Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball Tonight Finals:Just left what could be the early candidate for “Game of the Year”

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“Game of the Day” Baseball Final:Northwest Guilford 2, Ragsdale 1(9 Innings)….See much more on this one below…
Final Baseball:Northeast Guilford 6, Northern Guilford 5 (9 Innings)…NEG(3-3)/NG(2-4)
Final Baseball:Glenn 7, Southwest Guilford 5…SWG(2-2)
Final Baseball:Richmond County 4, Southeast Guilford 3…SEG(4-3)
Final Baseball:Dudley 9, Mt. Airy 5
Softball:Northern Guilford 19, Northeast Guilford 0/Northern 5-0(5-0), Northeast 2-3(2-3)…
Baseball:Eastern Guilford at Western Alamance POSTPONED…
Baseball Final:High Point Christian Academy 10, Trinity 4…HPCA(7-0-1)
Baseball Final:WS Reagan 1, Forbush 0
Baseball Final from Northwest Guilford High School in what has to be the early candidate for “Game of the Year”:
Northwest Guilford 2
Ragsdale 1
(9 Innings)
WP:Hunter Malone
LP:Kip Brandenburg
Game-winning run scored by Hunter Malone and the Game-winning run came off of the bat of Max Beck….NWG wins it in the bottom of the 9th and was leading 1-0 through 6 innings only to see the hard-charging Ragsdale Tigers come back to tie the game at 1-1 in the top of the seventh inning….Looked to be Conner Burrow and Michael Garvey working early on the mound for the Tigers and Vikings and Garvey scored the early run for the Vikings that gave them the 1-0 lead in the bottom of the third inning and Garvey scored from third base on a wild pitch and after a scoreless game through the first two and a-half innings, we saw NWG grab that lead and make it stand up, as a one-run game until the top of the 7th, when the Tigers got on the board to tie it at 1-all….

Has to be the early candidate for “Game of the Year” and they don’t make them any better than this ball game today at Northwest Guilford, with the Vikings and Ragsdale Tigers going at it, right down to the wire and speaking of wire, NWG has a new fence down the lines and it gives the Sandy Gann Field, a good feel…

Looking for more details on this one and if it ended in the regulation 7 innings, this game would have gone about an hour and twenty minutes, there was that much up-and-down defense going down from both sides….

A very good softball game here:Ledford 13, Wheatmore 12

High Point Christian Academy 10, Trinity 4….(Baseball)
Zack Britton gets Win for HPCA
Bailey Edwards 3 hit game
Luke Gesell 2 triples
Dylan Wilkinson 3-3 with 3 run HR
Curtis Dillon 2 hit game

In that SEG-Richmond County baseball game, the SEG Falcons led 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th Inning and had two outs on Richmond County, but SEG committed and error and the Richmond County Raiders took advantage and scored two runs to win the game…Starter Tommy Michaels threw 107 pitches and 82 of those went for strikes, but the unearned runs bit the Falcons on the backside today…Strong effort by Michaels, but SEG must re-group and cut down on the errors as they head into next week….

+++++If I am not mistaken, Richmond County comes to Northwest Guilford next Saturday, March 28….+++++

We need to update our Top Ten Poll and try to continue this trend all season long…Daily updates if possible….
Baseball Top Ten for the Guilford County Public Schools:
1)Northwest Guilford(3-1)
3)Eastern Guilford(4-1)
5)Southeast Guilford(4-3)
6)Southwest Guilford(3-2)
7)Southern Guilford(2-2)
9)Northeast Guilford(3-3)
10)Northern Guilford(2-4)
*****Remember it is still early….*****

  • cowboys said,

    Glenn 7 SW Guilford 5

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks for the SWG-Glenn score….Found it at MaxPreps also and it is good to get some backup…


  • Buffalo fan said,

    Whopitched the SW guilford game for both teams?

  • One Man Show said,

    NW is a one man show ( Aker)! Unfortunately he can’t pitch every game and believe me, he is all they have!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Shoemaker, Aker, Malone, Underwood, Garvey, Beck, Homol, believe me, from what I saw today Northwest has plenty of talent and so does Ragsdale….Trejo, Brandenburgs, Burrow, Cobb, Perez, Ragsdale can get it done…

  • Triadsports said,

    Andy please research before you start mentioning names…don’t just recite names form a roster!

  • Andy Durham said,

    These were names that the PA announcer was calling out at the game today…I haven’t seen a roster….Not sure if Homol was in today’s game, but he was part of the win earlier in the week….

    These were the names and most of these guys were key parts in today’s game…

    If you look at the Game Report, you will see these names were the ones that helped get the win today and those names came from the home scorebook…

    Haven’t seen all of the games this year, but I was there and saw the NWG-Ragsdale game in person today….

    Very good game today and lots of good kids out there getting the job done…

  • LuvBaseball said,

    107 pitches is quite a lot this early in the season. Don’t let HS coaches ruin your kids arm..

  • food4thought said,

    Please do not start with this pitch count mess again. Yes it’s important but if you research this topic you will find that 107 is not to bad. These kids are in baseball shape and I can assure you his coach will not hurt him. It baffles me when people start with this. I’m sure you are basing this on something you’ve heard but if you listen to many coaches and researchers find this not to be such an issue.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    I got in to the pitch count battle with the Dudley folks a few years ago right here on this sight. They were saying that Kimber was well seasoned and trained year round. Well, I guess Tommy John knew better after all!

  • Young Arms said,

    Luv, who threw 107 pitches? This is HS baseball. Protect young arms!Bringing my kid to the Ortho today.

  • All4one said,

    One Man Show, Aker must have been on fire ! He pitched 7 innings and only struck out 6 batters, 15 balls were put in play, He had to be that kid on short as well or maybe he played 3rd also. He must have made that diving catch in centerfield to save a run.