Scores From the Twitterverse for Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Our Game Of The Week – Alexander Central vs Northwest Guilford Girls with Andy Durham and Dennis White on GreensboroSports Radio.

Update #11 – 9:20 PM

Varsity Girls Basketball
Northwest Guilford – 44 (FINAL)
Alexander Central – 30
** Northwest advances to Regionals to play Audrey Kell in Winston-Salem.

Eastern Alamance – 47 (FINAL)
Terry Sanford – 42
** Eastern Alamance advances to play in Fayetteville Friday

Rockingham County – 51 (FINAL)
Northern Nash – 42
** Rockingham County advances to play Eastern Alamance in Fayetteville

High Point Andrews – 64 (FINAL)
Bertie – 48
** Andrews advances to Regionals to play Kinston in Fayetteville

Hickory – 77 (FINAL)
Northern Guilford – 51

Varsity Boys Basketball
West Charlotte – 78 (FINAL)
Northwest Guilford – 62

Eastern Alamance – 58 (FINAL)
Fayetteville Westover – 45
** Eastern Alamance advances to play in Fayetteville Thursday

Page – 65 (FINAL)
North Mecklenburg – 49
** Page advances to the regionals to play Ardrey Kell in Winston-Salem Friday

Varsity Boys Baseball
High Point Christian – 7
Westchester – 1

Varsity Girls Softball
High Point Christian – 8
Central Davidson – 1

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  • Update said,

    NG 24
    Hickory 37

  • Update said,

    NG 41
    Hickory 53
    End of 3rd

  • Update said,

    NG 51
    Hickory 77

  • McM said,

    via maxpreps live updates:

    Rockingham 51
    Northern Nash 42

  • Rock said,

    Rockingham County girls win 51-42 over Northern Nash. Will play EA in the next round.

  • pirate alum said,

    Evening Mr Durham, SEEGARS need I say more explain to me why he’s not or wasn’t POY?!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe the vote came too soon…

    How many points, boards etc. for Jalen Seegars tonight???

    Sounds like Page finished very strong in the game tonight….

  • Vikes said,

    Northwest Guilford Lady Vikings passed the test!!

  • GCS said,

    Obviously VIKES!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Excellent defense by the Northwest Guilford girls in the second half…..They shut down the AC inside game…..

    Great adjustments by Coach Joyner and her Vikings….

  • pirate alum said,

    Not sure about his stats got in early foul trouble however showed up and showed out when it counted had 3 posterizing blocks and a couple monster jams, and again Mr Giles,Graves and J Gavin were in attendance.This guy has another gear like the Hulk hes like a shawn kemp type player. Did page lose to SA? What were his stats against their POY? Not that it matters just trying to figure out the voting system they went by page did win metro 4A right? not trashing SA POY HES A GREAT PLAYER BY FAR JUST THINK SEEGARS SHOULD HAVE EDGED HIM OUT MY OPINION EVERYONE DON’T TRASH ME LOL

  • Confused said,

    How do you @pirate alum keep posting things about POY and I haven’t seen it anywhere? Am I missing something? It’s not on this site or News & Record. Sounds like a certain man affiliated with Page that we know…

  • Andy Durham said,

    I was looking for either Jalen Seegars(Page) or Aaron Simpson(Smith) to win the Metro 4-A POY, but that was just my thoughts and others have more and I do not claim to know it all and really am not even close to that territory…

    Congrats to young man that won the award and Seegars continues to make a good name for himself in the post season….



  • SA said,

    Burnett player of the year! Hands down! Yall robbed us for many years with Shay!

  • Tim said,

    SA calls it robbery but in Guilford county we call it voting for POY

  • Wrong said,

    I thought the saying was “Hands up don’t shoot”


    We just keep it real! The truth hurts!

  • Tim said,

    Sounds like it hurts. We can tell

  • PatAttack said,

    Jalen Burnett’s stats will back it up if he did get it, check Maxpreps. Even Andy had him as a frontrunner a while back. I guess that the Coaches in the conference felt that he deserved it as well, the kid only drew double and triple teams night in and night out and still averaged over 20pts per game. POY hands down in my book. 5 out of the 6 coaches are from Guilford county, we know how our coach feels, evidently some of your coaches felt the same way about the POY!

  • pirate alum said,

    Pat attack no harm no foul but let’s be honest he couldn’t hold Seegars jock strap answer me this does he have practice tomorrow? Thanks answer this did they beat Page and last I checked Page plays man to man 90% of the time Andy can tell you this don’t bring that weak game in MORRIS GYM . Page lost to SA oops NOT.LIKE I SAID THE SA KID IS GOOD BUT UNLESS YOU RECOGNIZE SEEGARS TALENT BE VERY SHHHHHHH AGAIN JUST MY OPINION

  • PatAttack said,

    @pirate alum, JB holds no one’s jock strap but his own, never said the Seegars kid couldn’t play, but there is not one player, not one in the conference that can or did hold JB from getting to the basket when he wanted to and that’s why it was necessary for page and the rest of the metro to double up on him to try to stop him. Check the stats on maxprep and see who did what. I will say this though, yes page defeated us twice and no we don’t have practice tomorrow, but we do have the reigning and rightful so POY for the Metro 4A here at SA and his name is Jalen Burnett! #checkyostats

  • SA said,

    Jalen is the man! eom

  • pirate alum said,

    Pat attack, your a joke you said JB scored at will evidently wasn’t enough against the pirates guess why SA is home now, like an earlier post RECOUNT COACHES VOTED TO EARLY,jock strap comments were out of line I apologize, but SEEGARS OVERTON SIMPSON(SMITH) EVEN PURYEAR AT GRIMSLEY WERE EVERYONES FRONT RUNNER OH WELL YOU WIN SOME LOSE SOME I’m signing off on this subject

  • PatAttack said,

    @pirate alum, no buddy your the joke! You let the cat out of the bag and began mouthing off about POY, this award has yet to be announced. You keep eluding to the fact that SA is at home and that is very much true, but what you aren’t grasping is that the “P” in POY stands for player not team. You should know by now that post season play is a mute point and that the voting always has and will be done soon as regular season is done. So enjoy your teams regular season championship and remember this, “If you don’t win it all, who cares.” If JB does get the POY I will take comfort in knowing that it’s well deserved and that it’s pissing you off!”
    #checkyostatsagain #notyorecord #JBPOY #SAallday