High School Football and looking ahead at the top WR’s and OL:7 on 7’s coming soon

Posted by Andy Durham on June 5, 2015 at 11:38 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

As we start getting ready for the Fall high school football season and even before that, the 7 on 7’s, let’s start loading up this week on some of those key returning wide receivers and some of the offensive linemen…

We don’t have them all or know them all, so feel free to add in more names to this early projection list…

Wide Receivers:
Diondre Overton(Page)
Jeremiah Brown(Southwest Guilford)
Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford)
Ron Hunt(Southern Guilford)
Tucker Hord(Northern Guilford)
Myles White(Dudley)
Brelin Faison-Walden(Grimsley)
Brandon Person-Boyd(Dudley)
Bruce Davis(Grimsley)
Kenyon Taylor(Southern Guilford)
Max Maynard(Northern Guilford)
Christian Sarpy(Western Guilford)
Tariq Haqq(Southern Guilford)

On the Offensive Line we just have a couple of names to get it started and then we will let you the reader take over and add more, while we go look for more….

Isaiah Little(Dudley) 6’5/317 and how could you not run behind this young man?
Jerrell Mobley(Southern Guilford) 6’3/290
Hunter Wade(Northern Guilford) not sure of exact size, but I am thinking somewhere in the 260-285 range…
Will Hardin(Page)…6’3 and somewhere in the 275/280 range…
Matthew Norman-Weatherford(Northeast Guilford) 6’1/300 pounds
Terrence Crowley(Northeast Guilford) 6’2/280 pounds

Bring on the others…..

  • well... said,

    after reading this writeup on top receivers and remembering the posts on top running backs and top quarterbacks I have come on one conclusion.

    Ragsdale better have a really good defense this year because they haven’t had a single offensive player mentioned in any of the writeups thus far.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Ragsdale lost starting QB Alec Cobb…
    Backup QB Tevin Quick….
    Top wideout TJ Parker…
    #2 Receiver Tevin Quick…
    RB Brandon Harris and another key runner, plus at one time when Quick took over at QB he was the top runner and Cobb for sure the more pass-heavy QB than Quick…

    Not sure about Taylor Still…Very good receiver and an even better baseball player with a strong glove in the outfield…

    Ragsdale lost a lot, but Cocach Norwood can usually re-load and not loose too much ground on the other teams in teh conference…

    Might be good for Ragsdale to come in under the radar. NWG is loaded, HP Central has one of the best fleets of runningbacks in the state with Chavis Little and Geoffrey Wall, East Forsyth has so many kids that come out for football that they have tons of kids to choose from and to work with,,,

    Coach Moody will get Ragsdale moving on the offensive side of the ball and Ragsdale needs to enjoy Coach Moody for now, he will be a head coach somewhere in the next five years, at that is what I think….

    Here we go, we have teams that are re-building and let’s look out for those 7 on 7’s and see who the early leaders are for those open positions….

  • Not Sure?? said,

    Don’t think Coach Moody is coaching anymore?? Could be wrong!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Taylor Still graduated and one of those other RB’s for Ragsdale that put up key numbers, Devon Parks, he graduaed too…Checked in on MaxPreps for verify…

    If anyone has names for any of the players on any of the teams, post them here…

    Back when I was a kid we only had the Guilford Gazette, we did not have a BIG football source like GreensboroSpors.com that prints all of the names that we can find/locate….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hate to lose Coach Moody…No matter what team he is working for, he is one of the best young coaches around…

    That Moody coaching blood runs deep….

    But, what you are saying, it seems to go that way quite a bit, you mention somebody and then you find out that they are gone….

  • Piedmont Triad 4A said,

    The Piedmont Triad conference will be a 3 horse race between NW, HP, and East Forsyth. I know most fans here talk about Guilford county schools but I will say East is absolutely loaded. Its going to be tough to beat them again this year.

  • Witness said,

    Myles white is with the Dudley panthers now

  • DHS said,

    Dematus Gilmore also will be a nice big target for the Dudley Panthers as he has made the transition for the basketball court to the Gridiron. He had look very good through spring practice. Will be another target for Hooker to throw to at 6’4 to go along with Brandon Person-Boyd and Myles White

  • NW said,

    Watch out for Thomas Hennigan. He led the area in receiving last year with over 100 catches as a Sophomore and he’s put on about 10 pounds of muscle from last year. This kid will light it up again this season.

  • fan said,

    Andy what you think about the metro conference. Who is the favorite to win it.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Top of the head I would say:

    Southeast Guilford
    Southern Alamance

    Just an early look in the order above…

    What do others say???

  • Coach T said,

    Dudley will go through the metro unscathed , not trying to sound like a bandwagon but these guys have a bad taste in their mouths and they have tons of weapons, you cant just put eight in the box anymore Dudley has now really installed an aerial show I feel bad for the opponents

  • just sayin said,

    Dudley’s passing game will be average at best next year too. Coach Davis will run run run throw a deep pass. Run run run throw a screen that doesn’t equate an Aerial show. Yes they will have weapons but Davis has a formula for offense and he’s not going to change it.

  • NW 2005 said,

    Did Coach Beal leave NW and become the new DC at East Forsyth? I heard from a former player that Rolfes is bringing in a DC who is his friend from Ohio instead of promoting within. Then he said East Forsyth hired Coach Beal right away as their new DC. Any truth to this or is the kid just joking around?

  • Andy Durham said,

    New linemen have been added to our list…

    Northwest Guilford seems to have a very strong football foundation right now and they should not have problems adjusting to change….

  • NW Guilford said,

    Yes Coach Beal did resign and take a position at East Forsyth. I personally talked to Coach Beal and he said it wasn’t nothing that NW or Coach Rolfes did. He said that he left for an opportunity and that was it.

  • calling it said,

    They should have hired within and not brought in McComb as the DC last year. He totally changed the entire defense from the 3-4 to the 4-2-5 and left after one year. Now we’re bringing in another DC and putting in a whole new system.

  • just sayin said,

    Hey genius you do know Coach Woodruff ran that 3-4 defense and he resigned from NW. That is why we switched to a different defense. It just so happens Coach McComb was offered a job at WSSU and he really wanted to get back to the college game. Could an assistant that worked under Woody run his system….yes. Coach Rolfes decided to go in a different direction. He’s the head coach now….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach McComb was at Catawba College in a major role as a defensive coach and then he was defensive coordinator at Ragsdale and then worked in the same capacity at Northwest Guilford…

    He seems to have a good track record and the coaches will move in effort to move up and there may be pay increases that come with these moves too…

    South Carolina sure pays good from what we hear…

  • Coach T said,

    Just saying, trust me when I say this I Hooker has worked on his passing tremendously and Davis is a defensive minded coach in which he is relieving the play calling to the offensive coordinator this year. Yeah the mainstay is the run, but if you just think they just gonna throw deep balls and screens you sadly mistaken don’t believe me just watch

  • just sayin said,

    Coach T,

    They might want teams to think that they will throw the ball more but I’ve seen Dudley since Davis has been there. If it ain’t broke why fix it? He’ll go Pop Warner Football on people and beat them with their size and speed not dynamic schemes. If you think he’s going air raid spread that would be the worst thing ever for them. They tried to get cute and go double wing a few years ago and it was an epic failure. just stick with what works and Dudley will be a state contender.

  • Greg said,

    Saw a kid out hear near Forest Oaks, probably 6’4″ 300 ish. I asked of he played football and he Said he just moved here and wasn’t sure yet. I guess we will see. He is a big dude!