Several Wake County public schools vote to not play private schools, including Cardinal Gibbons

Posted by Andy Durham on June 22, 2015 at 2:05 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

The following Wake County/Raleigh area high school have voted not to play private schools, including Cardinal Gibbons, a private school which is a member of the NCHSAA…..

Athens Drive
Raleigh Broughton
Raleigh Enloe
Green Hope
Holly Springs
Raleigh Leesville Road
Middle Creek
Raleigh Millbrook
Panther Creek
Raleigh Sanderson
Wake Forest

(These schools are from the Southwest Athletic Conference and from the Cap 8 Conferences)…..

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  • J.D. Springer said,

    But these same schools will continue to play Garner “Magnet.” Same kind of hypocrisy when Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools complain about Charlotte Catholic while they all pull kids from all over the Charlotte area and even Rock Hill. (Only 3 players on Myers Park girls hoops roster actually lived in that attendance zone.) Then you’ve got W-S Forsyth, where everybody bitches about Bishop McGuinness, but kids in that county can go anywhere they like. Why do all the wrestlers and runners go to Parkland, football players go to East/West, etc.?

  • CJones said,

    Public schools should play with public schools, private schools, should play with private schools.

  • Nathan Hale said,

    Let them play who they want to play. Any place, anywhere, any time.

  • Matt said,


    The schools that complain about Bishop are not from Forsyth County. They are the 1A schools from the mountains and they have valid complaints.

    Bishop should be playing the Greensboro Days and the Wesleyans of the world. They have no business playing in public 1A.

    Public should play public and private should play private.

  • rule will back fire on Wake Co said,

    This is also why so many good players are leaving the public schools on the high school level. Many of the public schools don’t play tough competition. All these public schools in Wake Co will do is make their situation worst when even more of these top players decide to go to private schools such as Ravencroft, North Raleigh Christian, Durham Academy, Cary Academy, etc. The Greensboro, Winston, & High Point area has already seen most of it’s top players go to private school such as HPC, WES & GDS. The Charlotte continues to get a lot of it’s talent going to private schools in both basketball and football. Building walls around your school programs will only push the top players out and Wake co will pay a terrible price for making up this rule.

  • Call the wambulance....wah wah said,

    I would always want to play the best and if a private school was on my schedule so be it. Simple solution. Come playoff time give the private schools a multiplier. Maybe 1.5x. You take their ADM x the given multiplier and it forces them to play up 1 and sometimes 2 divisions. This may level the playing field somewhat.

  • dumb rules said,

    According to an article on WRAL, the Wake Co schools allow transfers to become eligible about 98% of the time with one appeal if transfer from one Wake Co public schools to another but if the same player transfers to Cardinal Gibbons, they must sit out an entire year. The Wake Co district is only going after one school because they have a private feature. Players that transfer before school starts in their freshman year are allowed in automatically with no sit out period for public schools. The clear solution for players is to just go to a private school after or before their 8th grade school year. Just avoid the dumb public school rules trying to put up false borders to protect themselves again something that should be left up to parents to decide what is best for their kids and not someone trying to protect their win/lost record. These rules are not to protect or do what is best for kids/players/students, but what is best for the AD and coaches in a specific district.

  • Grimsley Fan said,

    Rumor going around Guilford County is that Northern and now NWG are getting a lot of new transfers. We all knew this was the case at Northern for years. Most of their best players year in and year out are move in transfers. Now it seems NWG is in an arms race with them. I guess if you can’t beat them join them right Viking Fans?

  • it is happening else where said,

    Page and Dudley likely have more transfers into their schools for sports than any schools in the entire county. I would bet the transfer #s are highest in this order: Page, Dudley, Northern, Grimsley, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Eastern Guilford, Southern, Andrews, Western and High Point Central.

  • Dr. Hu said,

    A Grimsley fan mentioning transfers, oxymoron….

  • Grimsley Fan said,

    I have no problem with transferring where i see the problem is assistant coaches from other schools trying to influence kids to transfer. All I can say is this off-season has been really good to Northern and NW. Northern has a history of getting transfers. NW is trying to be like Northern sorry if that upsets you.