Northwest Guilford girls continue to prove this is not a Dream, this is for Real:Vikings now (28-0) after win over Ardrey Kell

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The Northwest Guilford girls/women’s basketball team is proving this season is not a dream, this is for REAL, and after tonight’s 56-53 victory over Ardrey Kell from Charlotte, who’s to argue with these kids…

This is for Real and for them and those that have been following this team over the past couple of years, this has been Real Fun…

The kids are having a good time and they are currently on a good ride, but on Thursday night with Ardrey Kell standing in the way of their West Regional Title, the Northwest Guilford Vikings had to dig down deep and fight to pull this game out….The Vikings had to grind it out and bring it back home to Northwest School Road…

Game tied at 46-46 at the end of the 3rd quarter and then the game is all tied up at 53-53 with 12.6 seconds to go in the game….Hayley Barber hits both ends of her one-and-one free throw opportunity to give NWG a lead of 55-53 and then Ardrey Kell brings the ball up too quickly and looses control and they foul Barber and she hits the first of a double-bonus free throw trip and now it is NWG 56, Ardrey Kell 53 and the Knights have one more chance on this night and their long three-point attempt comes up way off the mark and mark my word, Northwest Guilford has done it again….

NWG was down by eight, 40-32 at the half and the Vikings put it together and out-score AK 14-6 in the third quarter and it wasn’t like Kell did not give Northwest plenty of chances to get back in this one, but as NWG got closer, the tide began to turn…Northwest played the whole half court on defense and for some reason Ardrey Kell even missed a few close-range shots that normally would have went in…

But when you are on a roll and good things have been coming your way, you start to get a few breaks and those breaks belonged to Northwest because they dodged a ton of bullets and those stray basketballs seemed to be coming their way when they needed the key possessions late in the game and it was a joy to watch/observe…

Hayley Barber hit her clutch free throws with the game hanging in the balance, Savannah Neas nailed not one, but two huge three-point shots…Coach Darlene Joyner had players racing in and out of her lineup so fast that at times, you thought you were watching a replay of the Daytona 550…

Morgan Pointer got hers, Hunter Newman found her shot when it had to be there, Toni Tucker throwing it down early in the game, Catherine Moore turned loose and busted a big three, Leah Wallace came in and gave the girls a boost on offense and defense, Bria Gibbs continues her run on Rookie of the Year honors and that kid is just starting to scratch the surface, Lindsay Gauldin was in there again for some important minutes and she knows she has to get it done in a hurry, because those are precious minutes….

Coach Joyner had that lineup cracking and cranking on this night…..

As for Ardrey Kell, the win by NWG over the Knights gave the Northwest program a big-time quality win, but why stop now…NWG just took down the Muhammad sisters, Jordan, Chase and Journey and Kell had other players such as Quiera Gilmore and Kathleen Rogers, but to NWG’s defensive credit, they held Gilmore and Rogers scoreless, after the two hit for a combined 19 first half points…Nineteen for the two with 13 Gilmore and 6 Rogers(on two right-side threes) and then nada for the two in half number two…

NWG plays some great defense night-in, night-out, but the basketball gods were shining down on the Vikings tonight and you have to say Amen to that…..NWG needed a break they got it, NWG needed a shot they got it, NWG needed for to Ardrey Kell to miss a point-blank shot and the Knights missed it….Loose balls, NWG went and got those 50-50 balls and it made a difference…

The basketball gods and the good Lord up above liked what they saw from Northwest Guilford this day and the work turned in by this group of young ladies is starting to pay dividends…

Hard work and the team concept is keeping this team of Vikings rolling and they can’t wait to try and do it again on Saturday afternoon in the Regional Finals and who can blame them???

This group is having fun and there is no need to let the good times stop now, why not go out and get another big win for the 2014/2015 season….This has been one to remember and let’s hope the memories are not done yet….

The Northwest Guilford girls can’t wait for Saturday and who can blame them, this is not a dream, this is REAL and it has been real FUN to see this team go for it all this season….(28-0) and still on the go….

from Thursday night courtesy of JP Mundy at the News and Record…

Charlotte Ardrey Kell  13 27  6  7 – 53
Northwest Guilford     15 17 14 10 – 56

Charlotte Ardrey Kell (25-3) — Chase Muhammad 16, Quiera Gilmore 13, Darah Dewalt 7, Jordan Muhammad 6, Kathleen Rogers 6, Danielle Griffin 3, Sophie Salaam 2.

Northwest Guilford (28-0) — Hayley Barber 18, Bria Gibbs 8, Toni Tucker 7, Savannah Neas 6, Morgan Pointer 6, Hunter Newman 4, Leah Wallace 4, Catherine Moore 3.

To read JP Mundy’s full article on the game from the News and Record CLICK HERE….

  • Guilford county baaketball said,

    Great game by northwest. And it wasn’t even their best game. But they have so many weapons that it can be anybody’s night. They are really balanced. Huge contributions from freshman Bria Gibbs. Shot free throws with confidence. Rebounded. She picked up a bit of slack since Morgan pointer had a tough game. Who I walked away the most impressed with though was Hayley Barber. She’s a big time college prospect.ARemember her name. If she isn’t a senior she could possibly go to an ACC or SEC school. Made huge plays all night. Got into the paint and had a very soft touch on her runners. Ardrey Kell had a lot of
    Length and she shot tough tear drops over the shot blockers. Great skill level but she has an extra gear. Amazing energy level and it’s contagious. That team is dangerous and so well rounded. But they are playing the number 7 team in the country. Go out there and watch

  • N-Dub said,

    Way to go Vikings! Stay focused and bring that Championship back to Guilford County!!!!

  • PHOENIX said,

    AAU is right around the corner. If any of those players from NWG want legitimate looks, you have our number!

  • AKfan said,

    Congratulations NWG! Great article which sums up the game. “it just wasn’t AK’s night. Shooting 4-31 in the second half (many of them layups, put backs, & bunnies) and losing by 3 means it’s just not meant to be. NWG played hard and fought hard all game. They are a great bunch of ladies who play well together…and the majority of your team comes back next year. Good luck!

  • Panther Blue said,

    We still want to know why they did not want to play us? Now I see why! No way they beat us in Metro Conference.

  • Barber college commit, and mr panther, really?? said,

    Hilarious comment by the Dudley fan, NW beat common opponents worse than Dudley did (NW beat GDS, SWG, So Alamance, and Page all by more) and we beat SE 14, who you lost to! Not to mention Dudley gets in the easy east bracket and cant win in round two, AND the team that beat them already lost!!! NW is beating Charlotte teams, Charlotte teams!! We understand it kills you to see such a dominant team oputside the Metro but get used to at least for one more year, the top players are all juniors on the NW side of G’boro. Also a note to the writer, Hayley Barber has given a verbal to Campbell.

  • John said,

    Very proud of what this Northwest Guilford team is doing.Great group of kids.

  • ROCK FAN said,

    Way to go NW girls ..keep it going and show everyone you can bring it home. A lot these players play for The Greensboro Lady Gaters. Very proud of your hard work on and off the court.

  • 2016 said,

    These ladies have been great this year, it’s been a pure pleasure to watch them. Of the ones who play AAU, they all play for the Gaters. 2 of them have committed to D1 schools. Give credit where credit is due. They didn’t get this far without working for it, without earning it. This is a hardworking, talented group. And, most of them will be back next year! Keep it going Vikings!!

  • NWG Fan said,

    These NW Ladies have worked really hard. We are so proud of them. They cant help their competition and they have someone that will step up every game. Go Lady Vikings keep playing your game!

  • Just Sayin' said,

    NW Detractors’ Dialogue All Season:

    “Wait until NW has to play Northern again at Northern…”

    “Wait until NW has to play at SE…”

    “Wait until NW plays GDS in the Haeco…”

    “Wait until NW plays Northern in the Haeco…”

    “Wait until NW plays the Aussie team that beat Dudley…”

    “Wait until NW plays Southwest and its quick guards…”

    “Wait until NW plays Alexander Central in the 3rd round of the playoffs…”

    “Wait until NW plays Ardrey Kell and the Muhammed girls…”

    NW detractors, you all have been waiting a LONG time. Hope you haven’t been holding your breath. Just sayin’…

  • Gater said,

    Phoenix- thanks for the offer but happy with the Gaters!! NOT going anywhere. Not a knock on your organization, but why would we? Gaters is a great organization with knowledgeable and committed coaches and skilled players. Couple girls already verbaled to DI schools with more commitments in the years to come. Thanks but no thanks.
    Oh Yeah,

  • slow your roll said,

    Don’t put the Charlotte teams too high on the scale of “great”. There are and only has been 3-4 teams in Charlotte year in and year out worth anything: Myers Park, Ardrey Kell (newer school), Providence Day, Charlotte Christian at times, and Weddington (recently). The Charlotte teams are no better than the Guilford teams over the past couple of years such as: NW, Dudley, SW (just in the recent past), SE, GDS, Northern and Page (just in the recent past). This Myers Park team is special. It is the best team in NC but all NW has to do is be the best team in Winston for 2.5 hours on Saturday. I am not a fan of NW but I am a resident of Greensboro so Good luck to NW !