Baseball Games are on the schedule next week after one full day of practice

Posted by Andy Durham on February 26, 2015 at 11:18 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

*****Ragsdale’s Baseball scrimmage originally scheduled for tomorrow/Saturday has been cancelled.*****

The Guilford County baseball teams have been ready to practice for two weeks now and so far, our teams have been able to get in ONE full day of practice and that would have been maybe last Monday, or was the ONLY day of practice yesterday???

There have been so many missed days of school and days when the students have been released early from school, that it is hard to tell what day the students were able to work out…

Most all of our teams are due to play their first games of the 2015 early next week, so it might come down to ONE or TWO baseball practices, prior to the baseball regular season getting underway….

Who will be the team leaders and the top players for this upcoming season???

We talked about nearly all of them here last season and if we had to start making a list a few of the names that would be hard to leave off would be many of the following and before we look at those names, let’s look at the teams that will be in thick/mix of the heavy competition…

The top team in our polls almost all of last season was the Southern Guilford Storm and they plan on being good again…Southeast Guilford will be good, so will Eastern Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Northern Guilford, Grimsley, Dudley, Page, Ragsdale and Northwest Guilford….

Southern(22-4/12-0) in 2014) has kids/young men like Taylor Sugg(one of the top pitchers in the state), Evan Edwards, Noah Carter, Ryan Caveness and more….Southeast Guilford can come hard at you with Ryne Stanley, Carmine Pagano, DJ Artis, Tommy McMichaels, Bailey Steed, Forrest Brothers and more….Eastern Guilford with Andrew and Luke Robinson returning, Page with Stanford Shell, Kenny Mackovic, William Hardin and others back, Grimsley with Jack Jarvis, Sam Chafin, Harden Stapleton, Luke Madden, Cameron Peters, Jalen Surgeon as well as Jalen Surgeon…Dudley bringing on and in Chase and Camden Williamson, Christian Cokely, Elijah Harris, Kameron Pruitt, Ellis Stokes, Romel Powell and Randy Norris….Northwest Guilford returning Cole Aker, Zack Shoemaker, Trey Walker, Cole Underwood and more….Northern Guilford with Josh Pike, Cole Chapman, Kevin Bell, Logan King, Jacob Myers, Austin Wyrick and more…We will be digging up some more names and what you have to do is go to the MaxPreps rosters for 2014 and add in a year to players, no 2015 rosters for our teams at MaxPreps for the new season….This is about all we can get/collect from Max/Preps tonight…Still digging….

Games are set to begin on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week….One full day of baseball practice in 2015 for your Guilford County Schools….

*****If you have some more local names for us, let’s see them…Send them on in…Right now we are getting all we can from last year’s MaxPreps rosters….*****

+++++Some of those Western Guilford names that are coming back to me are Flowers, Olsewski, Carlton, the big tall pitcher Andrew and others and NEG had the freshman Brown from last year that got hot at the end of the year and their SS was a very good young talent…Ragsdale has tons of names, but some have graduated and some are still there, so give us a few of those names:
Ragsdale has Lipke, Kip and Corey Brandenburg, Trejo, Burrows, Still, Cobb, Blizard, Pritchard…+++++

  • Parent said,

    Local students had more days off in February than they had in December.

  • Baseballman said,

    Unless your a private school and you have been practicing together since December!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I saw Guilford College out there one day this week and I think it was Tuesday and I thought they would need to be inside, it was still very wet after Monday’s snow and you would think that after a while it would begin to get muddy with all of the wet grounds and such…

    HPCA said they were able to get outside two days this week, and question for that is how???

    Snow was on the ground Monday, very wet Tuesday, maybe able to get one in before the snow on Wednesday night…

    Thursday and Friday a wash/snow job…Maybe Wednesday, but hard to see on the other days, but maybe others could speculate…

  • Ragsdale Fan said,

    Ragsdale has Lipke, Kip and Corey Brandenburg, Trejo, Burrows, Still, Cobb, Blizard, Pritchard. I believe that’s it!

  • Cougar Pride said,

    Correct that on HPCA , that was suppose to say 2 days. Fortunate for great drainage

  • NE Rams said,

    NEG should be able to contend in a strong conference, as they return 8 of their 9 starters. They are deep on the pitching and defensive side, so will just need to put up some runs.