Guilford County Softball Players on the All-District 5 Team:Lots of names with very good games

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NC District 5 Honors:Click Below for all districts and all teams….

Major Awards:
1A Player of the Year:
Lindsay Cecil, High Point Christian

3A Co-Pitcher of the Year:
Ashton Lambeth, Northern Guilford

4A Co-Pitcher of the Year:
Gracen Staunton, Northwest Guilford

District 5
Counties: Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph, Rockingham, Stokes
*****Look close and read carefully, it’s a long list….*****

Anna Brafford Chatham Central 2015 CF
Makenzi Brady Chatham Central 2017 2B
Lindsay Cecil High Point Christian 2015 SS
Ashlyn Kennedy High Point Christian 2017 P
Raegan Thompson High Point Christian 2018 C
Grace Young High Point Christian 2018 CF/2B
Hannah Nolan River Mill Academy 2015 P
Danielle Hunt South Davidson 2016 P
1A Player of the Year:
Linda Cecil, High Point Christian
1A Pitcher of the Year:
Danielle Hunt, South Davidson
1A Honorable Mention
Gracie Brown Chatham Central 2016 3B/P
Madison Davis Chatham Central 2016 P/LF
Talli Poe Chatham Central 2016 P/1B/OF
Madelyn Faulkner High Point Christian 2017 3B/1B
NCSCA 2015 All-District 7 of 17

Bailey Gray Bartlett Yancey 2016 P
Hannah Thompson Bartlett Yancey 2018 OF/3B/SS
Bailey Jones East Davidson 2015 1B
Morgan Key East Davidson 2016 2B
Bayley Plummer East Davidson 2016 3B
Brooke Walser East Davidson 2016 P
Sydney Bowles East Davidson 2017 C
Brooke Jones East Davidson 2018 LF
Sydney McCann Graham 2016 P
Jillian Drake Graham 2017 C
Holly Clark Jordan Matthews 2016 P
Dee Decristofaro Jordan Matthews 2016 C
Caroline Webster Jordan Matthews 2016 CF
Hanna Stackhouse Jordan Matthews 2017 3B
Carlie Mote Jordan Matthews 2018 SS
Marshall Phillips Jordan Matthews 2018 1B
Megan Barnhardt Providence Grove 2015 C/OF
Heather Robb Providence Grove 2015 P/1B
Annie Smith Providence Grove 2015 2B/SS
Taylor Trogdon Providence Grove 2016 SS
Anna Thomas Providence Grove 2018 P/OF
Meredith Smith Reidsville 2017 C
Samantha Williams South Stokes 2016 OF/1B/UT
Autumn Miller South Stokes 2017 2B/SS
Johna Mizzi Trinity 2015 C
Kourtnie Blankenship Trinity 2018 3B
Kelli Wagner Trinity 2018 SS
Jenna Burkhart West Davidson 2018 SS/2B
Caitlin Mode West Davidson 2018 3B
Olivia Sharpe West Davidson 2018 P/CF
Brea Lawson West Stokes 2015 OF
Leah Smith West Stokes 2015 1B
Abigail Worley West Stokes 2015 P/SS/3B/OF
Taylor Perkins West Stokes 2016 OF/2B
Morgan Halo Wheatmore 2015 P
Katie Kennedy Wheatmore 2015 2B
Sydney Peel Wheatmore 2015 3B
Davey Albertson Wheatmore 2016 1B
Nicole Hunter Wheatmore 2016 C
2A Player of the Year:
Dee Decristofaro, Jordan Matthews
2A Pitcher of the Year:
Holly Clark, Jordan Matthews
2A Honorable Mention
Anna Colleman Bartlett Yancey 2018 C/3B
Andrea Grant East Davidson 2015 RF/C
Allison Wike East Davidson 2017 CF
Nicole Spivey Providence Grove 2015 C/3B
Kelsey Williams Providence Grove 2017 1B/OF
Mariah Maynard West Stokes 2016 3B
Allyssa Duggins West Stokes 2017 OF/P
Ashley Philyaw West Stokes 2017 OF/3B
Mackenzie Parker West Stokes 2018 SS/P
NCSCA 2015 All-District 8 of 17

Anna Davidson Asheboro 2015 1B/P
Abbie Worsham Asheboro 2016 C
Kaitlyn Copley Central Davidson 2015 1B
Laci Hill Central Davidson 2017 3B
Taylor Wilson Eastern Alamance 2015 1B
Zoe Wood Eastern Alamance 2015 C
Milayn Dark Eastern Alamance 2016 3B
Ally-Shea Loy Eastern Alamance 2017 RF
Blake Overman Eastern Alamance 2017 SS
Hannah Stiltner Eastern Alamance 2017 P
Mackenzie Cranford Ledford 2015 SS
Destiny DeBerry Ledford 2015 CF
Bayleigh Griffith Ledford 2015 C
Megan Hayworth Ledford 2016 P
Mason Hedgecock Ledford 2017 RF
Candice Corcoran Morehead 2015 CF/LF
Noell Foster Morehead 2016 1B
Jakema Lester Morehead 2016 SS/3B/C
Morgan Apple Northeast Guilford 2016 P/SS
Jordan Deaton Northeast Guilford 2016 UT
Harley Mesiemore Northeast Guilford 2017 C/SS/CF
Katie Bilbrey Northern Guilford 2015 C
Morgan Fuquay Northern Guilford 2015 OF
Makayla Barricks Northern Guilford 2016 3B/OF
Ashton Lambeth Northern Guilford 2016 P/1B
Caitlyn Ray Northern Guilford 2016 2B/OF
Anne Tewksbury Northern Guilford 2016 P/1B/OF
Alexa Bernard Northwood 2015 CF
McKenzie Allgood Northwood 2016 3B
Kayli Blankenship Northwood 2016 LF
Anna Jasper Northwood 2016 P
Payton Springle Northwood 2016 2B
Ally McKee Northwood 2017 1B/3B
Carson Shaner Northwood 2017 RF
Lindsey Haynes Rockingham County 2015 CF
Caroline Stanley Rockingham County 2018 SS
Rachel Gulledge Southern Guilford 2015 LF
Mohagony Headen Southern Guilford 2015 P/3B
Christine Ngeve Southern Guilford 2015 SS/3B
Natalie Conrad Southern Guilford 2016 C
Karly Harding Southern Guilford 2016 2B/SS
Ashley Floyd Southwestern Randolph 2015 2B
McKenna Hoover Southwestern Randolph 2015 SS
Alicia Marion Southwestern Randolph 2015 CF
Samantha Williams Southwestern Randolph 2015 3B
Katie McNeill Southwestern Randolph 2017 OF
Stephanie Boyd Western Guilford 2016 P/C/2B
3A Co-Player of the Year:
McKenna Hoover, Southwestern Randolph
3A Co-Player of the Year:
Zoe Wood, Eastern Alamance
3A Co-Pitcher of the Year:
Hannah Stiltner, Eastern Alamance
3A Co-Pitcher of the Year:
Ashton Lambeth, Northern Guilford
NCSCA 2015 All-District 9 of 17
3A Honorable Mention
Mackenzie Comer Central Davidson 2015 DP/P
Payton Jones Morehead 2016 P
Samantha Tilley Northeast Guilford 2017 P/1B/2B
Grace Wesoly Northern Guilford 2017 SS
Maddie Armfield Southern Guilford 2016 P/OF
Kacy Edmondson Western Guilford 2016 SS/3B/1B

Kiersten Berrier East Forsyth 2015 OF
Kasey Todd East Forsyth 2015 P
Baily Coble Glenn 2016 LF
Karen Foley Glenn 2016 P/DP
Breanna Murphy Glenn 2016 3B
Michaela Smith Glenn 2016 SS
Haley McDonough Glenn 2018 2B
Alexa Panzano Mount Tabor 2016 SS
Madison Everhart North Davidson 2015 LF/3B
Tritan Fulton North Davidson 2015 3B
Casey Stanek North Davidson 2015 1B/P
Haley Cole North Davidson 2016 SS
Carson Pace North Davidson 2016 P
Lydia Berkley North Davidson 2017 2B
Katherine Langston Northwest Guilford 2015 RF
Emily Chaisson Northwest Guilford 2016 P/1B
Becca Gold Northwest Guilford 2016 2B/UT
Sarah Langston Northwest Guilford 2016 CF
Sarah Spence Northwest Guilford 2016 3B
Gracen Staunton Northwest Guilford 2016 P/1B
Samantha Tingler Northwest Guilford 2016 SS
Makenzie Watts Northwest Guilford 2018 C
Kelly Lewis Page 2016 P/1B/OF
Gracey Albright Page 2017 UT
Caroline Dunn Page 2017 SS/OF
Kamryn Graves Page 2018 UT
Anna Hessenthaler Southeast Guilford 2015 SS
Logan Royal Southeast Guilford 2015 2B
Emma Strouth Southeast Guilford 2015 C
Lexi Newman Southeast Guilford 2017 3B
Ashton Pegram Southeast Guilford 2017 P/DP/1B
Gabriella Hessenthaler Southeast Guilford 2018 RF/LF
Sydney Ingle Southeast Guilford 2018 P/1B
Kelsey Durham Southern Alamance 2015 P
Emma Patterson Southern Alamance 2015 C
Nichole Byrd Southern Alamance 2016 1B
Haley Wood Southern Alamance 2016 CF
Madeline Curtis Southern Alamance 2017 3B
Jenny Dodd West Forsyth 2015 3B/C
Ally Wooten West Forsyth 2015 OF
Taylor Ferrell West Forsyth 2016 SS
Cammy Pereira West Forsyth 2016 2B
Brooke Perry West Forsyth 2016 P
Sydney Vaughn West Forsyth 2016 P
Anna Epling West Forsyth 2017 C
4A Player of the Year:
Karen Foley, Glenn
NCSCA 2015 All-District 10 of 17
4A Co-Pitcher of the Year:
Carson Pace, North Davidson
4A Co-Pitcher of the Year:
Gracen Staunton, Northwest Guilford
4A Honorable Mention
Shayli Martin Southern Alamance 2018 DP
Allison Moore Southern Alamance 2018 2B
Taylor Simmons Southern Alamance 2017 RF

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