The NBA Draft: Not Everybody Gets Picked.

Posted by Don Moore on June 26, 2015 at 9:50 pm under College, Professional | 2 Comments to Read tells the story of Cliff Alexander, a promising high school basketball player that planned to play in the NBA after 1 year in college. It did not turn out the way he wanted and now he can’t return to his college career.

One and done isn’t always a good idea.

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    DO AWAY WITH ONE AND DONE!!!! I think it’s an awful idea, and the rule about years attended at college should be the same for every sport!

  • G. Davis said,

    Sounds like C. Alexander got some bad advise or did not listen when told to return to school. He can still make a good living playing in Europe. Good luck to the young man going forward. Also he could possibly sign a free agent contract with someone in the NBA. Who knows.