How close can you get?? N.C. State 66-65/North Carolina 67-65 WINNERS!!

Posted by Andy Durham on March 19, 2015 at 11:42 pm under College | 2 Comments to Read

Talk about some close basketball games and that is what you had on Thursday night with these two:

North Carolina 67, Harvard 65
N.C. State 66, LSU 65….

Boys those were tight ones and North Carolina had to hang on to win and N.C. State battled back from 12 points down late in the game to pull it out….

Heard one sports guy say today that he would like to see the “all Wildcats” Final Four, with the Kentucky Wildcats, Villanova Wildcats, Arizona Wildcats and the Davidson Wildcats…

Who knows???

  • Andy Durham said,

    I keep reading and seeing these things, but I thought this was Trevor Lacey’s first active season with the N.C. State Wolfpack and that being a junior, he had one year for State, but again, I thought this was his first active season, but I read this about his two years playing with N.C. State and I just said, WHAT???

    A tip-in by Anya pulled the Wolfpack to 65-64 with 46 seconds left. Mickey badly missed two free throws to give N.C. State one more shot.

    The ball went to Lacey — a former Alabama transfer who has thrived in two seasons with the Wolfpack — but he couldn’t get a shot off before finding Anya. His second basket of the game propelled N.C. State into the next round and gave the tournament its fifth one-point game of the day.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got to say it one more time, “The closeness of those two scores from the North Carolina and N.C. State games is closely UNREAL……

    66-65 and 67-65….That is just crazy those scores are sooooo close….