News and Record names All-Area High School Men’s Basketball Team:Harry Giles(Wesleyan) is Player of the Year

Posted by Andy Durham on March 18, 2015 at 1:49 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

You know most of the key names with Harry Giles III(WES), Peter Agba and Darius Moore(Greensboro Day School), Jalen Seegars(Page HS), Aaron Simpson(Ben L. Smith HS) and Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)….Giles is the News and Record’s player of the year and the other young men round out the top five on the First Team All-Area, from the N&R….

CLICK HERE to see all and it looks like we are looking at three teams total and then a good group on the honorable mention list….

  • Debate said,

    Andy this proves my point. Why is a girl from andrews listed as an all area boy? Jordan Quick is not a boy.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I do not have a comeback for that one……Don’t know what to say there…

  • different day said,

    Please don’t get “debate” going again today concerning anything with Andrews. Yesterday it was all of the Greensboro kids getting all of the attention and nobody paid attention to the High Point kids. Guess what – the High Point playing kids did quite well today with the boys (2 from Wesleyan and 3 from SW on the 3 teams). The list is what it is.

  • High Point Trustee said,


    That may be true but the list can also be very skewed as well.

  • JUST CURIOUS said,

    I don’t understand and maybe someone can help me understand as to the reason why: A kid that leads his team in scoring and probably in assist only get’s honorable mention. Go figure

  • just the way it is said,

    Why does a kid avg 12 ppg go to the ACC but another kid avg 25 ppg go to a D2? You will drive yourself crazy trying to figure these things out. It would be nice if the newspaper or whoever these teams come from were required to see at least 2 games at all high schools but we know they will always chase the stories and headline type of teams first. Every year there will be kids overlooked just because they are playing in a basketball program under the radar. It would help if the high school coaches did more to promote their players not only locally but to college coaches.

  • Some of you all dont get it said,

    Maybe the kid whose averaging 12ppg is playing better competition then the kid averaging 25? Maybe his team blows out teams and only plays half the game because his team is up 25 every game. Maybe potential at the next level could be why a 12ppg player gets recruited over a 25 ppg player

  • Tired of Greensboro's Bias said,

    Funny how the All Metro 4A PLAYER OF THE YEAR didn’t make this list. Though I guess objectivity is difficult with your head in the sand.