High School Baseball from Monday with HPCA busy and Cougars in action again today:Zach McLean puts ball in pain on Monday with HR’s

Posted by Andy Durham on March 3, 2015 at 11:26 am under High School | 11 Comments to Read

Northeast Guilford vs. Western Guilford(Cancelled) TBD on re-date/New date.

Ragsdale at Kannapolis Brown scrimmage on Monday and the High Point Christian Cougars had a regular season game and here are those results and if notice, HPCA is in action again today…

HPCA beat the Cabarrus Stallions Christian 4-0. Got back to back-to-back home runs by Zack McLean (3-3 w/2 doubles / 2 run HR), Dylan Wilkinson, Baiely Edwards solos . HPCA plays Westchester Country Day School Today/Tuesday 4pm @ HPCA…

  • Baseball Fan said,

    HPCA needs to play their games on normal size diamond rather than a middle school field!

  • Mike said,

    Who has got what this year?

  • drob1211 said,

    @Baseball Fan, My boys go to a public school so I don’t have anyone at HPCA. But I do know the Mclean kid as my oldest played with him a year in the summer and I promise Mclean will hit it out of any size field. The kid can flat hit and with as much pop in his bat than anyone in the area.

  • Fireball said,

    @ Baseball fan – I’m like Drob – I don’t have a dog in fight – as a baseball fan – talent is talent no matter the field size. I’ve seen most of their players play over the years when you hit the ball over 4 lanes of traffic on Johnson St. it doesn’t matter the size of your field. There are 6 players in their line up that would hit it out in any park. Looking at it on paper they probably have the most offensive fire power of any team in the state. Talking about short porches What about West Forsyth – homer dome and North Davidson balls fly out of there like popcorn popping. @ Baseball Fan what field you play on?

  • HS Baseball Fan said,

    @baseball Fan, Fireball is correct. 6-7 players on HPCA team would hit it out of any park around here. They have several D1 and D2 players on that team. Most public schools won’t play them for various reasons. Is 390ft not 390ft on any field?

  • Baseball Fan said,

    Wow! You guys seem very defensive. Didn’t say anything about HPCA’s talent, did I? Only talked about their field. If my son played there as I’m sure yours does, I would want him playing on a normal field.

  • If You're Reading This Its Too Late said,

    @Baseball Fan, come to a game and get back to me #DingerDerby

  • Jerry Smith said,

    Take HPCA over to SE, NE , NW , Northern or Randleman and all 5 beat HPCA and twice on Sunday. You guys can’t compare private school ball to public school ball. Apples and oranges.

  • Cougar Fan said,

    All the comments are interesting..and I am speaking from experience as I had a son in one of the “elite” public school programs and then transferred in his Junior year to a private school, he has since graduated and is fortunate enough to be playing college baseball…. Ive seen Zack hit Home runs on all sizes of fields… so don’t minimize the fact that he hits a few dingers on a field that has a short left field! the rest of HPCA’s field compares equitably to other HS fields in the area) I guarantee you that his homeruns don’t “barely” get out of that field! And the comparison of private school vs public is so absurd! There are numerous reasons why kids choose to leave public schools and attend private schools in order to get a good education and play for reputable programs on the private level. We are fortunate to have such strong private school programs in the area and that they are perennial state contenders (HPCA, Westchester, and Wesleyan) …It is unfortunate that that the “elite” public school programs in Guilford county have decided to not schedule games against these programs! These programs travel to Alamance and Forsyth to play other public school programs and win just as many as they lose. The success of these programs is unrivaled with helping their student athletes with opportunities at the college level whether it be D1,D2 or D3. I will spare you with naming each player over the past 5 years but the list is quite impressive. What is truly amazing is that good players that for one reason or another leave the public school programs and thrive and this provides more opportunity for other kids in the area to be able to participate in a sport that they love, otherwise without these private school programs other kids would not have been able to play because there are only so many starting spots on each team And your apples and oranges comment is also an uneducated and misinformed comment…. Just like public school conferences, you have top teams and you have bottom teams…. the 3 area private schools that I mentioned have their share of success on the state level and would compete with the area public schools all day long…. I encourage you to go and watch HPCA vs Wesleyan, or HPCA or Wesleyan vs Charlotte Christian and then tell me if you still see Apples and oranges…

  • Sports Fan said,

    I Know that Dudley has HPCA on their schedule for March 9th, plus they were suppose to be at Dudley for their jamboree but the weather canceled that.

  • Eric Caveness said,

    Zach is a monster no matter the size of the field. He doesn’t hit the ball he simply crushes it!! The Post 87 Hitoms last summer was stacked top to bottom and Zach was the best hitter hands down. Come out this summer and watch him put on a show. You’ll be impressed!