Busy time for the players/athletes and ran into a few basketball players/movers and shakers today:Report on Cameron Cloud

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Ran into Jalen Seegars, was at Page HS, now at High Point Christian Academy, today at the McGirt-Horton Library on Phillips Avenue…

Jalen is headed to High Point Christian this Fall and he will re-class and be a junior at HPCA for the 2015/2016 school year….Seegars is set to have a busy Summer with his travel teams(including the Karolina Diamonds) on the way to Atlanta, Charlotte and later they will hit Las Vegas, Nevada…

Jalen Seegars is the kind of kid that can take over a game with his shot, his rebounding, his shot blocking ability, his passing skills and more…

Jalen will play the three spot for the HPCA Cougars, and will be joined by Ty Graves and Tyren Melton at HPCA….Graves at the point, Melton at the two and Seegars at the three for HPCA….Tyren Melton will also re-class, so both he and Seegars will be in their junior seasons for 15-16….

Ty Graves is still headed to Boston College upon graduation from High Point Christian Academy in the Spring of 2016…

But with Seegars, Melton and Graves, plus a few other new Cougars, HPCA will be ready to play, for sure next season…

You got Graves at 1, Melton at 2 and Seegars at 3, that looks to be a pretty good trio right then, right there, right now….

Have been wondering how the Northwest Guilford guards are doing this Summer…Jaylen Gore will do very good with his senior year approaching and you have to feel JG is not only working on basketball, but on academics too….And what about the Spiceman….The Spiceman, Jalen Spicer is a very intriguing player…If you are picking first and you have the big tall guy and you have the little guy, Spicer, I will take “The Spiceman”….Wonder how those kids are doing this Summer and how about Tre Turner…One year older and one year stronger and you have to think Turner’s stock is going up and Reggie Davis, he is a valuable player too, that can take you to the basket, or step outside and nail the long-range shot…

You have to be thinking that Hayley Barber, Toni Tucker, Catherine Moore, Savannah Neas and Morgan Pointer are working just as hard on their games as the guys are…A different set of Vikings there…(Northwest Guilford girls at Virginia Tech Camp in Blacksburg, Virginia last week.)

How about the Dudley boys, with Hooker and Seagraves????? Something has to be building there too in the off-season and both of those young men are playing football too, so you know they are “Super Busy”….And it has been a big Summer for Will Dillard(Greensboro Day School) already, with that Wake Forest offer now on the table….Big too for Harry Giles with his spot on the U18 USA Team turning out to be a real nice experience, with the USA at (2-0) early in the competition….

Just a few thoughts and few notes for you to chew on as we head toward the Dinner/Super hour…..

More news on the local kids that just came in today with the word on Cameron Cloud, who will be a freshman at Northwest Guilford High School this Fall and he already has an offer from Coach Mike London and the University of Virginia in hand…

from www.youth1.com:

Cameron Cloud, a Class of 2019 athlete, picked up his first Division 1 scholarship from Virginia. Standing in at 5’8, 155 pounds, Cloud is a dynamic playmaker on both sides of the ball, and that helped him earn the offer, one that he was happy to get.

“I was excited about getting the offer,” Cloud said. “But I knew that all the hard work has really paid off to get this.”

Cloud was at a camp hosted by Virginia when he picked up the offer. The offer came directly from Virginia head coach Mike London, who had some positive things to say about the young player.

“He just saw the potential I had,” Cloud said. “When I was working out and stuff, he saw that I could do well. I think it was because of the strong camp performance. I came there last year, and I think I did well there last year and now this year, too.”

CLICK HERE to read more from Youth 1 Sports…..

  • Wondering said,

    I may be wrong but I saw that Seagraves was going to GDS it may have been a typo have you heard anything? I knew about Graves and Seegers but Melton to transfer also is a bit suprising that leaves Page with a brand new team heading into the season which i thought they would be pretty good. Youre dead on about Spicer that kid can play!

  • NW hoops said,

    I am hearing good things about the NW boys and girls schedule. I remember a lot of nay sayers last year talking about the NW girls sched (so much for that as NW ladies made final 4). Heard Northern will only play us once, and SE has dropped us completely, but the AD says we have new teams wanting to play NW boys and girls because they want good competition. Both teams key players are working on their games and both teams should have solid seasons once again. BTW when is there going to be an article on the NW girls who have made a verbal commit to a college, saw the article on Bailey Kargo weeks ago.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We haven’t heard anything at all about Seagraves going to GDS…I find that one hard to believe and to comprehend…


  • Andy Durham said,

    We did a small piece on Hayley Barber going to Campbell last year and we need to get that full list of Viking commits together…At one time I know Morgan Pointer was looking hard at Gardner-Webb….

  • NW said,

    Toni Tucker and Savannah Neas will both be playing bball in college they currently have interest from multiple schools, still up in air for both whether it will be D1 or D2. After July AAU things should be pretty settled for them. Pretty sure Morgan and Hayley are solid to their verbal’s to Gardner Webb and Campbell. Look out for incoming Kayla King to contribute on both ends of the floor for this team, she is a special player who has already won a national championship with her AAU lady gater team, under Ben Bradford.

  • please play someone worth playing NW said,

    I hope NW plays some “real” competition in their regular season. The HAECO and other regional tournaments are fine but unless they ended up playing a GDS or Page for both the boys and girls those tournaments provided no competition. The rest of NWs non conference schedule sucks. Before the playoffs last year, who did the NW boys or girls play worth anything other than a few programs such as GDS, Page, or Northern. NW could easily schedule schools such as WES, HPC, Providence Day Davidson Day or any quality private school program for the boys. The girls again could schedule similar programs such as Providence Day, Davidson Day, WES, etc. These type of programs would prepare NW for whatever they will face in the playoffs instead of programs that may not even make the playoffs.

  • Andy Durham said,

    That 53-50 win the NWG girls over Ardrey Kell last year in the West Regionals proved that they belong….The Myers Park Mustangs were just a different animal altogether…

    Journey, Jade, Jordan and all of the Muhammad girls/sisters from AK were a tough bunch, but NWG beat them, but Rogers and Maczyk were too much…They were too much for a lot of teams this past year…I think the Mustangs only lost one game all of last year and that was to a team from Tennessee…Myers Park was the real deal and NWG surely learned a lot from being in that game….

  • wow! said,

    How does a 5’8″ 155 pound kid get a D1 offer who has never played HS Football? Does he run a 4.4 40? He said all the hard work has paid off. How much hard work the kid is 13. What middle school did he go to last year?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hard to believe how young they offer them these days…Saw this week where a sixth grader got an offer….

    They must look good at the camps and the coaches want the in-roads….

  • really? said,

    Cloud went to middle school in alamance county and now he some how is going to school at NW next year? Looks like NW new coaches are bringing the northern way of doing things in with them. How many new move in kids do they have now?

  • KG said,

    Wow Page losing 3 good players I knew graves and Seegars was leaving but now Melton too…that’s crazy smh