Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball Today for (3/23/15) with current Baseball Poll:SWG JV’s grab win over Glenn/SG tops C. Davidson twice

Posted by Andy Durham on March 23, 2015 at 10:47 am under High School | 36 Comments to Read

+++++Baseball Final:Southern Guilford 10, Central Davidson 0…(Taylor Sugg – Complete Game)…SG now at (3-2)…+++++
*****Solid baseball win for Southwest Guilford JV’s on Monday night:Southwest Guilford JV 5, Glenn JV 0*****
+++++Final Softball:Southern Guilford 6, Central Davidson 5+++++
*****Final Baseball:Smith 9, High Point Andrews 5*****

Report on SG vs. C. Davidson:
Taylor Sugg 5IP, 8K’s, 3BB, 1 Hit
Ryan Caveness 2-3, 2B, HR, 2 RBI’s
Noah Carter 2-4, RBI’s
Nick Warden 1-1, 2 RBI’s
Andy Ramirez 1-2, 2 RBI’s
Austin Kallam 1-3, 2 RBI’s

Light schedule for today, but things really do pick up with a ton of conference games coming up on Tuesday with Ragsdale-SWG, Page-Grimsley, NEG-WA, EG-EA and more…

Today on Monday March 23
Smith(1-4) at High Point Andrews(0-5) 6pm
Southern Guilford(2-2) at Central Davidson(1-4)
Rockingham County(2-3) at Bartlett Yancey(0-1) 7pm

Mount Tabor(2-4) at Grimsley(1-1) 5pm
Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford 6pm

We need to update our Top Ten Poll and try to continue this trend all season long…Daily updates if possible….Most recent poll and updated at the conclusion of play back on Saturday night…..

Baseball Top Ten for the Guilford County Public Schools:
1)Northwest Guilford(3-1)
3)Eastern Guilford(4-1)
5)Southeast Guilford(4-3)
6)Southwest Guilford(3-2)
7)Southern Guilford(2-2)
9)Northeast Guilford(3-3)
10)Northern Guilford(2-4)
*****Remember it is still early….*****

  • Greensboro Baseball said,

    I think your Guilford county baseball poll should include the local private schools as well such as Westchester, Wesleyan and HPCA.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hoping to add in the private schools this Friday and continue to add in more polls/schools as the season progresses…

  • Greensboro Baseball said,

    Thank you. I’d like to see where they stand compared to public schools. A friend tells me that the private schools try to schedule public schools but very few will accept. We all just want to see good baseball.

  • Drive said,

    I don’t blame public schools for not playing private schools. Private schools load up with players from all over and then brag about being good. Why as a pubic school would you play a recruited or my daddy wants me to play on this loaded team private school. All that does is give that private school another chance to recruit what few players I have left. If your child is to good to go to public school then why do you want to play them in sports.

  • Private School said,

    @ Greensboro baseball – your right there alot of public school programs that wont schedule a private school – but there are ones that do, I would like to hear a public school resoning behind that? Wesleyan who may the most talented team in the area this year public or private – see them playing SW would be good to see and HPCA playing SW would be good to see, Westchester as well. It would be great for the High Point area – be some very large crowds! There are so many good public school baseball programs around its just ashame that you dont get to see the best public play private- would make for some really good baseball. Cut out some of these non conference games with very bad public schools and replace with quality private school. Maybe that will happen at some point. High Point Central and Wesleyan were scheduled but got rained out. Glenn is close by to High Point schools and cant get a game. Glenn coach has been vocal on other websites(this board rocks) about not playing private schools. North Davidson dont mind playing anyone, seems like they seek out the very best teams every year and try to play them. If they all would play each other the arguments about public vs. private would be resolved on the field and not on the website. Private schools are going 2 and 3 counties away to get public school games. Would like to hear public school take on that.

  • Drive said,

    As I already stated. As a former public school coach in two sports there is no benefit for the public school to play private schools. However, on the other hand it does benefit the private school. These private school baseball and basketball teams in the triad area are nothing but AAU and travel ball teams. Just so you know there is a crusade by many former and current well respected and hall of fame coaches to stop public schools from playing private schools. Playing field is not remotely fair. I’m sure if I started a new school a took 6 of your top players you would just Love to play me. I think not.

  • Greensboro Baseball said,

    @ Drive So your more about the wins and losses vs playing top level talent week end and week out? If you asked top level kids at public schools they would love to play the private teams. Your top publics probably play with many of the private kids in the summer anyway. Hard to have a poll that says I’m #1 in the county when really you’ve not been tested.

  • All4One said,

    Yeah Coach, let’s go test our skill against a private school who can recruit the entire team, oh and by the way, over 1/2 have re-classed and are a year older. I see no reason that a public school wouldn’t want to compete against that. Sounds fair to me.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I’d still like to hear from some of the people that were out there for the Northwest Guilford-Ragsdale game this past Saturday afternoon…

    That was the best game I have seen at Northwest since about three years ago on a Friday afternoon, when Northwest beat High Point Central in the bottom of the 7th inning on suicide squeeze bunt by Colson Everett that scored Keaton Haack from third to win the game for NWG in the bottom of the 7th inning….It was 2-1 NWG in the end and it was the same ending Saturday, with NWG winning 2-1 again, but this time in the bottom of the 9th…Haack on the hill that day for NWG and HP Central was going with Hansen Bulter….Haack now at UNCG and Butler at UNC….

    Big battles in those games and as far as close games go, one of the best you will see this past Saturday between NWG and Ragsdale….All the credit in the world to Ragsdale for battling back to tie the game in the top of the 7th 1-1, after NWG had grabbed that 1-0 lead and carried it the entire game, since back in the third….

    Very good baseball game…

  • Turn Up The Heat said,

    @All4One @Drive It sounds to me as if you guys are afraid to lose to a private school. HPCA only has 4 players,that I can think of off the top of my head, that re-classed. Wesleyan is another top team that only has a couple of re-classed players as well. If we did a poll of top teams in Guilford County, HPCA and Wesleyan would be battling for number 1 & 2. No doubt.

  • Just thinking said,

    And yet Andy there is still no game report for Saturday’s game. Would like to see some stats on that one

  • Private School said,

    @Drive and All4one,
    People can say what they want about so called recruiting but as far as baseball goes – I know all 3 High Point private school coaches and that is far from truth. I had a son go through private school few years ago. We transferred from a school in Gboro. At no point and time did I ever have contact with the private school coach prior to going. We went and visited all 3 HP schools, 1 in Winston and 1 in Greensboro. We checked these schools out based on what we had heard about the school from other families. He was not in the click and wasnt one of the coaches boys- he played second fiddle to some lesser talented players. Transferred to private school and got a year back that he lost from sitting and watching. Played a great 3 years and was fortunate enough to move on and play at next level. If we stayed at public school he would have never gotten that opportunity. I worked full time and a part time job didnt have time to go out to eat with coaches and work on the field for them, or mow there grass at their house . Also acedemicly that was the absolute best thing we done. Smaller class sizes and attention to detail. Counselors were always on top of things with class selections , helping apply for colleges, helping apply for schloraships. That was best part of transferring. If we had stayed at public school he would have never known how to study. As far as reclassing- there are numerous public school kids right now that have reclassed. They transferred to private school during middle school and reclassed and when 9th grade come around they went back to public school a year after they originally were to arrive. Its just not the current private school kids. Public schools have kids that transfer in as well. People move to get in the proper school district. You compete with the same kids all summer why not compete during the spring as well. You could go around to each public school and each team would likely have kids on their roster that came from other schools.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We had a general game report that ran and went along with our Graham Sporting Goods scoreboard that was posted here at the site, on Saturday night…

    Often we get our most complete Ragsdale reports from Mike Ellis and he does such a good for us, we get spoiled when he is not at the game….

    We did have a pretty good report coming out of Saturday afternoon and on another note Ragsdale did load the bases late in the contest, during that key rally in the 7th inning…

    On even another note, that catch in CF was some kind of catch by the NWG fielder….Did not have his name, did not have a roster…

    I was stationed by the right field fence outside the stadium and was able to get a good view of that one…

    PA man would give us the top three batters to the plate as we hit/began each new inning, but did not give us the names as each batter went to the plate…

    Got my post-game info from the NWG scorekeeper/bookeeper inside the NWG dugout after the game….

    One heck of a game and I do believe the re-match will be a very good one when NWG heads over to Ragsdale..The past couple of years the RAG-NWG games have been very good ones….

    Sometimes half the fun of these games is talking about them after they are over…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Did some recruiting/searching and was able to come up with this from Saturday’s game courtesy of the WS Journal at……


    Ragsdale;   000;000;100;—;1;4;0
    NW Guilford;001;000;001;—;2;6;0

    Connor Burrows, Kyle(Kip, also known as Rip) Brandenburg (8) and Clay Pritchard. Cole Aker, Hunter Malone (9) and Zack Shoemaker.

    WP — Malone. LP — Brandenburg.
    2B — R: Cesar Trejo. 3B — R: Brandenburg.
    Records — Ragsdale 6-1 (0-1 Piedmont Triad 4-A), NW Guilford 3-1 (1-0).

    Leading hitters — R: Burrows 1-3, RBI. NWG: Michael Garvey 1-3, run; Cole Underwood 2-4; Max Beck 1-4, GWRBI

    Note: No walks in the game; Burrows, Aker 5 Ks each

  • ORYA12 said,

    It was the best played HS game I’ve seen. I believe there were 7-8 College Commits from both teams?

  • All4One said,

    @Private School I have not said anything negative about private schools, personally I think they are great, for the reason you quoted, smaller class rooms, better counselors and academics. I do apologize for using the word recruited and used that word in wide context, Although recruiting does happen believe it not. But the bottom line is you were in a situation you did not like or was not working out for your child so you migrated him to a private school. Some people can’t do that or refuse to, no harm no foul, just quit wanting to bring your travel team to the public sector.

    @Turn up the Heat ! So only 4 re-class, that’s almost 1/2 a baseball team and 80% of a basketball team, I rest my case.

  • Just the Facts said,

    @ALL4One – not sure where you’re getting your facts on academics as only Greensboro Day is better than our Public Schools. I’ve look into my kid transferring to Private schools and researched each one and it is really scary as many Private schools don’t offer AP or certified teachers.

  • NWGHS fan said,


    The kid that made the catch in CF for NW is Kyle Finnie (sophomore). It was an extremely well played game by both teams. This early in the season, it’s a bit hard to tell which teams are good and which are not. After the relatively small sample size of 4 games, NW seems to have the pitching to contend; their pitching is not limited to Aker. In 4 games, they’ve given up a total of 7 runs at least 3 of which were unearned. Aker pitched 8 innings on Saturday, but only 2 2/3 otherwise. But, their hitting has not looked to good thus far, not to take anything away from the pitchers they’ve faced. Again, this early, it’s a little hard to distinguish weak hitting from good pitching.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Northwest has a lot of new names and faces this year, but they seem to be doing pretty well…

    Tomorrow we find out what SWG can do as they meet up with Ragsdale…

    Another key game in that Piedmont 4-A Athletic Conference will be East Forsyth vs. Glenn…Both teams off to good starts and Glenn got the best of SWG back on Saturday….

  • HPLL said,

    Andy, who are the College Commits from NW and Ragsdale? That seems like a lot..

  • Private School said,

    Everyone has made valid points about private and public school baseball. Obviously we all feel strong about the situations were in used to be in. Yes your “major “private schools offer college prep, honors and AP as well as online classes. Most even offer tutoring as a class instead of a unmonitored study hall. The teachers are certified and schools are certified. The debate will never end about private and public. Just step up and play each other and enjoy a rivalry and some really good baseball. Good teams rise to top. This is my last comment. All4one no apology needed . Everyone entitled to their opinion.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Those have committed so far include:
    Cesar Trejo(Rasdale) UNCG
    Zack Shoemaker(Northwest Guilford) Lenior-Rhyne
    Cole Aker(Northwest Guilford) North Carolina

    I was there at the school for those signings and you would think that Burrows and Brandenburg from Ragsdale would be headed somewhere and the Brandenburg listed in the WS Jorunal box score says Kyle and it should say Kip, Kyle has graduated and is in college….One of the Brandenburgs would be moving on toward college after this season and I think it is Corey…

    From NWG prospects would include Garvey and Malone and we need to find out what year they are…Still have not viewed a Northwest Guilford roster, but I am getting ready to….

    So the top three are in and we need to find out about more…Cole Underwood is a pretty good baseball player, but he is probably a better football player from NWG….

    On Northwest Guilford, Garvey a senior and Malone a junior…..Garvey has some size and he could be a prospect based upon what he has done so far this season and Malone has some time, not a lot, if you can sign the Letter of Intent in the Fall for baseball that is a good thing, and we will need to keep an eye on them…

    Ragsdale does not have a roster available at MaxPreps this year, at least so far, so will have to do some more digging on them…Burrows has to be a strong/solid prospect….Saw him pitch last year down at SEG and he did a very good job through about 5-6 innings for the Tigers, before he got tired and I think he only gave up one run that day or held SEG scoreless…He was very efficient at NWG against the Vikings this past Saturday….Got to be thinking he is Ragsdale’s #1 man on the mound…Another kid from Ragsdale that we have not mentioned and he has been contributing is Taylor Still….Still is football player, just Alec Cobb for Rasdale, but they both are making contributions for/to the baseball team and I think they both are hitting toward the middle of the Tigers order…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Did some re-checking and re-visiting and Ragsdale off to a fast start last year too at (8-0) out of the blocks and got started at (6-0) this year….

    Rasdale went to (8-0) in 2014 with a 2-1 win over Northwest Guilford at Ragsdale with Matt Horkey vs. Colson Everett and that was a great game too..Sort of ironic it was a 2-1 game in Game One last year at Ragsdale(same score at NWG this year in Game One) and then the crazy thing was Rasdale dropped their first game of the season in a 3-1 loss to Southwest Guilford in the next game up after NWG….

    Ragsdale has SWG tomorrow, the next game up again after the NWG game…This time the game is in Jamestown….

    Sort of interesting when you look back at some of these things and I also saw more on Conner Burrows from last year and he was a main reason that Ragsdale got going so strong early in 2014 and he is right back in the key mix here in 2015….Burrows has to be a key college prospect and I may be wrong, but I think he is a baseball-only athlete…..

  • Fyi said,

    Corey Brandenburg is off to Lancaster SC and Burrows is Lynchburg and Lipke is Lenoir Rhyne.

  • Jamestown11 said,

    Andy, please check your sources. You didn’t even mentioned a very good a Very good! player for Ragsdale that has commited to play on the next level!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Well we just got Lipke, Burrows and Brandenburg…That should give us at least 6 commits(RAG/NWG combined) when you add in the other three from earlier today that we listed…

    Good group of kids…

    One thing is for certain, we have given everyone plenty to read about and to talk about today…

    Ragsdale with Cobb for football, Trejo to UNCG, Brandenburg to Spartanburg, Burrows to Lynchburg, Lipke to Lenior-Rhyne, Still was mentioned, Kip Brandenburg was mentioned, that’s 7 guys righ there and without a roster, who are we leaving out???

    I will do some more checking…..

  • bbaseballfan said,

    Come on people, Andy does an excellent job with keeping everyone informed on local and national sporting events. If he miss a name or two it should not matter. Wow, these baseball dad’s are out of control. If the kid is good it does not matter if he/she is mentioned on a blog.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, I do love the challenge of trying to get them all, and I would think Cesar Trejo is the top prospect on Ragsdale right now and he is going to UNCG…

    Did hear a name at the Ragsdale-Dudley game and I think it was Perez and not to familiar with him…

    Would be nice to have that Tiger roster over at MaxPreps, but so far this year all I have been doing is hearing the PA people and reading all I can here at the site and I did get to delve into that NWG scorebook for a couple of minutes after the game back on Saturday in the NWG dugout and that was with the scorekeeper reading it back to me…

    Good events, hope tomorrow’s games live up to the hypes and I heard that HPCA and Westchester were supposed to get together tomorrow at around 5pm….

    Page-Grimsley, RAG-SWG, EA-EG, NEG-WA also….

  • NWvikes said,

    One more from that NW/ Ragsdale game commits: Moke Garvey GTCC.

  • Andy Durham said,

    That is a good pickup for GTCC. Garvey was a big plus for his team back on Saturday…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Ragsdale lineup and I’m just curious, who are we leaving out that is a major prospect/commit???We are open to information and ready to add him to our list….

    Corey Brandenburg RF
    Alec Cobb P, 1B, LF
    Cesar Trejo, 3B
    Kip Brandenburg, SS
    Colin Lipke, 2B
    Connor Burrows, P, 1B
    Clay Prichard, C
    Taylor Still, CF

    John Welch, P
    Brad Blizzard, DH, 1b
    Donivan Matthews, LF
    Jose Perez, P

    *****Solid lineup, strong group of players, no doubt about that….*****

  • BUTCH said,

    Southwest Guilford JV 5
    Glenn JV 0

    Well pitched game on both sides.

  • just sayin said,

    I say let the private schools play each other and the public schools play each other. If you don’t follow the same rules as us and your coaches can recruit our players behind the scenes why should public schools help your program by playing you? Dont try that crap about playing elite talent. GCS and FCS has plenty of elite talent. If anything make them travel further to fill their scheduled games cause teams around here wont play them.

  • bbaseballfan said,

    just sayin you are so correct. When these kids are allowed to play 5 years of high school it seems to be advantage and when you do not have to worry about districts it seems to again favor the Private schools.

  • Greensboro Baseball said,

    Some folks it appears like to talk out of both sides. Some of your best public kids have reclassed. Get over that argument. I can attest that my son did not leave public school for aports alone. His current coach never knew who he was. Is it really fun winning 22-7 or 15-0? As a parent don’t you want your sons tested each game. I would want my sons team to play the best game after game. What is a 15-0 game doing for your team other than padding their stats. I applaud teams like RJR, Dudley and Trinity for playing the private kids. Seriously, would a 2-1 loss or win hurt your chances for state? I don’t think so.

  • NWGHS fan said,

    I think that if I was a public school coach, I’d think twice before I scheduled games against teams that could, if they like, actively recruit my own players (and be well within their rules in doing so). And I’m not suggesting that all private school players are at their schools as the result of recruitment.

    Similarly, publics are capable of playing very competitive non-conference schedules without playing privates, subject to the uncertainties that go along with the pools of talent entering the publics each year.

    For example, NW’s non-conference schedule this year includes WG (traditional rival), NG (new rival),NEG, SEG, Randleman, W Forsyth (defending state 4-A champs), Richmond Co., Fuquay-Varina, Wilmington New Hanover, Spring break tourney in Greenville, Reagan, N Davidson. I don’t see anything in that group that suggests that NW is scared to play anybody. I also haven’t heard any NW parents complaining about not playing the privates.