Looking toward High School Football for 2015:Bring on the Backs

Posted by Andy Durham on May 29, 2015 at 11:53 am under High School | 16 Comments to Read

Just looking today at some of the names of the key runningbacks that will be carrying the load in Guilford County for the upcoming 2015 season…..

C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford)…Could be the tops and could be looking at a banner year…Has committed to the University of South Carolina
Connell Young(Dudley)…Has offers from East Carolina, Syracuse and many other schools…
Kyle Finnie(Northwest Guilford)/Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford)….Finnie one of the main Viking backs and Hennigan a hybrid players that can line up at WR and also can take carries from the backfield….
Nigel Thomas(Southern Guilford)/Amon Harris(Southern Guilford)….Lots of speed with Thomas and he nearly hit 1,000 yards last season in the same backfield with Reggie Gallaspy…
Chavis Little(High Point Central)/Geoffrey Wall(High Point Central)….Could be one of the best one-two combos in the state….HP Central will not have to throw the ball much this season, unless they feel like it…
Micah Gafford(Page)/Javon Leake(Page)….Both will be juniors and Leake is the big back and Gafford the small back and they both loaded with talent and add them in there with Diondre Overton and Will Jones and you have a very good mix…

*****There’s at least 10 good ones to get you going and I’ll turn it over to masses for the next set of names and who is the big name or names that we are leaving out here???*****

Southeast Guilford always has a ton of good backs and here’s at least three that you should expect to see this Fall for the Falcons:
Steven Thomas, Steven Baldwin, Garrett Church
Kids to look out for from Grimsley[Curtis Martin, Caleb & Micah Williams, junior Brelin Fason-Walden, and senior Malik Stimpson],
and we remember Curtis Martin from his days at Kiser and he did very well there, the Williams twins are good backs, not sure if Brelin Fason-Walden is an RB or WR, and if Stimpson moves into the backfield, he could be a pure threat too…He ran for a lot of yards back when he was playing QB in 2013…

+++++For Northeast Guilford they have Jeremiah Praylor, Chaz Voliva and Joshua Patterson competing for the QB spot….+++++

  • Just Wondering said,

    What ever happened to CJ Mcthay? Once at SE, did he graduate?

  • Andy Durham said,

    CJ McThay was supposed to headed to WS Atkins…

    Antonio Moore went to HP Andrews and then ended up with HP Central…

    Both were very good backs, but SEG still has a good group of RB’s to carry the load…

  • witness said,

    Dudley has a stable of backs to compliment Connell Young. Ezra Perkins, Tyree Knight, Lance Williams and Simeon Gatling will all be in the backfield with Young this season.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I remember Knight(Dudley) back there last year and he did a good job with his carries…

    Northeast Guilford practice continues today through next Friday…Most days going M-F 5-7:30, but some days shorter workouts…

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Even though you don’t give them any attention, Grimsley has a few good ones that are just as good as the one’s ya’ll hyping up. Curtis Martin,who came on strong at the end of the last season,the twins Micah and Caleb Williams,and rising junior Brelin Fason-Walden.Keep on not paying attention, they just might come back and bite you where it hurts and you don’t even realize it. Just sayin’ ,you know what I mean!

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Get familiar with these names,seniors Curtis Martin,Caleb & Micah Williams, junior Brelin Fason-Walden,and senior Malik Stimpson.They gonna surprise y’all.

  • Andy Durham said,

    It is easy to forget about some of those Grimsley kids because nobody really stood out over there last year…

    Good group of kids and now that you bring them back, remember them well, but they really did not much success last season, so their names can get lost when that happens…

    Hoping for better luck for them this year…

    Good kids but they are going to be facing some very tough teams in the Metro with Dudley, Page, Southeast, Smith is getting better I have no idea what Southern Alamance will have….

    But there will be no OFF nights in the Metro this season….

    Coach Neal is a very dedicated coach at Grimsley and I heard the name that rings a Bell from the past in our area has come on board as an assistant at Grimsley…

  • Andy Durham said,

    The word I got tonight is that runningback CJ McThay is back at Southeast Guilford…

    McThay, Church, Thomas, Baldwin and others at RB…

  • Kevin said,

    That’s a game changer! Wow…SE will be back in the mix! Nice!

  • fan said,

    I heard Dudley got a big transfer coming in.

  • NW Football said,

    Finnie could have a break out year this year…also look out for Zach Welch. He moved in from Reidsville and could possibly be the starting HB for the Vikings. They also have a couple rising Jr’s from the JV team that are pretty solid. Hennigan will be all over the field wouldn’t surprise me to see him at QB, RB, TE, WR, DB. Teams will have a tough time game planning to stop Hennigan

  • Just Sayin said,

    People better not sleep on NW. They have a ton of offensive talent! IMO they should win the Piedmont Conf

  • just saying said,

    I hear that transfer to Dudley is athlete Myles White from Smith, kid is a pure athlete

  • Just Sayin said,

    Smith is never going to win if Guilford County keeps letting their best players move to the Academy at Dudley.

  • @just saying said,

    That’s is where you are wrong. Myles white can’t go into the Academy at Dudley because he is a rising junior. They only accept freshman and few sophomores into the program. And I know of a few athletes that have left Dudley to go to the academy at smith. But Myles won’t be in the academy.

  • NW Football? said,

    Zack Welch? He has to earn his stripes, 3 schools in 3 years, something isnt right there?? I just hope he doesnt mess up the mojo the promising NW team has.