The Bob Doss Baseball Classic for TODAY has been cancelled:”The Weather has taken over our Weekend”

Posted by Press Release on March 27, 2015 at 4:30 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

The Weather has taken over our Weekend….Rain wins on Friday and now Rain has won out over some of the games to be played TODAY too….

Bob Doss Classic Cancelled….
*****No makeup date has been set, as of post time.*****

+++++There was a time when we could lay the blame for this weather at the feet of Eric Chilton, but now he is the “Good Morning Man” and he might be the next Lee Kinard at WFMY 2, going from doing the weather and then on to the Good Morning Show and who knows what is next, maybe next on to doing the news…I guess now we have to lay the blame for the bad weather in the doorstep of Grant “Happy” Gilmore…..He was the one who said it would be this way and the weather has killed the chances for this years “Bob Doss Baseball Classic” to…..I have found a way to make the short story long, but “that’s the way it is”, said Walter Cronkite and this is the Best in Sports Today”(or as close as we can get to it), in honor of Charlie Harville….+++++

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