to be the right thing to do….Out of loyalty to your players that had been here for you all the way down to the very end of the bench, you just couldn’t do that them…

    It would be a selfish move, if I as the head coach allowed any player to come back and re-join the team here at the end of the season, just because it might make me a stronger team on the surface….

    What about deeper down below the surface matter?

    What would I be teaching my players or even so, what would I be teaching a kid that came back???

    It is OK to take off on your team and you can still have your spot back if you decide to return later on in the year???

    Something about that is just not right….

    I would give that player a chance to earn their spot back next season and that would be the best way to go about this order of events…

    And thinking more in detail on this, I’m not sure the NCHSAA/state association would allow you to make a move like this and add a player to your team at this late stage of the season….

    Would seem to be kind of unfair to the teams you are set to face in the playoffs too…

    They have prepared for and are expecting to face a certain five starters or even a certain corp of top players and here comes a player in that hasn’t been with the team before….

    Still not certain this would even be allowed within the state/NCHSAA guidelines since I have the feeling that you would have to be in attendance at a school for a certain number of days before you would be eligible to play for that team in a given school-year, when the school-year is already in progress…

    As you can see there are a lot/ton of Gray areas when it comes to this subject and it goes way above and beyond the 50 shades of gray that is in our current events programs….

    Very delicate and sensitive subject and we for sure do not know all of the details that have come into play here, but for sure, we have to be careful how we discuss this matter, so all take the proper precautions before you dive into this topic and we will have to keep our finger within range of the shutdown mode/button….

    Please be smart and respectful to all parties involved when discussing this topic….

    One key word that they mentioned during Coach Dean Smith’s Celebration of Life sticks with me and it may best sum up the point we are trying to get across here, Loyalty…..And I will leave it at that….

    We are all in the education business and there is something new to learned every day and I hope we can learn something that can help as we discuss matters of importance on this site….

    I’m out for now and I do not have all of the answers, I am just trying to shed some light on the subject….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Back in with one more order of business…

    In the best interest of this web site and its readers we are going to wait until we hear from the Page coaches and from the athletic department before we do any more talking about this one…

    No need to over step our bounds before we know what is really going on, if anything is going on…

    We hope to return to our comment patterns later on this evening if that is within the proper framework…

    *****According to the News and Record site, Ty Graves is now back at Page High School and has re-enrolled, but will not be playing for the Pirates in the remainder of this season.*****