Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball Tonight Finals for 4/24/15

Posted by Andy Durham on April 24, 2015 at 10:13 pm under High School | 18 Comments to Read

Southern Guilford 3, Reidsville 2
Dudley 13, Grimsley 10
Northwest Guilford 5, Glenn 2
Eastern Guilford 10, Western Alamance 9
WP:Travis Hunt/LP:Matt Wells
Northern Guuilford 9, Northeast Guilford 8
Southwest Guilford 3, East Forsyth 0
Southeast Guilford 10, Southern Alamance 0…(6 Innings)
WP:Bailey Steed…6 Innings/Complete Game/0 Runs/2 Hits/4 BB’s/9 K’s/1 HBP…
LP:Tyler Ceparano…4 Innings/7 Runs…
SEG Offense:Carmine Pagano 4-4/3-run HR…Bailey Steed brought in run #10 in a walk-off single…#’s courtesy of Wyatt Smith…
Southwestern Randolph 13, Western Guilford 1…(6 Innings)
WP:Ryan Hill/LP:Troy Flippin…HR:(SWR) Dawson Cagle two-run shot to right center field…WG lone run scored by Troy Flippin…Game info courtesy of Enad Haddad…
Bishop McGuinness 10, Atkins 2
Babcock drives in 3 and Jack Thomas gets the win
Ragsdale 6, High Point Central 4
Page 15, Smith 5
Morehead 4, Eastern Alamance 2
Greensboro Day School 9, Davidson 4
Westchester Country Day 11, Caldwell Academy 1
Troy Polen 1-3/3 RBI…Will Shields 2-4…WCD(13-2)

Northwest Guilford 8, Glenn 3…WP-Staunton, S-Chaisson…LP-Foley
Ragsdale 11, High Point Central 1…Ragsdale(6-8/2-5)
SW Randolph 16, Western Guilford 6
Northern Guilford 14, Northeast Guilford 4
Southern Alamance 2, Southeast Guilford 1, (8 innings)
Wheatmore 9, Providence Grove 0
Page 19, Smith 4
Dudley 14, Grimsley 6

JV Boys Baseball:
SW Randolph 17, Western Guilford 5

JV Girls Softball:
Northwest Guilford 14, Glenn 0 (5 Innings)

  • NWGHS fan said,

    NW 5, Glenn 2 (baseball)

  • Gfan said,

    Got a little chippy at the SEG game. Evidently SA does not like getting shown up at SEG. Should make for a good rematch.

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    Gfan, Andy should have my recap up of the game soon, I didn’t finish until late. I did want the fans in attendance to know that I got an email from Coach Smith at Southern saying that the umpires were the ones who prevented them shaking hands after the game. Both coaches wanted to shake hands to try to finish the night with good sportsmanship, but the umpires didn’t let that happen. Check back for my recap soon.

  • Baseball said,

    Probably a smart decision by the umpires at that point.

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    I honestly think they should’ve let them show good sportsmanship and that they were trying to put it behind them.. I have to disagree with it being a good decision, the heat had cooled down, and both coaches wanted their teams to shake hands. Just my opinion though

  • Baseball said,

    I just think with the fight rule that can eliminate team from the playoffs it made sense.

  • Gfan said,

    This game will not make it into the PAYS sportsmanship video. I think the umps made the exact right call. Emotions were too raw at that point and no need to risk a playoff spot over a handshake.

  • pat said,

    It should be said that SEG followed SA team to the bus and followed their bus onto the road for several miles. This is low class as it gets. Also SEG coach pushed SA coach. SEG shouldn’t be allowed to finish the season due their actions during and after the game. How do you want your team treated to and from and during the game next week?I guess Guilford county deputies are just to watch the game not do their job of crowd control?

  • pat said,

    It should be said that SEG FANS followed SA team to the bus and followed their bus onto the road for several miles. This is low class as it gets. Also SEG coach pushed SA coach. SEG shouldn’t be allowed to finish the season due their actions during and after the game. How do you want your team treated to and from and during the game next week?I guess Guilford county deputies are just to watch the game not do their job of crowd control?

  • on neither side said,

    I dont think it was right for the fans to instigate with the players, but to say that they shouldnt be able to finish their season is extrme. the SA coach had NO business on the field, and went looking for a fight. he should’ve been the one ejected, bc he was the one who traveled all the way to the third base on deck circle to start an argument. two wrongs dont make a right, and the deputies were right there, and no punches were thrown.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We don’t need to start any on-line fights on here and all we need to do now is start getting ready for that next SEG-Southern Alamance meeting at SA…

    The next game up has to be our focus now and if we need to call in Broderick Crawford and the NC Highway Patrol, we can do that and if Sheriff BJ Barnes needs to cross over the county line and into Alamance County, I’m sure he would be able to make that move…

    The Southeast Guilford Falcons are the #1 team right now in the Metro 4-A Conference and among the Guilford County schools they are also #1….

    Can anybody stop the high-flying Falcons???

    Probably need to leave this post open another 2 hours and then veer on out to I-85….

  • Gfan said,

    Pat you are way out of line with calling out the Deputies. Yes they are usually there for minor issues and usually just get to watch some good baseball. Last night on the request of the umps they had to remove some mouthy SEG fans. That could have been avoided if some folks had simply followed the request of the umpire. They also had to shut down some crap on the SA fan side.

    I have seen a lot of SA vs SEG games in the past and this one kind of went down as a real shame. “Grownups” need to be an example for the kids. You shouldn’t need a Deputy or umpire to tell you how to act.

  • pat said,

    When it continued to the bus onto the roadway that is where the deputies dropped the ball. Having cars block and following your bus almost all the way back to SA is uncalled for. A coach walking on the field is for the umps to handle , no way to justify a shoving match. Alamance county has a fine sheriff’s Dept. , no help needed from BJ’s spectators.

  • Outsider said,

    Why all the fuss? It was a 10 to 0 waxing and next week shouldn’t be any different. By the way, this is a very week conference and gets way too much coverage.

  • Gfan said,

    If fans are willing to chase after big ole Alamance County boys with bats then they are dumber than a box of hammers.

    I didn’t see anything in the parking lot and I walked right through there after the game but I did have a good vantage point for what happened on the field. I also have no dog in this fight. SA coach charged the plate and started poking, pointing, and calling out the SEG player who was up to bat.

    Dave stepped in to defend his player and a shoving match started. The SA team converged in the infield and the umps, Coach Gamble, and some cooler heads on both sides got control of the situation. There was no time or need for a deputy to be involved in this one.

    Certainly the SA coach was no victim in this case. He is a head taller than Dave. He instigated the whole deal and kept it going longer than it should have lasted.

  • pat said,

    Agree with home plate issue, other than shoving match was uncalled for. Agree to disagree with you on that. Actions after game were way out of line. Could have really lead to the night ending badly for someone. That’s a dangerous path to go down, following a team bus on the road. What’s the next step?, Throwing something at it or causing it to wreck? Alamance County’ s Deputies were called to meet the bus, so there was something to it and it ended with no one getting hurt, but It should have not made it to the roadway.

  • Occifer JB Burns said,

    I am headed down that way next week and if yall need any help let me know.

    Occifer Burns

  • Andy Durham said,

    Might be a good idea to put the “wrapper” on this one and go ahead and let cooler heads prevail for a while…

    As coach Augie Garrido has said in the past, “there comes s time when you have to let sleeping dogs lay around for a time and just have them lay there and rest”….

    Don’t wake those dogs up, just let the ‘sleeping dogs’ lie until next week and then turn them loose and let them have a great game with SEG and SA…

    Maybe we are more along the lines of Winston Churchill with those ‘sleeping dogs’, but the point is well taken…

    And another closing point, why make such a big fuss over a 10-0 nothing game…Game was not even close…Time to bury this one and get ready for Round Two and we don’t mean Mayweather and Pacquiao, we mean Southeast Guilford and Southern Alamance in May…