Game Report on Page-Ardrey Kell NCHSAA Men’s Regional Basketball

Posted by Andy Durham on March 6, 2015 at 9:05 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Charlotte Ardrey Kell 65
Greensboro Page 55

Ardrey Kell(27-1)/Page(21-6)…It does seem like everything is going through Charlotte these days, with Ardrey Kell set to face the West Charlotte-Charlotte Myers Park winner in the West Regional Final on Saturday….West Charlotte was the big Winner and they will face Ardrey Kell on Saturday at 4pm in Winston-Salem for the West Regional Title for the men….NWG-Myers Park(Charlotte) for the women’s title in the 4-A West….

Page was down by 10 points today with 2:26 left to play in the game and the Pirates went on a 5-0 run to cut the lead to just 5 points and made up those points in just six seconds and Page was in the game, Page outscored Ardrey Kell 9-0 in just 36 total seconds and the lead was cut to 56-52 with two minutes left, but then Ardrey Kell went on a run of their own, to put the game away the Knights were led in the second half by Steven Santa Ana, plus Rhyle Scott really stepped up for AK and his shots on the right side of the basket, were deadly late in this game…..

Jalen Seegars and Xavier Hill-Mais gave Page all they could, but the Pirates needed more from the rest of the crew, as Seegars and Hill-Mais couldn’t carry the load alone, but they tried…

Very good effort by Page, but the Ardrey Kell Knights made their free throws and this team saw the Page Pirates make their patented Pirate runs, but AK took the Page runs and came up with their own runs and AK would not fold their tents, this team from Charlotte would not give in, or give up…

Page battled and they only found themselves down by five, 28-23 at the half and by the end of the third period, the Pirates were down by just two points at 39-37….Page would get down by as many as 12 points, but they kept on making those runs and the runs came due to very good pressure defense by the Page Pirates…

Page would not back down and they stayed with AK, until AK was able to put this game away….Page represented Greensboro well, but the well from Ardrey Kell was running a bit too deep for Page to overcome on this day at the Lawrence Joel Coliseum, in Winston-Salem…

Page has to develop a deeper bench for 2015-16 and they will return Jalen Seegars, Diondre Overton, Will Jones, David Funderburg, Tyeren Melton and others for next season…Seegars and Overton have been there and Funderburg is really starting to come around….Will Jones was a bit quiet on Friday afternoon in Winston, but he is capable of hitting the three, when he gets his shot is rolling…Tyeren Melton has shown much promise during this past season and could continue to improve his scoring and he will need to, as next year rolls around….

Page can roll next season and if it were to happen that they get Ty Graves back, that would really get the fires to burning….You would have Seegars, Overton, Jones, Melton, Funderburg and Graves in a very solid six-man starting rotation….

We shall see and it is too early to be making too much out of next season…..Page gave a very good account of themselves during the 2014-15 campaign and they can get better next year and go even deeper if they get all of their details worked out…

It worked out very well/good with Matt Harder as the head coach of the Pirates and I would like to see him, assistant coach John Harder and assistant coach Justin Scarborough back together again for one more roundup next year…

Some say Overton might not be back out for basketball next season due to his future in college football at the high DI level and he has heard from many top DI programs in the ACC, the SEC and other major conferences…

Here’s hoping Diondre decides to play basketball again next season and it will be a very good way for him to stay in shape for football….

Page has many positives and this is a real good group of young men and some very talented and dedicated athletes….

I told myself I was not going to write a lot about the close of this season for the Page men’s basketball team, but this is such an interesting and fun group of kids to watch play basketball, you have go all out when you talk about them….

Xavier Hill-Mais was very focused this season and we wish him the very best at Oakland, Michigan next season….He is a true power player and the kid can get bigger and stronger and as he does, the sky is limited for the young man they call the “X-Man”….

You got think that Jalen Seegars will hit that AAU circuit hard and he might just become one of the Top Five or Top Ten most recruited high school players in the state going into next season….

Will Jones will also be looking at many upcoming football options and as for David Funderburg, he ought to have a very busy AAU season coming up for this Spring and Summer too…

Tyeren Melton must continue to work on his outside shot and his ball handling will be needed in much bigger way next year/season….Melton can help Page in many ways and the kid is just really starting to scratch the surface as a key guard for Page….

A look back and a look ahead for your Page Pirates and here is what we came in for tonight, the scoring from today’s Page-Ardrey Kell game, courtesy of our associate Dennis White…

Page scoring:
Jalen Seegars 28 points…Xavier Hill-Mais 17 points…Diondre Overton 5 points…Will Jones 3 points…David Funderburg 2 points…

Ardrey Kell scoring:
Steven Santa Ana 25 points…Rhyle Scott 16 points…Josh Freund 8 points…Collin Cooper 6 points…Michael Crosby 6 points…Seth Davis 2 points…Wes Morgan 2 points….

Page got 10 points outside their top 2 scorers(Seegars and Hill-Mais) and Ardrey Kell got 24 points outside their top two scorers(Santa Ana and Scott)…..Page top-two with 45 points and AK with top-two at 41 points…

Just some game breakdown news for you and for AK, they got very good support from Freund, Cooper and Crosby, in support of Santa Ana/Scott and Seth Davis played a long and hard game even though he only had two points to show for his efforts…..

The player I look for to show the most off-season improvement for the Page Pirates will be David Funderburg…How far he comes between now and next season, will go a long way in determining how far the Page Pirates go next season….Time for Funderburg to step up and take his game to the next level with off-season workouts and many visits to the weight room…Time for Funderburg to show us something and we need to see him “just bring it” during his individual workouts and in his AAU travel basketball games….

Again, have probably written way too much today, but you know how it is when try to start winding down after a big game….

  • pirate alum said,

    Andy,great game Great season PIRATES! Better than many thought including myself not trying to be on Seegars bandwagon but WOW that young man can flat out BALL, D1 coaches should’ve been camping out in this young man’s yard when he returned from Winston, thanks Andy for keeping us informed about Page this season

  • Andy Durham said,

    Those college recruiters should have grabbed Seegars before he left Winston-Salem today…

    If you get a chance go by the News and Record site at and hit the sports section and check out the photos from today’s/Friday’s game from Jerry Wolford…He has some great shots of Jalen Seegars and the other Page Pirates….

    CLICK HERE for the direct link to the News and Record Page Pirate photos and click on all to see Seegars and all of the Pirates including the student section…

  • PatAttack said,

    @pirate alum, remember our previous conversation????

  • pirate alum said,

    Pat attack ,which conversation was that because if you read Andy’s write up my point is well proven 28pts in a semifinal game still a Jr so what convo was that or are you ignorant to the game of basketball or maybe you’re the one holding the jock strap stop commenting until you learn the game from a non bias perspective SEEGARS IS THE BEST!!READ THE ARTICLE STOP GOING TO COMMENTS TO SEE PIRATES ALUM ,ANDY GIVE THIS GUY A HUG OR TELL HIM STAY OFF RAWHUT ST IN ALAMANCE CTY

  • Andy Durham said,

    Langston Wertz Jr. from the Charlotte Observer had Jalen Seegars with 30 points and if we can get him 2 more points, why not, let’s do it…

    With our box score that Dennis was keeping, his work shows Page coming out to the team’s correct/exact 55 points, so we will keep it on the Dennis White report too….

    Dennis is on his game…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s don’t start calling each other idiots before Midnight on a Friday night…

    We still have a long weekend ahead of us….

    Got to all get along and move along too…

  • PatAttack said,

    Whoa @pirate alum, Hit a nerve didn’t I ! Seegars is a great kid and an excellent ball player, no doubt. I’m not ignorant period, very well schooled in the game of basketball, the use of stats, proper punctuation and sentence structure, unlike you. You my friend like to dish it out but you can’t take it. You do remember saying repeatedly that JB and the SA Patriots “don’t have practice tomorrow” don’t you? I could rub that in but I won’t. You @pirate alum used that statement repeatedly in your extremely premature comments on the Metro POY. Well, you can’t use that statement anymore you will have to rely on stats just like I do and any other unbiased sports fan.Now I think you may need that “hug” from Andy more than I do.
    #checkyostatsplease #itsRauhut #SAallday

  • pirate alum said,

    Didn’t know this was grammar class and thanks for the rauhut correction knew you would know,SA all day great have a pleasant evening I’ll respect AD and keep my ignorant comments to myself have a blessed day and GROWN MEN don’t need hugs now sensitive men not so sure # betterrecordthanu #playoffsnotpractice

  • PatAttack said,

    @pirate alum, Grammar and correct spelling is always important my friend. I feel like you have benefited from our exchanges and will grow from this experience. I congratulate Page boys on a fantastic season and on the hard work that each and everyone of them put in to it. We look forward to seeing you on the court and Greensboro sports .com next
    #PatAttacks4ever #stats=truth