2015 Ragsdale Tiger Basketball Jamboree on Monday and Tuesday June 22 and 23

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The 2015 Ragsdale Tiger Jamboree will held Monday and Tuesday, June 22 and 23, with games in both the new and old gyms. Admission for adults will be $3; children/students aged 8 and up will be $1. Concessions will be available. We will have numerous quality teams and players from both the Piedmont area and across the state of North Carolina coming to participate in the event. We look forward to a great turnout and a fun two days of basketball on the beautiful campus of Ragsdale High School.

2015 Ragsdale Tiger Jamboree: Monday June 22nd
Court 1 (New Gym)
9AM NE Guilford vs SW Guilford
10AM Trinity 1 vs Asheboro 2
11AM NE Guilford vs Ragsdale
12PM Trinity 2 vs Asheboro 2
1PM Asheboro 1 vs Trinity 1
2PM Person vs SW Guilford
3PM Jordan-Matthews vs Andrews
4PM Wheatmore vs Asheboro 1
5PM Person vs Ragsdale
6PM NW Guilford vs Andrews
7PM Page vs Northern Guilford

Court 2 (Old Gym)
10AM Asheboro 1 vs Trinity 2
11AM Andrews vs Person
12PM SW Guilford vs Northern Guilford
1PM Page vs Wheatmore
2PM Trinity 1 vs NW Guilford
3PM NE Guilford vs Asheboro 2
4PM 4PM Northern Guilford vs Trinity 2
5PM Page vs Southern Guilford
6PM Wheatmore vs Jordan-Matthews
7PM Ragsdale vs Southern Guilford

*Team listed 1st wears AWAY/DARK Jerseys.
$3 Adults
$1 Students/Children age 8+

2015 Ragsdale Tiger Jamboree: Tuesday June 23rd
Court 1 (New Gym)
9AM Wheatmore vs Ragsdale
10AM Asheboro 1 vs NE Guilford
11AM Person vs Northern Guilford
12PM Page vs Trinity 1
1PM Person vs Trinity 2
2PM Northern Guilford vs Wheatmore
3PM SW Guilford vs Page
4PM Asheboro 1 vs Andrews
5PM Southern Guilford vs Northern Guilford
6PM Page vs NW Guilford
7PM Jordan-Matthews vs Southern Guilford

Court 2 (Old Gym)
9AM Andrews vs Asheboro 2
11AM Wheatmore vs Asheboro 2
12PM Andrews vs NE Guilford
1PM SW Guilford vs Asheboro 1
2PM Ragsdale vs Asheboro 2
3PM NW Guilford vs Person
4PM Trinity 1 vs NE Guilford
5PM Trinity 2 vs Jordan-Matthews
6PM Trinity 1 vs SW Guilford
7PM Ragsdale vs Trinity 2
*Team listed 1st wears AWAY/DARK Jerseys.
$3 Adults
$1 Students/Children age 8+

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