Finalized Brackets for NCHSAA 2015 High School Softball Playoffs with Updates

Posted by Andy Durham on May 11, 2015 at 12:54 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

CLICK HERE for the seedings/pairings…This will give an early snapshot of how things are looking…Guilford County teams and others are IN the field…

#6 Southern Alamance vs. #27 Green Hope

#7 Northwest Guilford vs. #26 Lake Norman
#13 Southeast Guilford vs. #20 Charlotte Independence

#15 Glenn v. #18 Providence
#19 Page vs. #14 Butler
#21 Southwest Guilford vs. #12 Scotland County
#25 East Forsyth vs. #8 Porter Ridge
#29 Dudley vs. #4 Charlotte Independence
*****Alexander Central #2 seed and South Caldwell #1 seed and both Unbeaten, with Alexander Central on hand, does it really matter…AC will be very hard to cool off…*****

#2 Northern Guilford vs. #31 West Carteret
#7 Southwestern Randolph vs. #26 Corinth-Holders
#10 Eastern Alamance vs. #23 Havelock
#21 Southern Guilford vs. #12 Northwood
#28 Northeast Guilford vs. #5 Topsail

#29 Rockingham County vs. #4 Cleveland

#26 McMichael vs, #7 South Point

  • SBBracket said,

    WOW! Lower half of the 4A West bracket is LOADED … Alexander Central, North Davidson, and West Forsyth all in the same group. Who ever comes out of there will certainly earn their stripes. Good luck to the PT4A and Metro teams this week.

  • Concerned said,

    These brackets are so WHACK. I hate the way they have changed things up. Strength of schedule doesn’t matter anymore, its all about wins and games played (STUPID). Look at the state rankings. AC is ranked #1 in the state yet somehow they got a #2 seed. DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? That is absolutely ridiculous. (And I am not even an AC fan, but still) You are ranked #1 in the state and you are a #2 seed in the tournament. They need to fix the way they do the tournament NOW!

  • Cat Coach said,

    Can I ask who ranked AC #1?
    What poll?
    “The state” doesn’t have a poll that I know of – but I could be wrong. (It happened once in ’01 I think…)

    And by the way, strength of schedule has never mattered.
    For years games were predetermined by simply matching up conference fineshers 1-3/4. For example, the Metro #1 knew they would play the CPC #4 weeks before those were determined – absolutely no strength of schedule.

    Though “WHACK” may indeed be appropriate, let this brand new format play out for this, it’s first year, before it’s scrapped.

  • Andy Durham said,

    AC ranked #2 in the nation in the most recent CBS/MaxPreps Softball Poll and if don’t win the states again it will be an upset for whoever takes that powerhouse down…

    Alexander Central is always the team to beat in softball, no matter where they are ranked in the state…

    They and South Caldwell were both unbeaten from the West and there must have some type of draw to determine who took on the #1 Seed position….

    Good fuel for the fire….Who can and who will beat Alexander Central in softball and will it happen at all?????