Very good article/post on the death of the “American Dream”/Dusty Rhodes from Jared Fialko at Kernodle on Dusty Rhodes)

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*****Also Don Kernodle(Burlington, N.C.) with memories of Dusty Rhodes CLICK HERE.*****

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The words coming in out of Jared Fialko’s post/past and these words from Kevin Owens/Kevin Steen have been seen/posted now at many other sites and they strike a cord from the heart….

Kevin Steen/Kevin Owens:

A man trained by Dusty, briefly. A man after Dusty’s own heart, says:

“These past few weeks, I kept telling myself that I had to find time to stop by the Performance Center and talk to Dusty. I wanted to thank him for all of his help in the last year and make sure he knew how grateful I was for the chance I got to work with him. But I’ve been very busy and just couldn’t find the time.

Well, today, I learned that Dusty Rhodes has passed away.

There are no words to express the sadness I feel, not only because I won’t get to see him or talk to him or laugh with him again, but because I didn’t get to tell him how special he was to me.

So today, I invite you all to make time to tell the people in your lives how much they mean to you. You never know what tomorrow will bring.”

*****Jared Fialko WRALSportsFan close:*****
Farewell, “Dream.” I guess God needed someone to drop a Bionic Elbow for him.

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