Who stays the longest, who leaves the quickest???(Duke, North Carolina and N.C. State)

Posted by Andy Durham on March 24, 2015 at 11:50 am under College | 2 Comments to Read

Who do you say/think will last the longest in the NCAA Tournament???

Do you say Duke, North Carolina or N.C. State???

Coming up next we have Duke vs. Utah, North Carolina takes on Wisconsin and N.C. State will battle Louisville….

Who stays around for the longest time and who is done after their next game?

On the surface Duke appears to the have the best chance of making it to the Final Four and we could see Carolina and State gone by at least the end of this weekend….State and North Carolina have an equal chance of beating their opponent, while Duke is seen as a very good possibility of going to the BIG Dance/the Final Four….

Duke to last the longest, with Carolina and State both exiting after wins over Wisconsin and Louisville….Saying State and Carolina get past Louisville and Wisconsin and then lose in the next round….Duke to the Final Four…Any takers, or do we need to call “The Undertaker”???

Makes good sense to me and probably makes no sense to the rest of you….

  • Iron Duke said,

    If Cat Do what Cat Do, I think the Wolpfack can advance.

  • Jack said,

    Watch out for Duke. They will be in the Final Four.

    North Carolina and N.C. State will both be gone on Thursday night. Louisville to the Final Four.