How did they get this game in, as East Forsyth goes to (10-1) with the win???

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How did they get this game in and did anybody else play???
East Forsyth 3, Southwest Guilford 1
East Forsyth now at (10-1) with the victory/SWG(3-4)….

  • Don Moore said,

    Dennis Dolesh reports that East Forsyth has a tarp.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Southeast Guilford has a tarp, but they were due to be on the road at Southern Alamance…Not sure if the Patriots have a tarp or not, but tarps must be going around and they must be on the move on to the infields…

    East Forsyth has a Tarp….
    Southeast Guilford has a Tarp….
    Guilford College has a Tarp…

    These are infield covering tarps and not the ones you see over at Tarp City…You know like the ones for your roof or plant beds….