Game Report on High Point Christian-North Raleigh Christian Baseball:Cougars go to (9-0-1)

Posted by Press Release on March 28, 2015 at 2:49 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

High Point Christian Academy 14, North Raliegh Christian 4
HPCA now at (9-0-1)
Curtis Dillon 2 run HR
Timmy Fiachvogt Solo HR, single and double
Ryan Hopkins HR
Zack MclLean HR……Wonder how many HR’s on the season for Zack McLean???

  • Andy Durham said,

    Anybody know how many HR’s that is on the season for Zach McLean???

    Seems like it has to be at least 5-6…..

  • Les McLean said,

    HPCA has had at least one homer from 7 different players. Zach has 7 in 10 games.

  • Wonder How Many? said,

    Wonder how many girls softball fields HPCA will play in this year?

  • Homerun said,

    Zack Mclean -7
    Dylan Wilkinson- 5
    Bailey Edwards -2
    Luke Gesell -1
    Curtis Dillon -1
    Timmy Fishvogt- 1
    Ryan Hopkins -1

  • Play said,

    @ Wonder how many…..u have kids that have worked their butt off to get better and are squaring the ball up and u want to come on here and criticize. Obviously to hit a HR u have to elevate the ball to get it out. Don’t criticize or be jealous of what u don’t know first hand

  • Wonder How Many? said,

    @Play – I’ve watched 2 HPCA games and 3 HRs in one game and 2 in another and all but one of the HRs were normal pop flies on a normal field. Just facts! Don’t get so angry!

  • Play said,

    @Wonder how many? Your entitled to your opinion – as far as I’m concerned it don’t matter. If u have an issue with 18 Homeruns in 10 games don’t watch. HPCA players don’t need to defend them selves on opinions as yours. Interesting fact – 8 games at home this year and only allowed 3 HR. Is it the field demensions or the talent? Exactly! Not sure what school your associated with but go measure there field! Call our AD and schedule a game- oh probably a public school and u all don’t play private schools..sorry.