Guard Ty Graves has returned to Page High School, but he will not play basketball for the Pirates this season

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We were talking about this here at the site last night and we had pretty much confirmed that junior guard Ty Graves had re-enrolled at Page High School and today we found confirmation on his return in print at the News and Record web site, with Joe Sirera reporting…
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Joe Sirera, from the N&R has spoken with Ty Graves’ father and he confirmed that Ty was back at Page, but he would not be playing basketball for the Pirates this season and the word is, coach’s decision…

We looked up Ty’s numbers at Montverde Academy, down in Florida, by way of and MaxPreps had Ty averaging right at 3.8 points per game over 16 games and those were the numbers we were able to attain last night….

Ty Graves has committed to play college basketball at Boston College and Ty is rated one of the top junior prospects in the nation at the guard position and he can play two-guard or point guard and I think point is the preference….

Ty left Page for Montverde, rated among the top five teams in the nation by and by USA Today and when Ty left, it looked like a good move for him, as he was hitting/joining a highly ranked high school program….

It also appeared that this would hurt the Page Pirates, who were already dealt a blow when senior shooting guard Anthony Eaves moved to Louisville, Kentucky to play for well-known Ballard High School, before the 2014/2015 school year even started/began…

Then on top of all of that, Page lost their big post man Xavier Hill-Mais for the first semester and that left Page in a bit of a pickle, as the Pirates prepared to play the first half of the season without Graves, Eaves and Hill-Mais…

Hill-Mais is out, Graves is gone(transfer to Montverde) and Eaves is gone(transfer to Ballard)….

Page hung in and played on with a new look, moving Diondre Overton to the point guard spot, making Tyren Melton the two-guard, running Jalen Seegars and Will Jones along the wings and having sophomore David Funderburg man most of the post….

Page was (4-4) going into the 2014 Haeco Tournament on December 26 and on that day, the Pirates saw Xavier Hill-Mais return to the lineup and Page goes (2-1) in the Haeco, with their only loss being to eventual tournament champion Greensboro Day School in the semifinals and since that day, December 26, when Xavier Hill-Mais got back in the lineup for Page and hit the Pirates’ low post spot, Page has gone (14-1) and with the (4-4) start and then the (14-1) with Hill-Mais back in there, Page now sits at (18-5) and the Pirates have a #5 seed for the NCHSAA Boys 4-A Tournament, which will be really begin, sometime later on this decade/week….

Page has been nearly unstoppable since Hill-Mais return and the team seems to have found a very good chemistry with Overton still at point, Melton at the two, Seegars and Jones running the wings and the “X-Man” in the post….

Not saying that Ty Graves would not be welcome back to this team, but just saying this team has found an identity and you may not want to mess with that, now that you have been on roll…I said it before here on the site, the Pirates were winning come December 26 when Hill-Mais got back with the team, but it even took them time to realize he was out there with them again and for a while they had to get used to seeing him and knowing he was there and they had to find ways to make sure they got him involved in the offense…When he was out for the first few weeks, the Pirates had gotten used to doing and dealing with things without Hill-Mais and it just took time to get the flow rolling the right way again and it finally did, to tune of (14-1) record, a perfect (10-0) Metro 4-A Conference record and the regular season/total season Title, since there was NO tournament this year…

Page was the Champion and they are the Metro’s #1 seed in the NCHSAA Tournament…Page has something special working right now, once they get back on the court again and the coaches have decided things will be best left alone and that they need to keep things the same way, with the same working order/parts….

Ty Graves will not re-join the team in 2015 as the Pirates make their playoff run…Last season, in 2014, Page made it to the NCHSAA West Regional Finals, where they saw their season end on a last-second shot by Lake Norman….Page was down by 20-25 points early in that game, but they had one of the best second-half comebacks that we have ever seen…..

How far will Page go this season? That remains to be seen, but they will go with what got them to where they are today(2/25/15) and we have to respect the coaches for that….

The decision has been made and it is time to stick with that and it is time for all of the current 2014/2015 Pirates to go with all hands on deck…All hands on the ball, or at least the hands of the starting five, when the game begins…This is a team effort and they will go with the team that has fought their way back to (14-1) since December 26 and the focus will be on the current Page roster…

Ty Graves will not be a part of this year’s Page team and he chose not to be a part of the team prior to the season…That was his choice and his family’s choice and we respect that choice and as we have said in the past, Ty Graves is an excellent basketball player and an even finer young man and his dad Kevin Graves is an excellent basketball teacher/instructor….They just made a choice not to be part of the Page Pirate basketball program for this season and that is what the Page coaches are holding them to…

Respecting that decision and sticking with that decision…..

Page coach Matt Harder has a job to do and that is to lead his young men and the feeling we are seeing/getting is that he is looking for young men that will be with him from November 1st(the start of the season) until March 14(the last day of the season)……

We had some other thoughts and comments about this topic and post last night and you can feel free to go back and read those too….
(We may add them in here for you later on)….

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There will always be several questions left unanswered, but we will stay close to the fire…..

  • Say what said,

    Grass ain’t always greener!

    Sounds like he won’t the man at Montverde? 3ppg? He left and season ain’t over? He committed to BC. Will he change? He should go to Wake with the rest of WCA boys.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If Wake could get Harry Giles, Brandon Childress and Ty Graves, that would be a very good group of players…

    With Danny Manning now in charge, Wake would be a step up over Boston College….

    Graves will be fine, the kid is a very hard worker…

  • Andy Durham said,

    I’m sure Wake would love to have Kwe Parker too…Left him out of that group and my mistake there…

  • Ray said,

    It would not be fair in any way to throw Coach Harder under the bus because the decision would ultimately be out of his hands anyways. NCHSSA has rules in place to prevent that from happening. Nobody fails to understand that rules comes into play.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We were covering some of this in our discussion last night here at the site and we were saying:

    “I’m not sure the NCHSAA/state association would allow you to make a move like this and add a player to your team at this late stage of the season….

    Not certain this would even be allowed within the state/NCHSAA guidelines since I have the feeling that you would have to be in attendance at a school for a certain number of days in the given semester before you would be eligible to play for that team in a given school-year, when the school-year is already in progress…”

    On just a sidebar to what we were saying here yesterday:

    Would seem to be kind of unfair to the teams you are set to face in the playoffs too…

    They have prepared for and are expecting to face a certain five starters or even a certain corp of top players and here comes a player in that hasn’t been with the team before….

    All is relative when you start breaking it all down….
    (For some sports and I think I remember seeing it this way in football, you have to have a specific/set correct roster turned into the state/NCHSAA prior to the playoffs beginning….

  • Ray said,

    its unfortunate for the kid but you can’t transfer and then come back and play. He hasn’t been on the roster all season had he? If he was on Montverde roster then that is his team until the season is completed. Another unfortunate issue may be if his father decides to pull him away from Page next year which I hope he doesn’t but I can see that happening all because of the rules.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Will shut down for the overnight and back up tomorrow..

  • The facts and only the facts said,

    First and foremost here are the facts Ty Graves never ask to play nor did his father Kevin Graves. Ty came back after leaving Monte Verde due to poor living condition not to play basketball at Page. Certain teammates approach the head coach about Ty returning and Coach Harder didn’t feel it was in the team’s best interest . Apparently there is supposed to a rule that says he can’t play, but this so called rule has yet to be seen in printed form.

  • Responsible Adult said,

    In response to “Say What” please understand that children do not make decisions for themselves when they are governed by responsible parents. So, I don’t think your comment is appropriate about the grass not being greener on the other side! I am assuming you are an adult and should know the importance of not making this venue a forum for your own personal feelings about Ty Graves, who is an exceptional young man intellectually and athletically. It would have been a wonderful opportunity for all involved, but there are rules and rules should be followed IF it is IN FACT THE RULE AND NOT PERSONAL! Too many times society gets caught up in how many points a kid scores and forget about the kid themselves! If your child had an opportunity to go play with the #! team in the NATION would you turn it down? If you knew anything about basketball you would know that the higher the caliber of players you play with, the better you become!. Have you seen Ty Graves in the gym since he has returned? “SMOKING!” This is a loss for Page and if I was the coach, IF the rules allowed I would have welcomed Ty Graves back to the team. After all he has only played at Page since 9th grade and from what I have seen at games, he was very productive!

  • Ray said,

    A player can only be added to an existing roster from a previous school at the start of the second semester. Players can’t be added just for the playoffs. The kid seems to be an great kid and unfortunately the situation didn’t work out down in Florida. Coach Harder I’m sure would have loved to have had Graves all season but put yourself in his shoes. He has moved forward, team is playing good basketball and chemistry is huge going into the playoffs. Even if he could add him, would you?? Absolutely not. This isn’t AAU where you pick up players for big tournaments. Someone has to stand for right……

  • Andy Durham said,

    If Ty can re-join the team at Page next season that could turn out to be a good thing for everybody…Hope it works out for him, but Page will have to focus on who they are now for this season…

  • Andy Durham said,

    On the lighter side, I saw on Twitter where Raleigh Millbrook High School had added a 5’11 player to their basketball roster, but on further review, I learned that it was a snowman….

    Lots of 5’11, 6’0, 6’4 snowmen showing up on sites today…

  • Page Alum said,

    This Page squad has over came a lot since the beginning of the season, I like their chances. Hope everything works out so Ty Graves can play next year. Besides Xavier everyone will return so they’ll have a good squad again next season. Let’s Go Page Pirates! Put in work in the state playoffs this year and worry about next year when the season over.

  • John said,

    Personal attacks on players, coaches, parents or school officials will not be tolerated, but you have underlying personal attacks going on all of the time with your lack of knowledge and facts…Xavier was never out because of grades, and you actually put that on a public site….Bozos! I know you will take this down like all of the other comments that make any sense.

  • Anthony said,

    Does anyone really buy the transfer due to poor living conditions?

  • Living conditions said,

    Ty Graves wasn’t the only kid that left Blake Harris another highly recruited kid from NC left the school also. I personally believe the living issues may have been the reason. Ty had a chance to practice against some of the best kids in the nation and play games against the best. I know for a fact he came back to NC a much much better ball player than when he left so at the end of the day I think he won and also will be going to school for FREE at BC or any other school he choose fit.

  • No Way said,

    living conditions my foot!!! I know Blake went for greener pastures and wasn’t getting the time nor the shine down there like he was accustomed too. Carlisle wasn’t big enough for him so he left and back to Carlisle where he will probably leave again. Don’t know if that was the situation with Graves or not. Graves has already verbally committed to BC so where he plays ball next year is irrelevant. Wish the young man luck wherever he finishes up for his senior year.

  • Coward Police said,

    Anthony, who cares what someone buys, put your last name on here and your individual credentials…as well as what you have accomplished in life…