Should the City of Greensboro pay for a new swimming pool at Grimsley High School???

Posted by Andy Durham on June 24, 2015 at 12:06 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

from News and Record reports:The Guilford County school board wants the city to pay to build a pool at Grimsley High to replace one now slated for demolition.

The city just gave the school board $400,000 back in March to demolish the old pool at Grimsley, now the School Board wants the city to pay for the demolition and then come back and pay to build a new pool too???

The school board says the city did not maintain the old pool like they were supposed to and that is why the pool went under, so to speak…

I have a good solution, skip the pool on the Grimsley campus…The City of Greensboro should just say NO to another pool…Forget it and move on and take your swim laps at the GAC at the Greensboro Coliseum or head on down to the YMCA on West Market Street and hit their pool…

When I have been over and around at Grimsley, I have never seen anybody using the pool any way…Simple solution, NO Poolution….We don’t need another pool…

Get the demolition done and be done with the POOL…If somebody or some corporation wants to donate the money for a new pool and we will attach their name to it, so be it, otherwise be done and move on without the POOL….

Should the City of Greensboro pay for a new swimming pool at Grimsley High School???

What do you say?

See more over at the News and Record site when you CLICK HERE….

  • MT said,

    Don’t be a fool. Jump in the pool.

    The price is right.

  • Michael Phelps said,

    Are you kidding me?

    We can always use more pools.


  • Bryan said,

    Yes we need to keep the pool and fix it or get a new one Greensboro is really growing the pools we do have are very over crowded please build more pools but I would really love to see grimsley back going it was the best pool to go to for $1.25 some years back me and my friends loved it