NCISAA Basketball Tournament rolling in Asheville:GDS and WES men both Winners(We only have two teams left, yes WES and GDS Men!)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 26, 2015 at 11:55 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

Finals from today/Thursday here:
Final:Charlotte Christian women 58, Wesleyan 50
Final:Ravenscroft women 59, Greensboro Day School 43
Final:Providence Day boys 82, High Point Christian Academy 70
Final:Greensboro Day boys 65, Charlotte Latin 49
Final:Wesleyan Christian Academy boys 50, Rabun Gap 38….
Final:Northside Christian boys 82, Westchester Country Day 68
One final already today:(Girls) Rabun Gap 47, Forsyth Country Day 25
*****Three NCISAA teams had to forfeit their games due to the fact that the did not leave early for Asheville on Wednesday and then with the bad weather, they could not get there on Thursday….*****
GDS men scoring with Trevor Mayo with 14, Peter Agba with 13, Jordan Perkins with 9 and Will Dillard with 8 points…

[All of the 3-A’s]
In progress:#1 Wesleyan boys(26-4) vs. #8 Rabun Gap(20-8)…Game got started at 11:30am at Christ School
2:30pm:#2 Greensboro Day School boys(30-2) vs. #7 Charlotte Latin(19-7) at Christ School
4pm:#3 Greensboro Day School girls(26-8) vs. #6 Ravenscroft(24-4) at Christ School
5:30pm #6 High Point Christian Academy boys(19-13) vs. #3 Providence Day(24-4) at Christ School
7pm:#4 Wesleyan girls(14-12) vs. #5 Charlotte Christian(20-5) at Christ School

In progress:#8 Westchester Country Day boys(19-6) vs. #1 Northside Christian Academy(22-5) Game began at 11:30am at Carolina Day School

  • game available online said,

    Are any of these games online?

  • Andy Durham said,

    All games should be on-line with Time Warner Cable on Saturday….

  • Andy Durham said,

    As the tournament gets deeper, could see a lot of scores flying up on Twitter too….

  • Sports said,

    High Point Christian loses by 12

  • Bad local AD decisions said,

    The NCISAA and the different school AD’s made a terror decision pushing for this tournament to occur on Thursday. The tournament should have been delayed an additional day or two or even another week if needed. There were a lot of parents that could not make it up for this tournament due to the roads and other family concerns that this weather created yesterday. To allow some teams not to even make the tournament and lose out on their opportunity to participate in the playoff is beyond unacceptable. All of our local AD’s Glen Foster (WES), Freddy Johnson (GDS) and Corey Gesell (HP)and their respective presidents should be called out for allowing this to occur. These AD’s and presidents were not thinking enough about the safety of kids, parents and the general safety of the teams that they are suppose to be watching over. Fortunately I don’t believe anyone was hurt but that is also due to so many families not participating in the event. I thought school like WES, GDS and HPC would be above these type of decisions and put kids first. When you consider that parents are paying nearly $12,000 per year for schools like WES & HPC and nearly $22k for a school such as GDS, you expect better decisions to be made around your kids. The public schools clearly have been making the right decision when it comes to kids safety up to this point. I wish the NCISAA and our local schools had done the same.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If the schools traveled on chartered buses with professional drivers and they left a day early(Wednesday) then they should have been safe…

    The tournament directors advised the teams to leave a day early and they did….Decision was made by those at the NCISSA level and in charge of the tournament and at least that is what we have been seeing…

    They wanted to get the tournament in this week and there was no problem getting the games in yesterday, or at least that is what we are hearing…

    Let’s get the kids up here and get these games in seems like what the goal was and they got that accomplished with safety first by leaving and traveling on Wednesday…

  • not sure yet said,

    Just because no one hurt does not prove the decision was the correct decision. Several teams could not make the adjustment or get up to the tournament which is a terrible way for a kid to finish their high school career or year. I can understand getting the tournament over but it is just basketball and not worth risking the lost of life or even an accident just to get a game or two complete. If anyone was in an accident, then there would have been hell to pay. It would have been best to delay and ensure safety first. There were very few parents at the tournament yesterday compared to a full house in past years. The roads were not safe but unfortunately the NCISSA (including our local AD’s) were not putting the safety of families first over a game.