Blake Butler(SEG/COC) to the Cincinnati Reds/Jon Olczak(WES/N.C. State) to the Milwaukee Brewers/Jaylin Davis(NEG/APP) to the Twins/DJ Artis(SEG) to the Red Sox/Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance/UNCW) to Padres/Lassiter to White Sox

Posted by Andy Durham on June 10, 2015 at 3:35 pm under College, High School | 4 Comments to Read

Blake Butler(SEG), Jaylin Davis(NEG), DJ Artis(SEG) and John Olczak(WES) among the local young men moving into the MLB Draft rounds today……

Blake Butler(Southeast Guilford HS/College of Charleston) [2B] to the Cincinnati Reds and Jon Olczak(WES/N.C. State) [P] to the Milwaukee Brewers…..

Butler Round 15 and pick 445….More details as they become available and we are still trying to locate Sparky and Marge….
Olczak goes in Round 21 to Brewers, Monroe in Round 21, Landon Lassiter in Round 21 and kids from Wake Forest and Duke moving in Round 21….

Curt Britt(North Carolina State) (NC) RHP to Miami Marlins in Round 19
Corey Dunbar(North Carolina) Catcher to Miami in Round 20
Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance/UNCW) (P)to San Diego in Round 21
Landon Lassiter(North Carolina/North Davidson) (SS) to the White Sox in Round 21
Jaylin Davis(Northeast Guilford HS/Appalachian) State (NC) CF…Selected in the 24th Round by the Minnesota Twins
Joe Peeler(East Rowan HS) (NC)…RHP to the Seattle Mariners in Round 25
Jake Fincher(N.C. State) CF to the White Sox in Round 29
Jack Conley(Leesville Road HS, Raleigh (NC) C to the Red Sox in Round 30
DJ Artis(Southeast Guilford HS) (NC) CF to the Red Sox in Round 40

Anybody we might be missing, shoot them our way and thanks to Bill Ahrens for sending in a few names while we were out of office….

  • Parker Strader said,

    Jaylin Davis (Northeast Guilford/App State) to Twins

  • Andy Durham said,

    Went back and got him and thanks….

    If you see any more locals, let us know….


  • RainyNite said,

    DJ Artis to the Red Sox in the 40th round

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got DJ Artis posted and 2015 Draft is complete….

    Good luck to all of these kids in the future…