News and Record has named their All-Area Girls Basketball Team with Hayley Barber(NWG) as Player of the Year

Posted by Andy Durham on March 17, 2015 at 10:58 am under High School | 13 Comments to Read

The All-Area High School Girls Basketball team is in from the News and Record with many of the names you have been watching and following all season long and junior Hayley Barber, from Northwest Guilford High School, has been named the All-Area Player of the Year….Outstanding young player on the high school level and you can see all of the names that made the teams, First, Second, Third and honorable mention when you CLICK HERE…..

Sydney Wilson, Kiara Harrison, Tamera Thorpe, Bailey Kargo, Lashonda Monk, Morgan Pointer, Essence Abraham, Elissa Cunane, Hailey Riffe, Peyton Kadlecek, they are all here and be sure to look over the list of our All-Area players from the News and Record….

  • Debate said,

    Who is better than Jazlyn Taylor from Andrews? I have to see this.


    I wouldn’t consider anything Greensboro news and record does . They have NO clue about sports. Its a popularity contest to them. Those 2 young ladies from Andrews Destiny and Jazlyn are probably the best 2 guards in Guilford county and 1 is on the 3rd team and the other well I stopped reading after I saw Taylor 3 rd team. What a joke Greensboro news and record. Keep your list to yourself.Andy put your list out you know more than the people who actuaaly think they know sports. SMDH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think the guys at the News and Record are doing a good job…Joe Sirera and JP Mundy have really worked hard to raise the level of their high school sports coverage at the N&R and their work is evident…

    The problem we all have is we don’t see High Point Andrews, in particular enough….I am guilty of this too….With them being a stand-alone 2-A team and not a part of any of our local/area conferences that the majority of our Guilford County teams are involved in, we just don’t get out and see High Point Andrews enough and for the most part, the same can be said for High Point Central…

    It seems like we do a much better job covering HP Central and HP Andrews in football than we do in basketball…

    Coach John Shearin has done an outstanding with his young ladies at HP Andrews and frankly, I am bit surprised that he is still there…

    I would have thought a larger school would have snapped him up by now….

    Back when Coach Kenny Carter was at HP Central, they were more on the map than they are now….Same can be said for HP Central boys basketball and I feel the same thing about to hit HP Central baseball…

    Coach Morgan keep that train running for baseball at HP Central and I hope that new coach Andy Harper can find a way to get that train back on the tracks and keep it on the tracks…Sustainability is hard/tough…

    My other thoughts on this subject tell me we need to bring Michael Lindsay into this conversation/equation and just throw a HUGE shoutout to him for the job he does with the high schools(High Point area) at the High Point Enterprise…(Lindsay is a Twitter machine.)

    Michael writes the articles and he is out their taking pictures too and we better appreciate him while he is around, because he is the sort of young writer that should be on the rise…

    We are lucky to have people in our area like Joe Sirera, JP Mundy and Michael Lindsay….Also the same can be said for the men that take the photos for the N&R, like Scott Hoffman, Joe Rodriguez and Jerry Wolford….

    I hope all of these writers and photographers will stay in the same spot for an extended period of time…It makes it tough when you have a new group/team of coverage folks coming new to the scene in short order…

    I say keep all of these men around for a while to come and I hope all of us will do a better job of covering High Point Andrews and other High Point teams in the future…

    One kid that I won’t forget will be that Imani Watkins…A very good one right there and with Timberlake, Campbell and others, HPA does deserve a better shake, but we have to see these kids more often to get them ingrained in our brains….Got to see them all more, in person….

    For my money, at least what is left of it, these high school athletes and players are the grass roots and they are the people that we will see leading us in the years to come, so we better take better care of them along the way….

    This is a good open forum and I have seen most all of the kids on the list at some point this season and if I had the chance to play all of them in a one-on-one game, I would like to do it, just to get to know them a little better…

    I think that is how you really get to know somebody and appreciate someone, is to put the ball in the air….

    Excellent group of kids and I may have time to come up with a list later on, but we are really trying to transition into the baseball season now in a good way and we also might decided to take a peek at the Middle School All-Star Game tonight at Smith….

    I can’t really fault the All-Area team, I just really think we need to see more of High Point Andrews during the season and we will have to make a concerted effort to do that in the future….

    Congrats to all the kids and there is a new crop waiting in the wings, ready to take the court….

  • Debate said,

    Andy that is not a good enough excuse you are making for them. They are suppose to cover our area. They need to get college volunteer that needs experience to help. Kids at schools that are not based in the city of greensboro should not get slighted on votes or picks because of where they live. Schools that do not play in the Haeco get slighted. The N@R has always loved NW, Northern, Grimsley, Page, and Greensboro Day. How does Barber win area player of the year if she was not even the conference player of the year? So the coaches in NW conference chose another kid but the news and record ignored that? Politics Everyone in guilford county buys the N@R newspaper.

  • The list said,

    I am sure Andrews has great players but the 2 comments supposing Andrews were probably on the other side of the same argument. How much did they actually see the Greensboro players play? How can you argue against the players that made the 1st thru 3rd team? These players were on winning teams that beat many other good teams. NW obviously had the deepest team but many of the other teams had some really great players. The reality is that Andrews plays in a 2A league which means most of their games are against lesser teams than what the majority of the Greensboro teams are playing which are 4A teams. You can say that the list could be in a different order but you can’t argue that the players on the list don’t belong.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I don’t see how anybody other than Hayley Barber could have got/won Conference Player of the Year for the girls in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference…That would shock me…

    Barber, Monk, Pointer, Tucker either Rawlinson(Ragsdale) or a Glenn player on First Team and I can’t see anybody but Barber as the conference POY…Maybe Monk got it and I have been one of the biggest Monk supporters over the past two years and I will continue to support her…

    Barber and Monk could start in my backcourt any day of the week….And you give Tucker on the wing and Pointer and another player and we can go, but we would not beat Myers Park…

    I hate to sound defeated going in, but with Mazcyk, Rogers, Scott and rest, I think we might have a better shot as a Guilford County team next year vs. Myers Park, at least I hope so…

    But, I would have thought Barber would have won that Conference POY…..I did not see Glenn play this season and I know they have a good team….

    Good topic and a tough one too….

    We might all need to look into becoming politicians or Sports Psychologists after we are finished breaking this topic down….

    What is Lindsay saying over at the HP Enterprise???

    I need to hit the trails….

  • reality said,

    You said the News & Record favors schools such as NW, Northern, Page, GDS and Grimsley. What world are you living in? Grimsley may not be where it was 5 or 10 years ago but Northern has been at the top its conference since start up and a continuous top 10 3A school, NW has been building and was in the top 10 for 4A all year, GDS has been one of the strongest teams in the state public or private during the past 4 years, and Page is down a little but they have been a top 10 in 4A for the past 5 years. During this same time, SE has had some really good teams and Dudley has had a top 10 type team forever. You should not try to take down other schools while trying to build up your school. By the way, the same argument would be true with the boys.

  • Debate said,

    The List(Northwest Parent)

    There is only one way to settle it. Tell your coach to put andrews on the schedule. High school coaches need to stop running from andrews. If the coaches will not schedule andrews then what are the andrews kids suppose to do? So List you are saying because Bishop was 1A they didnt have players better than the 4A schools because of schedule? Since Northwest is a nationally ranked team they should have no issue playing Hickory or WS prep or Audrey Kell or Myers Park in the regular season.

  • enough said,

    Why are you focusing on NW? I don’t think Andrews would have beat Northern, Dudley, GDS, SE, Wesleyan, or NW this year or last year. I am not a fan of NW but Andrews does not want any part of a team like NW next year. Bishop has an outstanding coach and they have a great feeder program which will help them stay near the top of good area teams. Just like WS Prep (1A) continues to have great teams because they have a great program. Just because you are 1A-4A or private or public does not mean that you have a better team or conference but the reality is that the more you have to select from, then the better your team will likely be. There are few 2A teams that will beat many 4A teams and that is just the reality. Andrews can beat 4A teams but I don’t think they would have beaten the better teams in Greensboro. If your coach wants to play the best 4A teams in Greensboro, then I am sure will happen. NW does not play Dudley but most of the other teams play each other each year.

  • Debate said,

    Enough(The List)

    You are a fan of NW. Thank you for helping to prove my point. You just made no sense because you never saw andrews play just like the N@R. You just said GDS and Wesleyan could beat andrews. This conversation is over.

  • TRUTH BE TOLD ?? said,


  • ANDREWS GUARDS!! said,

    Andy your telling everyone that Monk AND Barber are the best 2 guards in Guilford County. Taylor scored 21 on Monk and Monk had 12 points. HMMMMMM. And the time SWG BEAT ANDREWS TAYLOR DIDNT PLAY . GO FIGURE.In the win for Andrews at the Christmas Tournament. Andy I guess you HAVENT SEEN TAYLOR OR JACKSON I HAVE SEEN BARBAER AND MONK . NO COMPARISON. THE FACT IS NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY LITTLE OLD ANDREWS GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM. PICK UP THE PHONE NORTHERN , NWG . ITS A SHORT DRIVE AND A GOOD GATE .

  • Andy Durham said,

    Folks time to put a cap on this one before the well runs dry and as we close, I do think HP Andrews would have beaten GDS and WES, this year and I feel real confident about that, and no disrespect toward GDS or WES, but Andrews had a better overall team in my opinion….Didn’t see much Andrews action this year but did see who they played and followed their team and players and did see GDS and WES play on more than one occasion….

    Time again to put a lid on this one for today and thanks for contributing….

    *****Plus on the guards, if was coaching them, they would not be the best in the county, they would be the “best in the state”….Give me some credit here and if I had Taylor and Jackson, then I would make them the best in the state….But this all takes time…We might have work/practice two times a day and three times on Sunday….******