High School Football 7 on 7’s for Today(7/9/15):7 on 7 NEWS rolling in

Posted by Andy Durham on July 9, 2015 at 10:07 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

+++++STRONG word coming on Souuthwest Guilford at Page 7 on 7 set for tonight/Thursday(7/9/15), at PAGE, 6pm+++++
Northwest Guilford Guilford vs. Mount Tabor Thursday(July 9)
Northeast Guilford at Graham 6pm with 7 on 7, plus NEG OL/DL Line Challenge at West Stokes 6pm
*****If you know of more 7 on 7’s going on, send the good word our way….*****

  • Football fan said,

    Word is the NW vs Mt Tabor 7 on 7 was cut short because both teams ended up in a bench clearing fight. Does anyone have any other news on this?

  • Nighthawk said,

    Don’t know how big of a fight it was but it definitely happend.

  • NWGH said,

    MW and Tabor went back and forth for about 1.5 hours and the 7v7 did end when both teams cleared the benches for a little shoving match.

    Both teams seemed equally at fault, as there was lots of smack talk and “HARD” tags (including a couple of tackles on catches) from the first series until the end.

    No one was hurt and both teams just seemed really ready for the season to get started.

  • SE Guilford said,

    Most of Mt Tabors players and coaches are sore losers. The prisoners run the asylum over there. Once you start beating them they start talking trash and the cheap shots begin. If they can’t beat you on the field then they try to throw the hands.

  • just sayin said,

    Ready to see them scrimmage each other in full pads at the New Bridge Bank Jamboree!

  • Turbo said,

    Andy, any idea on when Page has another 7 vs 7? Also, what kind of team will Page have this year? Hopefully better t g an last year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    In the 7 on 7 scrimmages I have been watching the Hard Tags seem to be the order of the day and for the most part, the receivers come into the defenders hard after the catch and it looks like the receivers sort of expect there to be some hard contact on the tags and the receivers hit their holes and spots pretty hard…

    If it reaches a point where they are tackling that is another story all together….Can’t have any of those tackles being made or those knock-down stops where the tag becomes a ahove that sends the receiver to the ground…

    Hard to hold back on the hard tags when you just got beat for a 20-25 yard gain and how many times in tackle and in tag games have we seen the defender shove or try and tag or tackle the receiver even when he is in the end zone with the ball for a touchdown…

    Frustrations can build up and as hot as it is out there today/this afternoon, the heat can make a mad man, go a step or two beyond his normal boundaries….

    Good to see the players wokring in the heat, they have to be ready for it come August and I’m sure there will still be some heat restrictions in place, on those real hot and humid days…

    Wasn’t there today, but from the sounds of it, the NWG-Mount Tabor 7 on 7 was a real good hard workout…

    Was thinking the other night, when the ball is intercepted, who is chasing the defender the hardest trying to run him down and keep him from scoring on the pick six return???

    Better be the QB since he just threw the pick, or you have to think he would be chasing the pick six man the hardest, since he doesn’t want to give up that TD….

    And why do the QB’s hurry their throws at times and stare down their receivers??? Must have something to do with that hard push rush in real time and in the 7 on 7’s with receivers covered up, you only have a certain amount of time/seconds to get the pass off….

    Just a few football reflections on this hot Football Thursday…

    Would love to see some of the pro practices in this heat and listen to those 300-plus pound linemen, as they try and tolerate temperatures like we are seeing today….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Page did the Elon 7 on 7’s a couple of weeks back and they also attended the 7 on 7 at Averett University in Danville, Virginia…

    Not sure about the Page 7 on 7 schedule for the rest of this week and next, but they have done some things with Southern Guilford in the past..

    For Page on the upcoming season, QB Will Jones to WR Diondre Overton will be one the best connections in the state and Overton is one of the most hotly sought after receivers in the Eastern part of the United States…

    Jeremy Level is one of the best DB’s in our area and OL Will Hardin at 6’3/290 is one of the top lineman in the state…Easy top 10 for Hardin, could be Top 5…

    Isaiah Little at Dudley, an OL who stands 6’3 and goes at 325 could well be the top O Lineman in the state…

    Dudley will be the team to beat and Page will hot on their heels in chase and so will every other team in the Metro 4-A…

    If C.J. Freeman is healthy all season long and there is no reason to believe he won’t be, NG should be ranked Top 5 in the state….Turn him loose and let him run….If you are a lineman in out in front blocking for Freeman, hold your block for about 5-6 seconds and then get out of the way and meet him up field near the goal line….

    Just a few more of those football thoughts….

    And John Spain, a Page grad that was a top LB at Elon U, is back to coach the LB’s at Page this season….

  • SW 1 said,


    I believe Paige and Southwest are going at it tonight. It’s a rescheduled one from I believe 2 weeks ago. At Paige starting at 6

  • just sayin said,

    I’ll be glad when fake football is done and they actually start playing real football

  • Ol Ball Coach said,

    smh…just sayin

  • Clint said,

    Smith has had a few 7 on 7s. No news on this site, but they played Glenn yesterday. Three touchdowns each.