Page vs.Grimsley football game to be played at Page High School in 2015

Posted by Andy Durham on March 12, 2015 at 10:54 am under High School | 11 Comments to Read

The annual Page vs. Grimsley football game will be played at Page for the first time in the history of this 62-year series beginning in 2015…The game has been played 62 previous times and all of the games in the past were played at Grimsley and now for the first time ever, the game will be played on the Page Pirates’ home field, inside Marion Kirby Stadium…

The date is set for October 16, 2015 and the crowd will test the smaller stadium(Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium capacity listed at near 7,500), but in recent years, Page has hosted very large crowds in the playoffs, with Matthews Butler and Charlotte’s Mallard Creek coming to Greensboro’s Page High School and Page did a very good job of accommodating those large playoff audiences/crowds…

Always lots of fun in the rivalry and even though Page usually wins the game, it serves as one of the better matchups in the history of the state, when it comes to pure cross-town rivalry action…

Read more on this move when you CLICK HERE….(from Joe Sirera at the News and Record)

  • Gfan said,

    This is the dumbest thing ever. This is a revenue game for both team why have the game in a cracker box?

  • Page Alum said,

    Bout time the game came to Page stadium.

  • just sayin said,

    Glad to see Page not give up a home game to Grimsley every other year. Not that it matters Grimsley will just have to drive a couple miles now for their annual butt whipping!

  • hahaha said,

    Page is just moving the game to their other home stadium…..they’ve owned Jamison for along time. Its real nice of them to let Grimsley play their home games there.

  • CJones said,

    Parking at Golden Gate shopping center?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Additional parking in the bus parking lot and possible parking in old Ham’s lot across the street and they can also use parking lot across the street where that shopping center used to be…Lots of spaces over there across Cone Blvd….

  • Accurate said,

    They have played for 54 years beginning in 1960.
    They have played 55 times since one year they met in the playoffs.

  • triadwatch said,

    it is not like page has a 10 game losing streak at jamieson stadium. This is a huge revenue driver game and you just took out and I am being conservative on the numbers probably close to 2,000 spectators at $5 a person $10,000 plus concessions. Have you seen the visitors side of page stadium. Please tell me where the band, students, parents and alumni will sit. Will they deny spectators to sit on home side because the visitors side is WAAAYYY TOOOOOOOO SMMMMAAAALLLLL

  • maybe? said,

    Maybe it will be like a normal football game where the whole stadium is the home side….find a seat and cheer for your team.

  • Southside said,

    Who cares?????

  • Andy Durham said,

    The Page fans sure do care. They are glad to have the game at their place…It means a lot to them, that is for sure…Now the game really is their HOME game, because it will be played on their HOME field…

    Good job by AD Rusty Lee and Coach Kevin Gillespie for getting this done…This is a piece of history here when you look at the fact that the game had been played at Grimsley for all those years….