Our state’s top high school QB switches commit from Duke to UNC

Posted by Andy Durham on June 26, 2015 at 3:44 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

Chazz Surratt, the top-rated high school quarterback in the state of North Carolina and the young man that quarterbacked East Lincoln High School to a state title last season(2014) says that he will now enter the University of North Carolina in the Fall of 2016 instead of Duke, where he previously committed…

Surratt will also be allowed to walk on and play basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels and that was a big factor in his decision to switch from Duke to UNC….(Coach Roy Williams is ready for Surratt and Coach Larry Fedora is ready for Chazz Surratt too)….

Surratt is without a doubt, the top high school athlete in the Class of 2016 in the state of North Carolina after having led East Lincoln to a state title in football and a #2 finish in basketball….

Surratt will not go to DUKE, but he will attend UNC….

Surratt said the NCAA investigations into the academic irregularities at UNC had been bothering him and with that hanging over the Tar Heels head, he had been reluctant to switch, but the UNC coaches convinced him that all is going to fine with the Tar Heel football program and for Surratt, that is that….

Surratt, the top high school quarterback in the state of North Carolina, will now attend the University of North Carolina….

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  • bad karma said,

    That just sounds like bad Karma on UNC’s and this kids back. I hope he has a great career but watch out.

  • Foolish said,

    Just foolish for any QB to have a chance to learn under Cutcliff and make a switch. Must be something in Koolade or maybe classroom at Chapel Hill

  • history favors the prepared said,

    There is a great point – why would a QB switch from a coach known to get players into the NFL on a regular basis. You likely can’t name more than 2 QB’s that UNC has put into the NFL as a program over the past 30 years. I can name 5 QB’s that played under Coach Cutcliff right now. This kid made a mistake and unfortunately we will only hear about the continued drama at UNC and nobody will know this kids name 4 years from now when he can only apply for graduate school or is ends his career getting replaced by the next “it guy”. The part that is even worst for this kid is that he will likely see his Duke replacement recruit getting drafted or part of an ESPN scouting report. You should have followed a proven coach of QBs kid. Good luck!

  • ross said,

    It became a package deal when UNC basketball staff offered Chazz Surratt’s younger brother, Sage Surratt a walk-on spot.

  • G. Davis said,

    The kid decided he did not want to take sociology courses at dook. A north carolina kid has a chance to play basketball at UNC? Most kids raised here would love that opportunity. Good luck to the kid.

  • go somewhere else said,

    I guess if he is looking out for his brother than okay but if the brother is good enough to be a walk on at UNC, then he likely could have taken a full ride somewhere else (especially a mid level program). Ask Chris Paul how that walking away from Carolina’s “walk on opportunity” worked out. The football brother should have taken the better opportunity in football and maybe have a shot at the NFL 4 years from now.

  • G. Davis said,

    Surratt made a good choice , the football and basketball facilities will be so much better at Carolina. Nobody wants to play on that high school field they call Wallace Wade ! His college experience will be better at UNC and the women are so much better looking at UNC. If he is serious about his education he can get a great degree from UNC. Screw Dook ! The Heels are Back !