Looks like WFMY 2 is feeling the curse of the NCAA:Bring back North Carolina and N.C. State!!!

Posted by Andy Durham on March 26, 2015 at 12:03 pm under College | 3 Comments to Read

Both North Carolina and N.C. State end up over on TBS and that means they don’t get their shot on CBS/WFMY TV 2….

It almost seems like a curse when you get banished to TBS where only a small portion of the nation that has cable can see your games…

Sure Duke has been all over CBS/WFMY 2, but after a while you want to see the other in-state ACC teams too on 2, like State and Carolina…

Duke has been blowing people out and the Carolina and the State games have been real tight ones in the first two rounds….

The mystery is in the Carolina and State games….What’s going to happen here with these two teams??? I don’t know, they are over on TBS….

WFMY 2 has been hit by a bug of some sort and maybe it all came back when Charlie Harville and Mike Hogewood left the station….You never know, some times these theories hold water, sometimes they don’t, but if the plan behind the entire NCCA Tournament moving over to TBS, TNT and True TV was to get cable into more homes, then that plan will not be successful…

I read somewhere the other day that for all of the people that hold out and don’t buy cable, Direct TV or the Dish Network, the US Government is going to give them a license to own their on low powered TV station on April 1 of this year….

If you get your own station you ought to be able to show or televise what you want to….

Seems like the landscape is changing and if you wait, you won’t have to change the channel….You will be able to select one channel on your television and pick up any program that you want to….Just put the TV on one channel and type in on your computer what program you want to see and you can watch any show/program from any where in the world….(There will be a special connection, that connects your television and computer.)

This is getting pretty interesting now and we are still several strides away from April….Get your low powered TV station in your home, select a channel and then you can watch any program from anywhere in the world….

But how will we be able to watch Duke, North Carolina and N.C. State if all three end up playing at the same time in the future????

The government is still working out the details on a splitter and you may need multiple televisions in your home to see all three, but you may be able to select three windows for your TV or computer and then watch all three at the same time….

If Charlie Harville and Mike Hogewood were still around for all of this, they would be shocked!!!
(Hogg still here, but no longer at 2, 4, 6 or 8, not even 10 or 12.)

Stay tuned, more details on the News 2 news at 2, that is if we don’t get preempted…

  • Cat Burgular said,

    If i does what Cat does we be representing fo sure.

  • Dick Martin said,

    Good job on this college basketball problem Dan, but I am still having trouble getting my converter box hooked up. Who do we call on that?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Very good chance that North Carolina would have won if their game would have been played on CBS/WFMY 2…

    Notre Dame stole the ACC win on CBS tonight…

    Might not be what N.C. State is looking for on TBS tomorrow night…This could be the end for N.C. State unless they can get their game switched over to CBS/WFMY 2….

    Over the years if I watch State they win, if I don’t they lose….I will be in my car listening tomorrow night…

    N.C. State can win when I listen in the car….Here comes 600 WSJS…