Should the Grimsley Whirlies’ Gym Floor be named for Phil Weaver??? Why not, he was one of the most influential basketball people in the history of our city

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One of the most influential basketball people in the history of our city???

Yes, and if they are looking to name the basketball floor/court inside the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium on the Grimsley High School campus after an individual that taught the game of basketball and coached the game of basketball with an equal fervor, then they have found their man….

Phil Weaver

From what I was reading over at the News and Record site/HS Xtra, they are asking Guilford County residents to vote and to weigh in on if and why the floor inside the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium should be named for/after Phil Weaver….

Phil Weaver taught school over at Grimsley for 42 years and he coached just about that long too…He coached boys basketball, girls basketball, softball, football and helped with other sports and he was a teacher..(Coached 1985 softball NCHSAA 4-A State Championship Team.)

Feel pretty certain that Phil Weaver was one of the top educators at Grimsley High School and he taught psychology and that carries some clout, because if you don’t know what you are talking about within that curriculum, then the kids you are trying to teach become the shrinks, and you are left to their vices and that class could take on the form of the ‘inmates running the asylum’…

Never a chance in a Phil Weaver class…The man comes from a long background of Weaver family higher education…Weaver Education Center named for his family…I believe his dad was named Phil Sr. and he was the superintendent of the Greensboro City Schools for many years(Counterpart E.P. Pearce in Guilford County)…The Weaver name is associated with educational royalty in this town…*****Phil Weaver had an uncle named Jim Weaver, who was the ACC Commissioner….*****

But, Phil Weaver wrote his own ticket….He attended and graduated from Duke University and he played some basketball there while there with the Blue Devils and I’m thinking his coach would have been Vic Bubas..

Phil Weaver battled against Coach Mac Morris at Page for many years, as their young basketball minds exchanged leads over the course of at least 10-15 years and during the time that Coach Weaver and Coach Morris were coaching, they were the two standard-bearers of boys basketball in our city and across the state of North Carolina…You could even find both Grimsley and Page in the boys NCHSAA final four on a given occasion and that is a credit and testimony to Coach Weaver and Coach Morris and the foundations that they laid for high school basketball in our town…

Even with the success he generated while coaching men’s/boys basketball, his brightest days in the sun, may have come when he was coaching the daughters of the Metro 4-A revolution….Coach Weaver’s Grimsley Whiriles girls basketball teams were nearly unbeatable during a stretch in the mid 2000’s…

Five Division I women’s basketball players on that team and Coach Weaver helped mold this team, along with assistance from coaches Phil Barker and Wayne Butler and that group of girls was one of the best teams that you will ever see come out of the Piedmont Triad area….Finished #2 in the State 4-A’s one season and they made a big run at that title during the NCHSAA Championship Game in Chapel Hill(2007)…

Trumae Lucas, Amber Cook, Nicole Hargraves, Krystin Fields and Jasmine Alston….All five of them earned DI scholarships and the Whirlie women were a combined 59-3 over a two-year span during 2006-2007 and 2007-2008…The Whirlies were the best and they had the best coach around, Phil Weaver…

Excellent teacher from strong academic family, an excellent coach, one of the best in the history of Guilford County and he was and is one super dad too…He had a daughter named Stacy and I think she is down in the Charlotte area now(Strength and Conditioning coach at UNCC), but when she was in high school she was one of the best female or male basketball players around here….Very good in softball too, if our background studies are correct…

Phil Weaver laid the groundwork for excellence at Grimsley High School and he saw a bountiful harvest, typified by the number of outstanding athletes and students he mentored during his days on the Westover Terrace campus….

Phil Weaver Basketball Court, inside the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium, on the Grimsley High School Campus???

A no-brainer, even our students that showed up late for class today can get this right, they know this is the Right/Correct answer…..

Final Answer:Phil Weaver Court

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